a/n Hey guys so I like I promised I am writing a short story for what happened after Lara left the other plane. I highly recommend if you just stumbled across this story to read becoming free first or this short story will make no sense at all. Hope you guys like it!

Dean's POV

So much has changed in such a short amount of time. That woman showed up and it threw my world upside down. I could tell from the first moment I laid eyes on her that she would change everything. It was a gut feeling I had. I tried so hard to stay away from her but she kept pulling me back. I knew she would be leaving and I knew she was married. A pretty good cocktail of reasons not to get to know her but I couldn't seem to stop. Once she got sick I couldn't leave the room. I told her it was because of her son but I could have put him down next to his mom and left. I even tried to do that a few times but every time I got to the door something in me said "protect this woman" and so I did. I stayed and I watched over her.

I didn't mean to get in such a huge fight with her when she woke up. In fact when she woke up asking for me and she kissed me and I thought maybe something could happen there. The kid was sweet and I could be ok with some baby daddy drama. Once I turned on the lights though I knew that she was having none of it. She really is head over heels in love with her husband. So I over reacted a bit and locked her in my cabin. I've done worst things I suppose but I felt like such an ass hole. I tried to show her that I was sorry by going back every night to sing her little guy to sleep but she was just confused by my actions. Every time I went over I fought the urge to tell her I was sorry and let her out but I am just so god damned stubborn sometimes that I refused to change my mind and let her free.

The day I walked in and saw her having sex I thought I would freak out. Like pull out a gun and starting shooting the guy she was riding freak out. I couldn't see who she was on but I knew what she was doing. A myriad of emotions pumped through me at that moment. Jealously was the main one but also a smidgen of hope. If she was willing to cheat on her husband with some guy here maybe she would be willing to cheat on him with me, after I destroy the guy who is currently enjoying her. When I yelled out and she fell forward and the man she was with grabbed her protectively I thought for a moment I was dreaming. What the fuck was my face doing beneath her? And why the fuck wasn't I dreaming of being the guy under her instead of the poor bastard walking in on it? Then Cas brought me out of it and I realized I wasn't dreaming and this was real. They all then proceeded to explain to me the truth. I would have liked if they had maybe oh I don't know not lied to me for a month but hey who I am to ask for the truth when I lie to people for a living I guess.

Seeing a version of me with the woman of my dreams and holding their son was quite a shock. That is the life I secretly always wanted and knew it would never happen. Dean Winchester hunter was not meant to have that kind of life. But right in front of me I am having that life. It was a kick in the gut that is for sure. After he left I couldn't help falling for her further. I could see why my other self was so in love with her. She is funny, smart, kind, and just a bit damaged like we are. She is the perfect fit for us but he got her first and that is something I have to accept. I almost kissed her once but she threw up all over my lap. It was for the best. I would have felt like an ass hole if I succeeded.

I was trying to figure out if Sam was still alive in Lucifer and I kidnapped a demon that was close to him. When Lara came in he looked right at her and asked. "How did you get her out?" That moment kick started a whole new level of concern in me. She is alive in my world despite what they said and she is a prisoner. I knew I had to go find her and rescue her. Even if she doesn't like me ever I need to get her out of that horrible place.

The other Lara was nervous to see me go but I think she knew I had to do this because she didn't try to tell me not too. I've been camping outside Lucifer/Sam's compound for a few days now waiting for the perfect moment to break her out. I finally figured out what window was hers. She stares out of it most of the day so that wasn't hard. She looks so sad.

Its night and I think there must be some sort of meeting tonight because demon guards seem a bit scarce tonight. This is my chance. I quickly yet quietly run across the open field and hide my body flush against the building. It's an old mansion, nothing would be too stylish for Lucifer I guess. I manage to climb the trellis and get to fourth floor of the mansion. I carefully shimmy over to her window on the extremely small ledge that is there. I can only pray she will open it for me so I don't have to make the commotion of breaking it open. I get to the window and I look in. She is sitting at a desk staring at herself in the mirror with tears rolling down her cheek quietly. She looks so different from the Lara I have grown accustomed too. This girl has been through a lot. I try to tell myself to go easy on her and be kind. I can't let the normal Dean ruler of the camp out I need to make this girl feel safe. I knock lightly on the glass and she whips around obviously startled. She focuses on me and breaks out into huge smile and runs to the window flinging it open and pulling me inside. "He said you would come for me. He said now Lara I want you to be prepared he will come and he will save you." She exclaims.

The words shocked and confused don't quite cover what I am feeling currently. "Who told you I was coming?" This is all a bit much.

She grabs my hands and pulls me in to the room away from the window and she shuts it quietly so no one would notice it. "Sam." Did she just say Sam? I grab on to her arms and look down at her. "My brother Sam?" I ask her forcefully.

Lara smiles and shakes her head. "I was petrified of him at first. I remembered him from years ago when Ruby was wearing me and he well, he umm, he hurt me and got me pregnant." She stops for a moment trying to gather control over her feelings. My brother got someone pregnant? That is a story for another time I can't focus on that right now. She must notice I want the rest of the story because she takes a deep breath and continues. "A few months ago I was brought back to life and I woke up here. Sam came walking through that door and I freaked out but Lucifer was the one in control and he explained to me all the changes that were going on in Sam. That night Lucifer tried to… umm.. lie with me but Sam was able to take over his body just enough to get him to leave. Lucifer thought that maybe if he gave Sam one hour a week free to do what he wants he would be happy and be lulled back into submission. Sam has spent his hour with me every week. He told me that you would come for me he was sure of it. He told me to be ready to go with you and to trust you. He told me that when you came you have to kill him." She finishes quietly.

I always knew I would have to kill Sam's body I just hoped that Sam wasn't in there anymore. She grabs my hand and waits till I looked at her. "He wanted me to let you know that he is sorry. He let Lucifer in under the condition that he would not ever hurt you. He did it thinking he was protecting you but he realizes now he messed up. He's sorry Dean."

I can't focus on this right now. I need to get her out of here and back to the camp where it is safe. Once I get all the information from her I can come back here and finish what needs to be done. I grab the angel blade in one hand and I her hand in the other. "Come on we need to get out of here. Do you need to pack anything?"

She shakes her head no. "I don't want any of this stuff." I understand that. I pull her to the window and I explain to her how we are going to get down. Before we can make our escape the door to her room flings open and a man comes in. It doesn't take but a second to recognize the man in front of me, it's Sam.

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