Summary:"McKenna Taylor Junior, you are under arrest for the suspicion of murder," A cold voice informed him. The Boss of the NYPD Crime Lab faces loosing it all. His job, his friends, his sanity and even his life are in grave danger as an unexpected lead in the evidence makes him the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Chapter One - The Arrest

A tall male figure appeared in Mac's office doorway, blocking a section of the light that was being cast into his eye line by the sun, "McKenna Taylor Junior?" He called across the room in a monotone of seriousness.

"Yes?" Mac asked blindly. He beckoned the stranger into his office, without looking up, preoccupied with sighing a report. In a trance of tiredness, due to the lack of restful sleep, he had not realised that his un-shorted name of McKenna had been used.

"You are under arrest for the suspicion of murder." A cold, impassive voice informed him. It felt as if time was at a stand still. 'What?' Mac thought shortly as he span around to face the man who was addressing him. The events unfolding seemed to be unrealistic and dreamlike, he could already feel the horrors of a nightmare unraveling. The sounds of the deep man's tone seemed to linger in the air for what felt like an eternity afterwards although in reality it had only been seconds.

It took a moment or two for the words to register, when what he was being told adjusted into place, the colour drained from his face and the smartly dressed man was shot a mortified look from Mac's direction. Had he heard correctly? Was he really that tired? Mac raised his hand to his head as it began to throb. A million and one things raced through his mind in a panicked frenzy; he must have misheard, had he said murder? Who's Murder?

Glancing around, Mac stood up from the chair in which he was sitting; the man seemed to be alone and without a partner. He hadn't provided Mac with any credentials that proved who he was. Mac had never seen him before, although he did have a something about him that suggested, official and above board. Something that Mac could not quite place his finger on. What was to say that this man was who he said he was? How did he get on the 34th floor if he wasn't a Law enforcement officer of some form?

The look of triumph and victory in the older man's facial expressions sent a somewhat chilling sensation down Mac's spine and dismay began to tremble through his body. The official looking, grey haired man held a pair of handcuffs in a firm grasp; they looked police issue. The sunlight had begun its decent for the day and the rays were aligned with office blinds, now shining brightly into the office. As the authoritative figure moved, light reflected off of the metal restraints and briefly flickered around the room, shedding a blaze in every direction.

Mac was harshly jolted so as his back faced the man. Without hesitation he began to resist, he did not like to be pushed around. Detective Mac Taylor was the head of the NYPD Crime lab, he would not be hand cuffed in his lab, in front of the team. He would not be handcuffed at all. "You have the ri-"
"What do you think you're doing?" Mac interrupted the larger man as he tried to restrain him again. Mac shrugged away for the second time, scowling. Mac smiled, realising he could easily over power him if completely necessary. He would not be made a fool of, not by this man, not by anybody.

After staring at the photograph of missing 9-year old Mollie Granger, Jo had come to a stand still; the answer had not jumped out at her, like she'd hoped. The case was at a dead end, literally, their prime suspect had been found, in an ally, beaten and killed with a bullet through his chest. The evidence had been sent to another team on jurisdiction grounds or so the New York team had been told. Something about the story that had been spun didn't seem to ring true. The whole investigation had been taken over by some official looking people in suits. With nothing to do, Jo had been repositioning her brightly coloured sticky notes so that she had sufficient enough space to use her keyboard and access her computer. Her head snapped up in the direction of Mac's office when suddenly she heard the commotion coming from across the hall. Immediately she dialled security and swiftly manoeuvred around her desk heading directly the source of the trouble to investigate, her hand placed lightly upon her firearm as she hurried into Mac's office.

"Excuse Me?" She asked, to which both the arresting officer and Mac turned to face her direction. Mac felt a little embarrassed, if he was going to be arrested it was now going to be in front of Jo.

"I have a warrant for Detective Taylor's arrest." The words cut through the air like a knife through butter, Mac's heart sank as the words echoed in their ears. Hope began to leave and dread filled the void that had been left in his heart.

"And you are…?"

"Captain Roy." The man replied, obviously irritated. "Kevin Roy." Mac cocked his head around the man standing between him and Jo as three security men arrived in a hurry, only minutes after the initial call. When seeing their new guests and the unconvinced expressions the Captain pulled out his badge to prove his authority. He was in fact a Captain with the NYPD and he did have the authority to be there. However if Mac had been in his shoes, he would have presented his badge first off to avoid complicating the situation. The security guards left with a quick, short nod of apology and embarrassment. Reporting "False alarm" Over the radio as they went.

"What do you mean you have a warrant?" Jo shook her head with frustration, still in complete disbelief of the fact he was there to arrest her close friend and work college. "Do you know who this man is?" She smiled as Mac, trying to reassure herself more than anyone else, that this was just a misunderstanding that had been blown widely out of proportion.

"Yes I do, and frankly I don't have time for this." With an irritated huff, he pulled out a sheet of folded paper from the inside of his jacket and provided Jo with the arrest warrant. The ink was still wet.

Jo gasped as she read the contents. Signed by judge Wilcox, indicating that it was a certified and legal document. Don, accompanied by a woman in her early 30's, arrived and stood by the door as Jo stepped further in.

Having not read the entirety of the letter, she was still having difficulties in believing this stupidity. "On what grounds?"

"Look lady, I don't see what business it is of yours. Can't you read? I don't even see what you're doing here; you're just a failed, good for nothing FBI Agent! Why you are nothing more than white trash! Get out of the way so I can get out of here and take him to booking!" Captain Roy seemed furious with Jo, and she'd done nothing wrong.

'You Bastard!' Mac snapped in his head. A short burst of uncontrollable rage pulsed through Mac's veins. Suddenly Captain Roy let out a large yelping groan, when a sharp pain was cast just below his seventh rib on his left side. Mac had plunged a fist into him. He had not used all of it strength, but it was hard enough to warn him not to say something like that again. Mac had never lost control like that before; usually he managed to keep his cool. Apparently he could not in a situation like this and under these circumstances. Whether it was solely due to him being arrested or someone disrespecting Jo in such a manner, he wasn't sure but somehow it had lead to violence. "You really ought to learn some manners." Mac spat at him, disgusted with the way the captain had just addressed his friend.

Jo was a little shaken with what was unravelling in front of her eyes. Mac, her closest friend, someone she cared for deeply was being accused of murder and he'd just hit his arresting officer for being provocative. She was appalled with the way in which the captain conducted himself and his general manner towards them. In a mild state of shock she froze and stood with a confused look etched upon her face. Mac had just punched him!

Don looked as though he could breathe fire if he so desired, he was anger for the fact that Mac was being arrested when that was not the agreed term back at the precinct and he was furious for the Captain's choice of such appalling and distasteful words. In an event of violence or the suspect resisting arrest he was supposed to restrain Mac, but instead he smirked and watched the man lean against the table for support in minor pain. Mac wasn't a threat; he wasn't going to severely injure the Captain. Flack had half a mind to throw in his two cents for Jo himself and give the discriminating moron a whack as well, however he smiled politely and felt an odd sense of pride for Mac for having the courage to thump him.

Suddenly he felt a short, sharp, pain in his own ribs and his smile was cut short and in its place appeared a frown. The brunette had a face of thunder and had elbowed him harshly to convey that her opinions on the matter were that he should intervene. Don looked down at her with a cold-hearted glare, showing that he didn't give a rat's ass what she thought. Soon enough a small crowd of Lab employees began to form around the entrance to the boss's office, most of which were either alarmed or perplexed at the sight before them.

Mac was a private man; he didn't like people sticking their noses in his business when it was not welcome. Don did his best to remove them but that only seemed to alert more people to the situation. Once the captain had taken a minute to recover, and his reinforcement was still standing there doing nothing, he straightened himself up and brushed his suit down, "Well you've just added assaulting an officer to you're charge, congratulations." He said sarcastically.

"What happened to the professional courtesy we talked about?" Flack's tone was enraged as he questioned his superior, suggesting that the captain deserved what he got. The agreement was that Mac should have been taken down to the station without handcuffs for questioning. There never should have even been a request for a warrant. Someone higher up was pulling the strings. However he wasn't in the mood to hear the pathetic excuses that would inevitably come from the Captain and so he turned to address his friend.
"Sorry Mac." Don's apology was filled with pain and sincerity, entwined with an almost broken thread in his voice. Mac's head snapped up at the sound of his friend's strained tone. He knew that this wasn't Don's fault. In fact he knew that Don had done everything in his power to avoid this very situation.
"I asked them to do this some place else." Don said, sheepishly stepping up into the office so that he was next to Jo. The woman was behind, still lingering in the doorway, Mac took a quick second glance and recognised her instantly, he groaned in a manner that indicated that he was less than impressed with her presence. She was a woman of whom Mac had seen too much of already today, Stephanie Brooks was the ringleader of the second internal investigation against him, she had been questioning him about the death of the prime suspect of their most recent kidnapping case. Something about cross contamination and violating procedure, Mac rolled his eyes at the thought.

"What!" Jo shrieked a little above a whisper. 'Why did this have to be done anywhere?' she thought to herself, 'never mind in the lab'. Jo glanced down again at the trembling paper in her hands and read the charge. Murder. "Are you kidding me?" She closed her eyes tightly, and a tear escaped her grasp. She was still hoping that there must have been some kind of a mistake.

"No, we don't joke about murder, Ms Danville." The Captain said patronisingly. Mac scowled, he often used the initial part of that phrase when interrogating suspects, he regularly said to criminals when they asked if the situation they were in was a joke. The Captain had obviously observed him in interrogations before.

Mac was checked for weapons and then when Captain Roy was satisfied that he had none, one by one Mac's arms were disrespectfully yanked behind his back. The metal slid onto his wrists with ease and they were tightly fastened. Not that they would do much good, Mac knew how to get out of standard issue police handcuffs if need be. He however, was not concerned by this for the time being. If Captain Kevin Roy needed him to be restrained, then he would be, even if it was just for show. Don looked across the room feeling helpless, he didn't like to see Mac like this.

Mac didn't like the image of being handcuffed, he'd been in them for all of a couple of seconds and already he could feel the judgemental glares fixating on him. In an attempt to calm himself, Mac focused his mind to what did interest him, the arrest. What had led the NYPD to believe he had killed someone? That seemed to be the bigger mystery.

Adam suddenly bounced around an open door on the other side of the room, humming to himself. "Mac, you can thank me later but I think we got a case break-" He stopped himself short and swallowed. "er…" He finished and stood staring open mouthed at the whole situation.

In the circumstances Mac forced a small smile. That was Adam just being… Adam. Jo scowled at him and Adam appeared to shrink as his eyes reverted to the floor in shame.

"McKenna Taylor Junior, you are under arrest for the suspicion of murder," The captain said for the second time, but this time before he was interrupted again, he continued swiftly. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the state of New York. Do you understand these rights?" With a slight nod, Mac agreed that he knew both the Miranda warning and his constitutional rights.

Adam built up the courage to briefly glanced at Mac; Mac didn't have the 'guilty' look. "Get outta here. Mac didn't kill anyone." He resorted to with a small nervous laugh, still not convinced that Mac was actually getting arrested.

It was the Captain's turn to fire an unimpressed scowl at Adam.
"A Jury can be the judge of that." He grabbed Mac's arm and began to lead him out of the comforts of his office.

A gut-wrenching ache began to form in the pit of Mac's stomach; a nauseating sensation threatened the floor. He had never been taken into custody before, Mac was a law-abiding citizen, he paid his taxes, and he worked to serve and protect the city of New York. While he had taken another human being's life before, it was always in the name of the job. He had always been cleared, both in the Marines and on the NYPD.

Unfortunately he hadn't shot anybody in his line of work recently, meaning that whatever they thought they had on him wasn't a result of a 'bad or good shoot' where he had to surrender his weapon and be cleared a day or so later. They actually genially believed that he'd gone out one day and killed someone. Not anyone, either. Mac began to piece it together in his head, they thought that he'd gone out and killed the kidnapper of 9-year-old Mollie Granger, the only person that knew where she was. Mac hoped that the team that had taken over the case found the girl in time.

• • •

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