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Don't Close your Eyes: Keith Whitley

Oh Eddy Boy

Chapter 17

Bella's POV

I fought back the demon in me. This was my fight and I was going to make it all mine. This bastard had caused so many problems in my life and I was going to be the one to pay his sorry ass back for all the pain he'd caused me.

All the while I was pondering over in my mind what I was actually going to do to Fuckward. I mean how do you follow up an acid smoothie? Then it struck me like Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the back of Tony's head, sending my mind flinging back and forth over the possibilities like a mad woman. I eye balled the shears, and sure nough they were bolted together. I busied myself removing the bolt so it could be put back later, and turn on Eddy boy with a scrutinizing eye. I cringed a little inside at the state he was in. Manda, hadn't played around with her experiment. "Tisk tisk tisk," I clucked as I shook my head at him. "You're a dirty little pig aren't you Eddy?"

An annoyed, and confused look washed across his face. He cockily replied, "You'd look like shit too if that little psycho got her hands on you. You should put that mutt down, Bella, before it learns any new tricks." I swear it felt like that little shithead kicked a switch in my brain with just a few stupid words. My inner bitch pounded on my skull screaming to get her hands on him. I felt Petey, and Jasper's eyes on me there emotions strained waiting to see if I'd fly off the handle. Only the worst thing possible happened. A wave of complete and utter calm rolled over me, as placid as a pond on a hot August day. Somewhere underneath all that still water was a beast lurking waiting just for this moment, and it lunged to the surface taking charge of my mind.

Inner Bitch's POV

"Petey, be a doll and hose the little pig down. I'm bout to gag just lookin' at him." It wasn't long before Petey managed to hose enough gore off of him that i could see his pale stone skin glistening in the lamp light. He took his place back alongside Jasper and Char, and they continued to glance at me warily. "Y'all can just stop giving me those piss poor looks and leave if you can't stomach what's coming." I called over my shoulder to them" Neither moved, not that I expected they would.

I made my way over to the cabinets, and called out "Eddyyyyy, do you remember this," as I slowly cracked the lid on the meredic acid container.

"No! Not that Bella! Please there's no reason you can't just let me go. I promise Carlisle won't come looking for you if you just let me go!" I slammed the jug down pissed as a rattle snake that had just been stepped on.

A slightly demented smirk appeared on my lips before I could stop it. "Let the bastard show his face around here I fucking dare him! It's too late for beggin' Eddy," I cooed trying to keep a calm tone to my voice. I pushed the acid aside it having served its purpose of sending my little piggy into terror fueled fits.

"Fucker, got some damn nerve, tellin' me he gone send his daddy after me," I mumbled as I shuffled through drawers slamming them for the hell of it as I searched for my rivet gun, small chains, hooks, hammer, and an ice pick. I may or may not have picked up a bit of Mandas' wild ranting on the efficient way to tear down the human body. I'm just sayin there's no telling what you'll find in the cell cabinets.

Having found everything I needed I set to work laying it out on the tray next to the surgical table. All the while Eddy boy lay there whimperin like some pansy ass that had just had his balls kicked by the high school skank.

I turned on him and like the pissed rattler I was I struck quick and viciously. My shears, having been slightly modified for the moment, sank deep into his shoulder. His eyes flew wide as he squealed and bucked like a pig at slaughter. I stared down on him my face devoid of any emotion as I slowly dragged the Moon Child pale glistening bone blade down his abdomen. I pulled the muscle free, and repeated the process on the opposite shoulder meeting in the middle for a lovely Y. This brought up long buried nightmares I'd had when I was still human and it pissed my ass off even more. All I could think of was my daddy splayed out on that cold slab after his autopsy as I dug my fingers quickly around the incisions before they started to heal.

Clenching my teeth as I tugged the stone skin back off the rib cage I quickly punched a few well-placed holes with the ice pick and hammer so I could secure the chains with rivets. Which is not as easy as it sounds with Fuckwards screaming like a dying cow, and all that unnecessary thrashing around, you'd think I was killing the boy, how could I when he was already a corpse? I was forced to crawl up on top of him like some deranged rodeo clown trying to wrestle a killer bull to the ground just to manage to get the chains fastened to the overhead hooks. I slid down and increased the tension on the winch reveling in the sound of his stone skin cracking away from the bone as the connective tissue rendered itself free.

I quickly put the shears back together and stood staring down at him when the uncomfortable image of the largest game of operation filtered into my thoughts. I busted out laughing. I actually had to wipe a bit of venom off my chin from laughing so damn hard at the idea of ole Ed's nose litin up red as I buzzed removing something. Apparently, he didn't find it nearly as amusing the little shit.

Bella's POV

"Bella, pull yourself together, ya crazy bitch," I told myself. Coming back to myself, I started cracking his ribs like dry kindling with the use of the shears. His screamin' and bucking got so out of hand I had to recruit Petey and Jasper into holding his ass down as I hacked out the rest of his ribs like a deranged gardener. I tossed the splintered bones to the side and with a satisfied sigh I reached in to claim my prize. There was a sick stretching and snapping of long unused muscle and arteries as I ripped his heart out of its nasty little nest. Grotesque and withered it reminded me of a rotten apple. Black congealed blood oozed from the pitiful ass looking thing as I squeezed it only slightly half day dreaming that I saw his eyes bulge with pain as I did. I slammed the thing in a specimen jar, and sat it to the side.

I had one more bit of business to attend to before this visit was done. I snatched the chains out one by one enjoying the sound like concrete bursting, and left him to start worming himself back together. I rummaged again in the cabinets until I found a decent size lock box and made my way back over to the table. I noticed his heart trying to beat itself and the jar off the table to crawl back home. "Oh no! No! That just won't do," I said, giggling maniacally like a cat in heat. I lifted the jar and shook it slightly for Eddy to see. His eyes were dull, and pained as he stared back at me.

"Oh come on sugar I cut out your heart not your tongue. You always said I had your heart after all," I said chuckling.

That must have been the straw that broke the camel's back because he started cussin and raisin hell at me. "I see where your little mutt gets it from now. One bitch just like the other eh Bella? I guess I understand why you didn't come running back to me when shit hit the fan. You found yourself a little lap dog to shack up with. Is that why she was so pissed about me hurting you Bells? She mad because you're her bitch now?"

I couldn't help myself any longer that inner calm that I had been struggling to keep, broke and the storm that was settlin' in over my heart and my inner bitch reared her ugly head. "No! You dumb bastard I didn't come crawling back to you because I found a real man!" My hand shot up to my mouth. I couldn't believe I'd let the damn cat out of the bag. I heard the Major chuckling in the background and I caught myself staring at him.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," Edward wailed struggling to pull himself upright, his bits still worming themselves back together. "You two leave," I snapped at Petey and Jasper. They didn't budge. "Get the fuck out now before I replace his ass with ya'lls," I screamed, and they begrudgingly turned to leave. As the door slammed behind them I turned back to my toy and set to have one last bit of fun.

I smirked sexily in Fuckward's direction, "now comes the real fun." I grabbed the waist of his pants and snatched. I tossed the shredded fabric to the side.

"I knew you couldn't help yourself Bella, but now really isn't the time for that." he stammered a stupid lop sided grin on his face.

The grin quickly faded as I picked up the shears again. "Where's your Victorian manners, at now, Jackass," I murmured as I tossed the shears from hand to hand.

"Bella. Bella what the hell are you doing?" he boomed as I walked towards him. "Bella baby please don't do this, you've made your point. I'll leave and never come back. I'll never hurt anyone again…please, bella." he said in a strained voice.

I placed the open shears around his disco stick and stared at him stone faced. "You stupid beer slinging bitch don't you do it!" He screamed at me as I slammed the shears closed and tsked at him, "Rosey Posey, wanted a memento," I said a bit crazily.

He was still screaming like a stuck pig when I walked out of the barn the chest tucked under one arm, its odd contents rolling back and forth inside. I giggled maniacally as I skipped towards the house.

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