Are We Too Late?

Chapter 2

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As the two walked they spoke a lot, getting to know each other. Taz explained how she hated being a girl. She hated her long black hair and always dreamed of cutting it short, her eyes were deep brown and this she liked as she thought they gave her a sense of mystery. She also told Up that her full name was Tazia but wanted to be called Taz and that she was sixteen. She told him that she loved reading and art. In return Up told her some things about himself, his first name was Nathanael but he preferred to go by Up. His whole family had been wiped out when he was eighteen and that he was now thirty. Despite his young age his hair was starting to turn a gray silver colour as was his moustache. "Well lil lady, that's us here. We'll take this drop pod back up to the Starship. It will only take about half an hour so get comfy." Up smiled and went to organize the rest of his crew and start the drop pod.

The Starship was better than anything that Taz could have imagined. There were Starship Rangers everywhere, running around with zappers, yelling orders to one another and looking very busy. Lieutenant Up led Taz along corridors pointing out different things along the way. "There is the gym, then the pool oh and there's the library" Up chuckled as Taz's face lit up in excitement at the mention of the library. "And here is where we need to be. My commander's office." Up wrapped his knuckles on the door, waited for an answer the entered the office. "Sir, this is Taz Valdez. Her town was just victim to a robot attack and is the only survivor." The Commander turned in his chair to look at Taz seeming very interested. "Valdez? I'm assuming a relation to Commander Valdez what a great soldier that man was. He is deeply missed within our ranks. Now I'm assuming that you aren't here to talk about your uncle so what can I do for you Taz?" The Commander seemed friendly enough but Taz could tell that if you stepped out of line he would be very nasty. Taz hesitated before answering him. "Well Sir, you see I've always dreamed of becoming a Ranger and my Uncle, well, he said since he had taught me some things and started to train me it could possibly be arranged to enrol me in a training class earlier than usual." Taz looked down the entire time she was talking to the commander.
"Well Taz, I'm sure that there is a place for you within our ranks. You start training tomorrow morning with Lieutenant Up and the rest of the new recruits. Lieutenant, show her to her quarters, she will be in room 1547 that will put the numbers evenly spread. You are dismissed."

Up led Taz back through the corridors until they reached the sleeping quarters. Up pointed out a room at the top of the corridor. "That there is my room so if you need anything I'm right there." He smiled to her as he led her towards room 1547 and opened the door for her. "Right recruits; this here is your new roommate Taz. She is younger than most and just went through a pretty traumatic experience so please be nice to her and make sure you're all in the gym tomorrow morning at seven AM for training." With that up gave Taz a small smile and left. Taz looked around the room taking in her surroundings and her roommates. One was a blonde girl who looked very ditsy, Taz hated ditsy girls, then there was a girl with bushy hair and glasses fiddling about with a technological device that Taz didn't recognise, a very confused looking guy who was playing with the light switch as if it was a new concept to him and finally a guy who had his feet dangling off his bunk and was reading a comic. Taz sighed thinking it was going to be very hard to get along with this group.

"Oh my dead god!" The ditsy blonde rushed towards Taz. "You must have been through so much cause, no offence hunny, but you look like hell." Taz shrugged her off and stomped towards the only free bunk and sat down. The blonde ignored Taz's hostility and carried on "My name February and I'm training to be a schience officer. That dweeb over there is Specs, no-one knows her real name, and she's training to do something with the computers, that is Krayonder he's a bit strange and training to be a Ranger and finally that is Tootsie Noodles and I don't really know what he's training fo-"
"Wait your name is Tootsie Noodles? What the hell kinda name is that?" Taz cut February off with her harsh question. Tootsie Noodles looked around and smiled a soppy smile. "Well you see where I come, Farm Planet, your first name is what you do and your second name is what you like. So I'm called Tootsie on account of my occasional toot and Noodles cause I like 'em" Tootsie Noodles looked proud of himself after his explanation and went back to playing with the light switch. Taz rolled her eyes wanting to go to bed but realising that she had nothing to wear. "Em February what do I wear for bed and training?"
"Oh well there's issued uniform in that wardrobe there so just find something that fits you. As for jammies you can borrow a pair of mine until we can get to the ship's mall!" And she produced a pair of shorts and a vest top. Taz growled as she took them and stomped off to change in the bathroom. When she returned her roommates where all in their bunks and appeared to be sleeping so Taz took the opportunity to go and find Up.

She crept along the corridor until she reached Up's door and gently knocked on his door. It didn't take Up long to answer the door and he didn't look surprised to see Taz standing there, he ushered her in, switching the light on and shutting the door. Taz couldn't hold it in any longer and let her tears that she had been trying so hard to hold back fall. "I-I-I ca-can't believe tha-that my who-whole family is gone. A-a-and my friends. I-I-I have nothing now what am I going t-t-to do U-u-up?" Taz looked at the older man for advice, needing reassurance that she could get through this. Up looked at her before pulling her into a big bear hug. "Well Taz, what you're gonna do is train up and be a damn fine Ranger! And I'll be here whenever you need to talk about your family. I know how you feel and I won't lie to you it is hard and won't get any easier. When I was going through this I was told something 'No matter how hard you get knocked down, you've always got to get back up.' So I think that this is your turn to get back up, become the best damn Ranger the League has ever seen and starting killing those robot sons of a bitch! Now off to bed you're up early for training. Remember seven AM in the gym." Taz wiped her eyes, nodded and left Up's room. "Night, Up." She called as she left but never heard his reply as the door shut. She crept back to her room and snuggled down in her bunk feeling slightly better and looking forward to training tomorrow.

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