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Updated/Ended: 08/26/2012

Benny seemed to realize he had just asked Ethan out as his face began to heat up, creating a very noticeable blush on his cheeks, spreading down his neck.

"I-I-I m-mean… w-well…" he stammered out, even though Ethan was now silent. "I-i-if you wa-want to." Benny was completely embarrassed now as Ethan's face had gone stony-looking.

"Benny," he whispered a little menacingly, eyes blazing in an emotion that scared Benny a bit. "Did you just … ask me out?" Benny, now completed embarrassed, barely nodded. "Benny-"

"Hey guys!" Rory called out as he approached them, all smiles as usual. "How ya two doing? Rumors treating you okay?" he asked loudly, making other people in the hallway laugh at them, as they were both now blushing.

"Rory, shut up!" Rory just smiled at them and walked off. Both boys were annoyed by him only for a moment before looking at each other.

"We'll discuss this later okay?" Ethan said, making Benny smile. It wasn't an outright no, and for that, he was extremely glad.

"Later then."

Later came a little too quickly for Ethan. It seemed like, before he knew it, the bell was ringing for the end of the day. As quickly as he could, he ran to his locker and straight to his house.

He wanted just a little more time before he made his decision.

Benny watched as Ethan darted in between various students and out of the school building. Benny had expected this. Ethan got nervous too easily sometimes. Sighing to himself, he finished getting his stuff and began making his way through the slowly thinning student population to the school's exit.

"Benny!" Benny turned to see Sarah and Erica walking towards him, a smug smile on the blonde girl's face while Sarah looked upset.

"I'm so sorry!" she said once they reached him. "I didn't mean to "confirm" these rumors. I know you and Ethan aren't dating." Erica snorted, trying to hide her laugh. Sarah just glared at her. "I hope everything's okay between you two."

"Everything's fine… I think." Finally Erica cracked up laughing, almost doubling over as the laughs shook her body. Benny just glared at her.

"I-I'm s-sorry," she got out, trying to stop laughing. "It-it's j-just… You're both were so OBVIOUSLY gay, why don't you two just fuck and get it over with?"

"Erica!" Sarah scolded, trying to fight a smile herself. Benny just looked surprised, the color draining from his face. "I'm sorry Benny. Good luck with Ethan!" Sarah said, pulling Erica away, who began to laugh again, almost manically. Benny, slightly scared, took off to his house, hoping to hear from Ethan soon.

Benny was surprised when his computer dinged. Getting up, he saw the IM window up, a message waiting.

Ethan: U there?

Benny: I'm here. What's up?

Ethan: Sorry for ditching you earlier. I just needed some more time to think.

Benny: I know. And have you thought enough?

Ethan: I have. And…

Benny: And…?

Ethan: How much of a screwed up relationship will we have?

Benny: Is that a yes?


Benny: That's a yes.

Ethan: I didn't say that.

Benny: You didn't have to :)

Ethan: If I get beat up for this I'm going after you

Benny: We've got vampire bodyguards remember? We're the most well protected nerds in the school.

Rory: Damn straight Benny!

Benny: Why are you in our chat room ? ! ? ! ?

Sarah: Because you two forgot to make it a private chat!

Erica: Nerds in love… sounds like a bad romance xD

Ethan: Well then, guess our friends now know about our new relationship…

Benny: So it was a yes! I KNEW IT! ! ! !

Ethan: It was a yes :) I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

Benny: I love you.

Sarah: Awww! You two are too cute. Say it back Ethan!

Erica: Gah so much gooey nerd love… I can't handle it. I'm out.

Rory: I have no words for this. ADIOS!

Ethan: Sarah, can you leave the chat too? I wanna talk to Benny alone.

Sarah: Ah I gotcha. Have fun you two! ;)

Sarah, Erica and Rory have logged out. Benny smiled at his computer as Ethan messaged him.

Ethan: Did you make this private now?

Benny: Yes :)

Ethan: Good. I love you too.

Benny: Yay! Then I'll see you tomorrow, my dear boyfriend.

Ethan: Never thought I'd be so thankful for IM-ing.

Benny: I know, who would've thought that it would make us fall in love?

Ethan: Once again, if I get jumped tomorrow…

Benny: I'll save you. Every time :)

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