Lara's POV

40 years later.

"Hey Dean! I have some things to catch you up on. Where do I start! Sophie's baby girl Mary had her first kiss last night. Sophie's man Luke found her kissing him behind the school and I think almost killed the boy. You should have heard the ruckus! It woke up half the camp and Mary came running to me crying that her dad was being ridiculous. It took me some time but I got her calm again."

"Cas died a few nights ago though honey. I know I should be sad but he was so happy to go. You should have seen him honey. He was so calm and happy laying in his bed. He kept going on about Eve and how wonderful it going to be to reunited with her. Tyr of course is devastated. He moved into our guest room. He says he can't live in that big empty house any longer. De De's oldest, Balthazar, I could still kill Cas for convincing them that was a great name for their first born, said he would take Tyr in when it comes down to it. Him and his wife have the space and honestly I think they hope that Tyr can knock some sense into our dumb ass great grandson John who is being a typical teenager."

"Oh and most importantly honey De De's youngest Lucy is going to give birth any day now." I have to stop a minute to just laugh. Cas convinced De De it would be cute to name her child after Lucifer after the bitch of a birth she gave us. My poor baby was in labor for 34 hours with her. And she was quite a surprise. She was in her mid 40's when she got pregnant with Lucy. I shouldn't have been surprised when she named her first born Balthazar, then her daughter Anael and her next son Uriel though. I knew De De and Cas were always to close for anything good to come of it. "We are going to have our 9th great grandchild soon honey and it will be to our youngest grand baby. She is so nervous and wants me to be there to help her with the birth. But to be honest I think she is carrying twins. She's just to big not to be. I have helped deliver every single one of our 7 grand children and all 8 of our great grand children so I know you know why I had to stay and help her with this one. Lucy wants to name the baby Dean if it's a boy and Lara if it's a girl. She misses you terribly love and I think she knows I won't be around much longer after our newest grand child is born. I just miss you so much Dean. "

I can't help the tears that come to my eyes. "I know it's only been 3 months since you left but I am so terribly sad without you. I stay in our home and all the great grand kids takes turn having a sleep over at Gi Gi's house so I'm not lonely in our big empty house."

"Sam's oldest, Joey, died on a mission recently honey. I am glad that Sam and Jane weren't alive to have to go through the loss of child. I know it would have killed them. His widow is besides herself and moved in with her oldest daughter, Darla. They are trying to help her through it but I know there is no cure for a broken heart better than anyone. If you get a chance make sure to find him and take care of him up there please. "

I sit quietly for a few more minutes at Dean's gravesite and leave the flowers I picked for it. The only reason I haven't died of a broken heart yet is because Lucy asked me to try to hold on till her baby is born. She is terrified to give birth and wants me there. Lucy and Dean always had a very special relationship. We love all our grand kids and great grand kids equally but Dean and Lucy just had a bond. Her birth was so rough and her mom was older when she had her. She's 22 years younger than her older brother and De De had terrible post partum with her. So Dean and I stepped in and helped where we could. She spent just has much time with us growing up has her own mom and dad. We even changed De De's room to be hers. I promised I would stay until our baby's babies are born.

It's harder to get up than it used to. I use his headstone to pull myself up and I lean down and kiss the top. "Love you Dean. Then, now and forever." I tell him looking up with a big smile on my face. I'll be with him soon.

The walk back home is peaceful. I take a seat on our front porch and just relax. Sam's and Jane's great grandchild Paige took over their house a while after they died. That was a rough time. We had a horrible flu go through New Sparta. We lost 15 people that winter, Jane and Sam amongst them. I am glad they went together. I don't think either of them would have wanted to survive alone. What was that 10 maybe 15 years ago now? Time is hard to keep track of when your my age.

I rock in my chair and just enjoy the spring day. Dean always said I smelled like spring to him so we both especially loved this season. "Gi Gi! Gi Gi!" I hear one of my great grand children yelling down the street. I push myself off the chair and look down the street. Henry, De De's younger son, Uriel, youngest son, comes running down the street.

Henry takes the stairs quickly just like I could have years ago before age won. "Yes honey." I ask once I get an arm full of my great grand baby. He hugs on to me and looks up at me and smiles. "Gi Gi! It's Lucy she is in labor. She sent me to come get you!"

I give him a soft smile and I follow him down the street. He leads me to the medical center in the middle of our community. I am glad they got her here. Jane's youngest son Gabriel, De De, and her oldest girl Anael have learned from Jane and I what we they could and have succeeded us in the medical field. We have a great medical library of books we have found over the years and even have a herb garden out back to make our own medicines.

Lucy's man Tyrese is holding her hand and has a cold cloth on her forehead and is trying to calm her down. When she sees me come in her face relaxes. "Grammy your here!" She shouts out in pain has another contraction hits her body. I get to her side has fast as I can with my old body and grab her other hand. "Of course I am honey. Now let's get these babies out."

"Baby grammy." Lucy says through gritted teeth. I chuckle and pat her hand. "We'll see honey." I go down with De De between her daughters legs to see the progress with the birth.

Some of the women in our line have hard births like me. And some have easy ones. I am thankful this is an easy one. Within five hours Lucy and Tyrese are laying on the recovery bed with their twins in their arms. Lucy looks up at me as I come in. "We want to name them after you and Grandpa Grammy." She tells me while she kisses the top of her baby girls head.

I take a seat on the bed next to them and look at my 9th and 10th great grandchild. "That is a wonderful idea honey. I know your grandpa would be thrilled." Tyrese is one of my favorite grandson in laws. Dean and I found him on a mission what is 18 years ago now. He was just a little four year old hiding in broken down building. His parents had died and we brought him back with us. We raised him like our own little boy and when him and Lucy were old enough to realize boys and girls don't have cooties they fell head over heels in love. I can still remember the day that Dean found him kissing Lucy in the backyard. He grabbed him by his shirt collar and they disappeared for a few hours. They came back roaring drunk and Tyrese had a black eye and split lip but they were both smiling.

Tyrese grabs my hand. "I know you miss him Grammy." He tells me. I smile at him and give his forehead a kiss. "I do but I had to see my newest great grand babies come into the world. Now hand over one of those babies before I just snatch one."

He laughs and hands me Dean. I hold the little baby in my arms. His eye are closed and he is sound asleep. I rock him in my arms and I trace my fingers over his soft caramel skin. He starts to stir and opens his little eyes slowly and looks up at me. He has green eyes like my Dean. "Hi honey, I'm your Gi Gi. Let me get you to your mommy so you can eat." I hand Lucy Dean and she hands me my name sake and I cuddle her in my arms for a bit.

I look at Lucy and Tyrese and just smile. They remind me so much of Dean and I. They are so in love. I am glad my youngest grand child found the love I had with her grandfather. It's not that my other children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren haven't found love but not all of them have found their soul mates. My little Lucy and Tyrese have though. "Lucy, Tyrese." I say to them to get their attention . They both look up at me. "Your grandfather and I discussed this a long time ago and we want you two to have our home."

Lucy shakes her head no. "No Grammy that is your house." I smile at her. "It is my house honey but I'm old and that house needs life. When I go I want you both to have it. I have let your mother and aunt know that is our wishes. Besides with your little ones that town home you guys are in is going to feel really small soon."

Tyrese and Lucy look at each other smile and Lucy looks back at me. "That's fine but I want to change your mattress." I let out a true from the belly laugh and shake my head at them.

I am not has young has I used to be and I am getting tired. I hand Lara back to her father and kiss my grandchild, adopted baby, and great children good bye. I slowly walk back home. It is dusk now. All the kids are spending the last few minutes of the sun playing outside. I pass a lot of my great grand children on my walk home and they shout out for me. I give them all a hug and kiss and keep walking home. Tyr waves at me from Balthazar's porch and I wave back. He's still physically a few years younger than me. He didn't lose his powers until I was already older than him. He is sitting with John and I hope he is talking some sense into that boy.

My home is dark but it's not scary or lonely. This house has seen so much happiness and has seen such a wonderful life. I can just imagine how happy this house is going to be to have Lucy and Tyrese move in with the twins. I open the front door and kick off my shoes at that front door. I am not that hungry so I head upstairs to Dean's and I bed.

I change into one of Dean's old tshirts and crawl into bed. I grab the picture of him and I off my bedside table and kiss him softly and put it back down. I curl into a ball and drift off to sleep quickly.

"Lara! Lara! Is that you!" I hear in my dream. I slowly open my eyes and sit up. My room is filled with sunlight and I look around for the source of the sound. Dean is sitting on the bed next to me. I smile at him. He is so handsome.

"Lara you're here!" He exclaims. I was so taken away by his gorgeous body that I didn't notice how young he looks. He is no longer gray haired with wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. Not to mention the smell little pouch he got in the last few years around his waist. Not that it made him any less attractive to me. "Dean?!" I shout out.

He jumps up on the bed and covers me with his body. "You're here Lara. We are never going to be separated again love." He leans down and kisses me passionately. I can't help but to respond to him. my hands are all over him. "Dean." I moan out.

I don't want him to leave me but he pulls back slightly. I take him in for the first time with a clear mind. He looks like he did when I first meet him over 60 years ago. Before he was taken from me, before he was tortured. He winks at me knowing I am appreciating his body. He jumps up and pulls me to my feet and drags me to a mirror.

He slips off the thin nightgown I am wearing and shows me my new body. "You're healed to baby." He says while he moves the hair of my left shoulder and kisses my neck down my shoulder. I take in my body and I turn around to see that the burn marks on my leg is gone, the chunk out of my arm is healed, my back is soft and smooth.

I grab Dean and start to rip off his clothes. "I want to see your body too Dean." I laugh out has I get his clothes off and in a pile at our feet. His chest, back, and legs are a smooth plain of toned muscle. He has all his teeth back and his face no longer has a gash across it.

Who would have thought we would be having sex in heaven. Well apparently Dean because has he is pounding into me he keeps telling me how much he was looking forward to this while he waited for me.

We lie in our bed a tangle of limbs and heavy breathing. "I missed you so much baby. Lucy had her babies. She had twins just like I said she would and she named them Lara and Dean." Dean pulls me into his body and I feel myself getting ready for round two.

He kisses the top of my head and traces his fingers of my smooth back. "Sam and Jane are going to flip when they see you here. My parents and your parents are here too baby. Bobby and Karen have been reunited as well. They have all been chomping at the bit to meet you. Also Joey came awhile ago." He says sadly.

I kiss his chest. "It was horrible Dean. His wife is devastated." Dean tightens his grip on me. "It doesn't hurt here like it does on earth. He is at peace and time will go fast for him while he waits for her." The last thing I want to do is get out of bed and leave Dean's naked body but I have people to meet.

In no time at all I am surrounded by my family. Sam and Jane are ecstatic to see me and my parents who died when I was two and have no memories of are crying happy tears to have me in their arms. Bobby and Karen are a bit shy with me but I quickly pull them into tight hugs. Joey is safely between his parents and can't stop asking me about his wife. Uncle Gabe is here too. I hold on to him the longest and cry into his chest. He just holds me and I feel at peace.

In the back of the room are seven souls I don't recognize. I give Dean a confused look and he smiles at me and grabs my hand takes me over to them. "Honey I want you to meet our six children that we never got to have. They have been waiting a long time to be reunited with you." My eyes fill with tear and I hug and each and every one of them. Dean starts with the first one. "This is John. Next to him are the twins Cole and Gabriel. Then the twins Rick and Luke. And Daphne. The man next to her is Cas' brother Balthazar." He drapes his arm around Daphne and pulls her into him. I have a feeling she is more than just a charge to him now.

I spent the first 23 years of my life in hell. I was a demon play toy in a demon body farm. Death was a release but Lucifer resurrected me and forced me to give him a child. Then Dean came. He changed my life. I had 6 great years with him then 12 miserable years without him followed by 50 wonderful years with Dean and my family. Now I have eternity in heaven with everyone I love.

a/n I hope you guys like the ending. I really loved writing this story I am sad it is done. I could be convinced though to write a few one shots if there is anything you guys kinda wanna read about.

I am glad I did this story this like. Originally (don't kill me) I was going to have Dean die in Becoming Free when Lara and John were in this world. I was gonna have this Dean go back with Lara and John and slowly they would fall in love. But I hated the idea of killing that Dean and I hated the idea of Lara getting over him and getting with this Dean. So I came up with this story instead.

I hope you guys all liked it as much as I liked writing it. I am open to one shot ideas and If I come up with one I might just post it. But for now this story is done and I'm really happy with it!