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The Life and Times of Marcia Overstrand

When she first saw Alter Mella, she was five years old.

Her mother was leading her by the hand, her father behind the two of them. The Overstrand family was turning out for the ExtraOrdinary Wizard's speech on the state of the Castle, an event widely attended by its residents. She had never seen someone so expensive-looking, so shiny, so important.

"Is that him?" Marcia asked.

Trassimma Overstrand looked down at her young daughter. She sighed. "Yes, Marcia, that's him. Alther Mella. Why the Castle even needs an ExtraOrdinary Wizard - "

"Trassimma," Melchior Overstrand said.

"Alther... Mella," Marcia said quietly. For the rest of the hour, Alther Mella talked and talked of things Marcia hardly understood. Her parents listened intently, her mother occasionally uttering a small tut. Marcia could not draw her eyes away. There was something about the way Alther Mella commanded an audience, something about the way a Magykal energy seemed to radiate from the man. Marcia knew from the moment she laid eyes on him, the first time she heard him speak, that this was her calling. She would be the ExtraOrdinary Wizard someday. And her fusspot mother was not going to get in the way.

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