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Nico groaned loudly and flopped down on his coffin-shaped bed in the Hades cabin. Unfortunately, the cool surface of the bed did nothing to relieve Nico of the agony he experienced in this 124 degree weather.

Percy, who just happened to be walking by, saw Nico through the cabin window and entered the cabin to see why his cousin was seemingly suffering.

"Nico?" he asked, hesitantly sticking his head through the door. "Are you okay?"

"So. Hot," Nico groaned in response.

The son of Poseidon raised an eyebrow. "Well, maybe you should change your clothes, then. All that black is just absorbing the heat."

Nico sat up and pulled his aviator's jacket closer to him, looking offended. "Percy! I can't do that! These black clothes are what make me awesome! Percy, do you want to take away my awesomeness?"

Percy sighed and turned away from his cousin, muttering, "Oh, Nico."

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