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Ethan sat at his computer desk, twitching a bit as he waited for his computer to fully turn on. He looked around nervously, even though he knew he was alone in his room. Sarah and Jane were in her room, doing what girls and their babysitter's did, and his friends were busy with something or other, he wasn't really sure. His twitching ceased as he brought up the familiar bookmarked link. Taking a deep breath, he logged in and up popped the same website he went on almost every day after school.

Bicurious and Bisexuals Anonymous. [A/N: Do not know if this is a real website.]

With a shaky hand, he brought up his usual chat room and read through the list of current people who were logged in. A small smile appeared as he saw the name he was searching for. Almost instantly, a private chat window opened and a message appeared.

TheWeirdBatman: There's my favorite chat-buddy. Can you talk?

ISeeThingsDifferently: Yeah, I can talk.

TheWeirdBatman: Good. I missed talking to you today.

ISeeThingsDifferently: I missed you too. You have no idea how much.

TheWeirdBatman: So you still "bicurious"? Or have I changed that?

ISeeThingsDifferently: Yes, I'm still bicurious. How did you know you were bi though?

TheWeirdBatman: Began to see my friend differently. I was confused about what was going on with me and found this website. It's been a huge help.

ISeeThingsDifferently: You've been a huge help to me.

TheWeirdBatman: I'm glad. I really enjoy talking to you.

ISeeThingsDifferently: I really enjoy talking to you too.

TheWeirdBatman: You sound so girly lol.

ISeeThingsDifferently: I'm not a girl. I swear.

TheWeirdBatman: I believe you.

ISeeThingsDifferently: Good.

TheWeirdBatman: When can I meet you? We've been talking for two months already.

ISeeThingsDifferently: I don't know. I mean… What if you don't like me as much IRL as you do online?

TheWeirdBatman: Trust me, I'm pretty sure I will. I think you're amazing. We have so much in common and seem so much alike, not to mention around the same age. That's exactly what I was looking for.

ISeeThingsDifferently: I still worry that you'll be disappointed.

TheWeirdBatman: I don't think I will be. But I won't pressure you. Whenever you're ready, I'll be waiting. And at least we have B&B Anon.

ISeeThingsDifferently: Yeah. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you to talk to. No one, and I mean NO ONE, knows I'm bicurious. Not even my best friend. And I tell him EVERYTHING.

TheWeirdBatman: I know how you feel. I tell my best friend everything too but he definitely does not know I'm bi. I don't know how he'd react.

ISeeThingsDifferently: Looks like we're in the same boat then.

TheWeirdBatman: Looks like it baby. Do you mind if I call you that?

ISeeThingsDifferently: Not at all. I like it. I've never had luck with girls before, but it looks like I'm having better luck with you.

TheWeirdBatman: I'm good luck ;)

ISeeThingsDifferently: I bet you are.

TheWeirdBatman: :-*

ISeeThingsDifferently: Did you just kiss me?

TheWeirdBatman: … Depends, do you care?

ISeeThingsDifferently: No. I like it. –blushes-

TheWeirdBatman: Aw I made you blush!

ISeeThingsDifferently: Shuttup.

TheWeirdBatman: I'm sorry. Forgive me?

ISeeThingsDifferently: Always.

TheWeirdBatman: Yay. Hey I gotta go, talk tomorrow?

ISeeThingsDifferently: If I can get on.

TheWeirdBatman: Bye. Imma miss you.

ISeeThingsDifferently: I'll miss you too.

TheWeirdBatman: :-*

ISeeThingsDifferently: :-*

TheWeirdBatman has signed out. Ethan sighed and logged out of the chat, a faint blush still on his cheeks as he exited out and cleared his history. Getting up from his chair and stretching, he headed downstairs to find Jane munching on a grilled cheese sandwich while Sarah stood at the stove.

"Hey I was just about to get you. Hungry?"

"Absolutely. These smell really good."

"I'm glad. I don't really cook for myself anymore, so I'm glad my skills aren't going completely to waste," Sarah said with a happy laugh. Ethan nodded and bit into his sandwich, thinking of his conversation.

"Ethan? Earth to Ethan! Sarah was talking to you!" Jane said, making Ethan snap out of his daze.

"Sorry, what?" he asked, getting an annoyed eye roll from Sarah.

"I was wondering, is Benny was coming over tonight?"

"I don't know. He hasn't called me or anything."

"Weird. Isn't he usually over here by now?" she asked, making Ethan shrug.

"Guess he's busy. He's probably practicing magic or something."

"Mhm… Whatever."

"Yeah. Thanks for the food," Ethan said, grabbing two more sandwiches and running upstairs and locking himself in his room. Going onto his computer, he logged back in to B&B Anon to find he had a private message from TheWeirdBatman.

Dear ISeeThingsDifferently,

I know we just got done talking, but I wanted to tell you this before I forgot. The website has released a new app for cell phones. There's more information in the link below. Maybe if your plan carries it, we could chat mobiley, that way I don't have to wait so long to hear from you. If you get it, send me a message ;)

Thinking of you,


Ethan smiled to himself as he followed the link. Reading through the list, he saw the mobile version was available for his phone. His smile growing, he quickly downloaded it and turned off his computer, slouching over to his bed. Collapsing on it, he was about to send a message when his bedroom door slammed open.

"Have no fear, Benny's here!" Benny cried out, jumping into his room. Ethan quickly pocketed his phone and smiled at Benny.

"Hey man what's up?" he asked, sitting up in his bed.

"Not much. Ooh do I smell grilled cheese? I do!" he exclaimed, walking over to the plate on Ethan's desk and stuffing his mouth. "So good!" he exclaimed, making Ethan roll his eyes at his dork of a best friend.

"Where have you been?" Ethan asked as he stood up. Benny shrugged his shoulders as he continued to eat.


"Oh. Okay…" Ethan said, a little hurt by how blunt Benny was being.

"But I'm here now. That's all that matters right?" Benny asked, walking a little bit closer to Ethan, who nodded happily.

"Yeah. That's all that matters."

Ethan may have had a huge crush on TheWeirdBatman, but that didn't stop the small crush that he had on his adorable best friend.

Okay, hope that keeps ya'll waiting for the next chapter :)

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