A New Handler At The Agency

Chapter 1 Normal Day

First and formost, this came to me in a dream, and I had to type this before I completely forgot about it. Also, this dream is about this anime I'm currently watching on Netflix called GunslingerGirl.

A day in Italy started as usual for me as always at the hotel I was staying at (got a major discount on the room since I'm half Italian). I woke up, had breakfast, trimed my beard and mustache, had a shower, got dressed, and ran some erands in town. Went to the local gun store to get some work done on my 50 Cal rifle, and my M1911. Couldn't remember what the name of it was since it was in Italian, but in the name, I could decipher my last name which was cool.

"Hi Mark. *I placed my rifle on the counter* I need some work done on my 50 Cal rifle, and my M1911 pistol *Put it on the counter*." I told him

"Ok Jesse, what is it that you need done?" Mark asked

"For my 50 Cal rifle, I need a dual mag attachment, a new scope with red crosshairs, a nightvision scope with blue crosshairs, a laser pointer, a bipod attachment, and a supressor. For my pistol, I just need 20 more mags, and a fully automatic moddification." I said

"Woah. Thats probobly the biggest order I've had in 2 years. It may take a few days with the dual mag, different sniper scopes, laser sight, bipod, and the suppressor, but I can have your pistol ready tomorrow." Mark said.

"Thats fine Mark. I'm not in any hurry for the scopes and the other stuff. Thanks again. How much?" I asked

"Well, the normal price would be around €20,000. But since you're half Italian and your last name is also in the name of my store, I will give you a discount of €10,000." Mark told me

"You take US dollars?" I asked

"Yes" Mark replied

With that said, I gave him $12,500

"Thanks again Mark." I said as I left out the door.

"No problem Jesse." Mark said in reply

*I opened the door again* "Oh Mark, call me ViolentJ" I told him just as I left

"No problem ViolentJ" He told me

After our transaction, I still had some time to kill before it got dark. With that in mind, I decided to head to a local clothing store and buy myself a basic black suit. (Like I said, everything was in Italian, but I could decipher some words and part of my name)

When I bought the suit, I went back to the hotel where I was staying at, went to my room, hung up my suit, and went to bed.