(Ignoring how much I hate this title) Welp, this is something new that I thought would be cool to try out. Part of me probably is just doing it to see a fic with multiple chapters completed, but the other really likes trying out new things, so here it is. More after the break.

Sweet Dreams

It was late one night at the Ton Fon inn, where the entire party was anxiously awaiting the next day, and their journey to Apollo Sanctum. Some were fairing better than others: Matthew and Karis simply sat off in a corner, conversing lightly and both throwing worried looks over to Sveta, who was anxiously polishing and inspecting her Umbra Gear, ever few moments.

Eoleo was slowly sipping a pint of Ale, staring with such intensity at a painting depicting an ancient wedding that it was small wonder said painting hadn't caught on fire. Amiti and Rief were discussing battle tactics, the older boy clearly trying to keep the younger's mind off of the impending threats they were about to face. Himi sat near them, completely oblivious to her surroundings and muttering chants under her breath.

Viewing this entire sorry scene was Tyrell, who had slowly but surely grown fed up with the somber cloud hanging over the party. He understood why everyone felt down, but still, he didn't see the point in moping about when death could be nearby. In his mind, it was best to live your life to the fullest, especially when facing such dire straights.

Deciding he had to rectify the situation, Tyrell coughed, drawing everyone's attention. "Tyrell… I appreciate your concern, but we are not in the mood for jokes right now," Sveta explained, having heard far too many forced attempts at humor in order to cheer her up.

"No, it's not that," Tyrell replied, standing proudly and looking around the room. "I understand everyone is worried, and I've come to accept that apparently jokes won't get through to you guys. However, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all need to let off some steam, and that spending our last night being unable to sleep is no way to prepare for what is facing us."

"He's right," Matthew replied, nodding. "Sadly, I'm not really sure we have a way to negate the stress eating away at us."

"Well…" Tyrell said with a mischievous grin, sticking his hands into his travel sack. "I happen to have roughly twenty pieces of Dream Leaf that I bought when we were in Kolima!" Matthew raised an eyebrow, then grimaced.

"I thought we were a bit short of coins after we left Kolima," He muttered under his breath, shaking his head at Tyrell's antics.

"Anyway, I feel like it would all do us some good to take a Dream Leaf each, and actually get some rest tonight," Tyrell stated, holding out said leaves in his hands.

"That's actually a very good idea," Rief replied almost immediately, getting up and making his way to Tyrell. "I was planning on getting no sleep, and this is a much better alternative. Thanks for the offer, Tyrell."

"No problem!" The Mars Adept replied graciously; it wasn't often that he was complimented for an idea.

"He's right, very clever," Karis added, taking a leaf for herself and flashing a warm smile his way, leading Tyrell to imagine that he knew quite well what he would be dreaming about tonight.

After a few more moments had passed, every member of the party had taken a Dream Leaf, and were eyeing the mystical leaves with fondness. While most of the party had assumed they would turn in late since they had doubted they would find sleep easily, with the Dream Leaves in hand soon the Inn's room emptied, each member of the party being wished goodnight as they departed, until only Himi remained.

Saying one last prayer, the young Miko rose, and, with a soft yawn, made her way to her room, and to her dreams.

So, this one is weird. Which is good, I think. We'll see. This is a collections of short fics accompanied with poems, explaining dreams from each member of the party from Dark Dawn, who I've kind of been neglecting in favor of the Warriors of Vale in regards to stories.

I've been told I'm a good poet (I DON'T agree), and have been meaning to experiment with some other means of writing than prose, although I guess some of my stuff is kind of poetic. So, hopefully this comes out good and doesn't fall flat on my face. I kind of want to keep each one pretty short; either under 500 words or 1,000 words. I'll let the first one determine how long the other ones are, but in general expect them to all be around the same length.

Rather than go with the obvious (in most cases, at least) dreams that each member of the party would have (you can't imagine how tempted I am to make all of these dreams shipping filled), these are sensical dreams for each character, but also probably not what you might expect. That's kind of the goal, though, to look at the characters in a bit of a different light. Also, while the dreams are, of course, things the characters would like, they aren't necessarily the things they want the most in the world.

I'm posting the first actual poem right now, since this lead in is a little crappy (I couldn't come up with a decent lead in, if anyone has an idea they think would look better I would appreciate hearing it) Next one up should be soon, because they'll all be so short: ideally, I'll get one done a day (ha), but no promises considering how crappy I have been at updating. I'm almost going to avoid writing another author's note till the end, so it's silence from here on out.

Since these little ficlets are dream related, some of them will probably be a little weird, but since Dream Leaves are involved they will be almost completely realistic, with a few light fantasy elements. Thanks for reading!