Title: In The End

Characters: Fabian and Gideon Prewett.

Notes: Just a short one-shot on the personalities, lives and deaths of Fabian and Gideon Prewett. I hope you enjoy!

Gideon is older, marginally, by a year, but they always think that Fabian is older.

It's quite funny really. Gideon laughs rowdily, and punches his younger brother on the shoulder - because Fabian is weaker - and makes puppy eyes up at him - because Fabian is taller - and makes some lewd joke - because Fabian is older in everything but years.

And they're the perfect double act, in some ways. Fabian has the expertise and the patience, whereas Gideon has the execution and the nerve. Maybe they're not their nephews - who aren't even born yet - and they're not Marauders - just children - but this perfect little duo of troublemakers who still have the nerve to be brilliant.

And, yes, Gideon gets a girlfriend first and has the first kiss and the first shag and whatnot, but Fabian falls in love first and has the first wedding and the first baby - dead - so maybe he wins after all. Maybe he doesn't.

But it doesn't matter, in the end.

They are brothers.

Gideon is older, marginally, but doesn't act his age.

He hangs on to his childhood as long as he can - years too long, in fact - and pull pranks on the Order and war? What war? He's the naïve optimist, the sense of boundless energy who literately hums with uncontained excitement. And Fabian worries.

Because Fabian is younger, by a year, but you would never believe it.

Even as a first year, he has a cynical view of the world, and though his brother teaches him to laugh and be a bit more open, his face still doesn't show the wrinkled skin and greying hair that is etched into the understanding in his eyes; his very being.

And Gideon doesn't think to worry.

But Fabian doesn't mind, because after all, they're brothers. That means more than anything else ever could. In the end, anyway.

It's quite hilarious really. Fabian sighs, and gives his older brother a strained smile - because Gideon is easy to please - and pats his shoulder gently - because everything about Fabian is gentle - and tries not to roll his eyes at whatever lewd joke Gideon has fed him - because where Fabian is polite and strained and unfeeling, Gideon is rowdy and open and scared.

And maybe Gideon is older, because he knows the world and he won't let himself get buried under cynical castles and prefers to build them out from the sand.

He won't let the world tie him down, and no Death Munchers are going to stop him.

And yet, Fabian knows the world better, because he looks round corners and doesn't place his feet on the cracks. He's careful, and kind, and in some ways perfect, and in others, not.

They are brothers, though.

They are brothers until the day they die, side by side, because not even their sister, Molly, could imagine a fate where one Prewett brother would be without the other.

They've all accepted it, even Molly, who is far from young and far from naïve; Fabian is older in everything but years, in the end.

Though it doesn't matter now; neither will be getting older, anyway.