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"I've got nothing," Sam says, leaning back in his chair, looking at Dean from overtop his computer. Dean looks up at him and sighs heavily.

"Me neither," Dean says, "There seems to be nothing supernatural whatsoever going on anywhere near here. Dean picks up his phone and looks at it, sighing again and setting it back down on the table. Sam looks at him curiously; Dean had been doing that all night, ever since he got the text from Gracilynn that she arrived at the lake okay.

"You expecting a phone call or something?" Sam asks his brother, eyeing him curiously. Dean looks up at his brother.

"What?" he says, then realizes what Sam is talking about. "Oh, um…no."

"Why do you keep looking at your phone then?" Sam asks, not letting it drop.

"I don't know, just something about the text Gracilynn sent me," Dean says, glancing at his phone.

"That she got there okay? Why?" Sam asks, not understanding.

"Because she wouldn't have sent that on her own," Dean explains, "She's too independent. She would've if I asked her to, but not on her own."

"Okay, so what are you thinking?" Sam asks, leaning in towards his brother.

"She's hiding something," Dean says, "I've had a feeling since I picked her up from school, but it's growing."

"Wait, you have feelings?" Sam asks, smirking. Dean glares at him.

"I'm serious Sam," Dean says.

"Okay, okay," Sam says, "Why don't you call her then?"

"What? And look like a controlling, over protective, psycho dad? No way," Dean says.

"But you are over protective," Sam points out, earning another glare from Dean. Before Dean can say anything in return his phone rings. Still glaring at Sam, he picks up his phone and answers it.


"Hello?" Gracilynn hears her father say on the other end of the line.

"Dad?" she asks, walking out onto the side of the road.

"Gracilynn? You okay?" he asks. It's just like him to just know something's wrong.

"Um…I think you need to pick me up," Gracilynn says.

"What? Why? What happened? What it a guy?" Dean asks. Gracilynn rolls her eyes as she walks down the side of the road.

"No, well, kind of, but not what you think," Gracilynn tries to explain. "Listen, the cops are coming and I'm walking back to the hotel but they prolly shouldn't really find me walking away from the lake."

"What?" Dean asks, confused, but already getting ready. Sam stands up, following his brothers lead.

"I'll explain in the car all right?" Gracilynn says.

"Fine, where are you?" Dean asks, exiting the room with Sam at his heels and climbing in to the car.

Gracilynn is walking along the road and hears sirens, making her nervous. Come on dad, hurry up. Just when Gracilynn thinks she has to hide in the woods, she hears a more familiar sound. She looks up in the opposite direction and sees the Impala coming in her direction. She stops where she is and the Impala pulls up alongside her. Gracilynn opens the back door and climbs in, shutting the door behind her and leaning on the back of the front seat. Dean eases back on to the road and, doing a u-turn, drives back towards the hotel.
"So?" Dean asks, looking back at her leaning on the front seat.

"I think I found us a job," Gracilynn says.

"What? How?" Dean and Sam ask simultaneously, glancing back at her.

"Well…" Gracilynn begins, "When I was at this…get together…"

"Party," Dean says, interrupting her.

"Party," Gracilynn says, giving her father a look, "A few of the other people were going in to the lake to go swimming and when they got to the water, this huge…snake thing came out and attacked them. It ended up getting a hold of one of the kids and when I got to him…"

"You went near him when that thing was attacking him?" Dean asks, starting to get a little angry as a result of being worried.

"It was gone by the time I started for the kid," Gracilynn says. Dean gives her a look knowing full well if the thing was still there she still would've gone. "Anyways, when I got to him, he was covered in a bright red rash, and then these sores started appearing on him as well. Next thing I know, the kids' convulsing and then he all of a sudden stops. When I felt for a pulse, there was none."

"A snake?" Dean asks, "That causes crazed out diseases and kills you?"

"A huge one. And yeah, I guess," Gracilynn answers.

"Like on Harry Potter?" Sam asks for clarification. Dean and Gracilynn give Sam a look.

"You watched Harry Potter?" they ask in unison.

"Jess made me," Sam says off-handedly.

"Right," Dean says.

"So, what do you two think it is?" Gracilynn asks her dad and uncle.

"I have no clue," Dean replies.

"I'll have to look around. See what I can find," Sam responds.

"Thank God," Gracilynn says. Sam and Dean look at her in confusion. She notices and smirks. "What? Researching is boring. And researching with dad is a pain in the ass."

Sam laughs and Dean just sends both of them a glare which only earns a smirk from Gracilynn and Sam laughing harder.

The next morning, Gracilynn sleepily gets ready. They were up late looking up information on what this thing might be. Her dad told her to get to bed, but after seeing what had happened to the kid, it was almost like she had an obligation to figure this out. Eventually, Dean told her if "she didn't go to bed he was going to knock her out one way or another." But even after going to bed, she didn't sleep very well at all. She had only gotten about four hours of restless sleep, and she was the kind of girl who needed nine every day.

"Gracie, you ready?" Dean asks, already dressed and ready to go. He and Sam were going to go talk to the kids' family and later on go to the morgue to talk to the coroner.

"Mmhmm," Gracilynn mumbles, practically sleepwalking to the door after her dad.

"Let's go Snow White," Dean says.

"I hate Snow White," Gracilynn says. Dean smirks opening the door. "She's so annoying. The only one worth seeing in that movie is Dopey…and Grumpy."

"Really?" Dean asks.

"Yeah. Dopey's my favorite. Why do you think I like you so much?" Gracilynn says, smirking. Sam chuckles from behind them.

"I am not Dopey," Dean says defensively, shooting both of them a glare.

"You're right," Gracilynn says, her smirk growing. "You're most like both Dopey and Grumpy."

Dean scowls but follows his daughter out the door as Sam's phone rings. Sam waves as he answers it. Dean and Gracilynn climb in to the Impala and Dean starts it up. Just as he's about to pull out, Sam comes scurrying out of the hotel room towards them. He opens the back door and climbs in.

"What?" Dean asks.

"The coroner called. Said he went in early. We can come by now if we want, take a look at the other bodies that fit the same description," Sam says.

"Wait, there's other bodies?" Dean asks.

"This things done this before?" Gracilynn asks.

"Yeah, and more like three times before," Sam answers.

"Awesome," Dean says, putting the car in reverse and backing out of the parking space.

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