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Chapter 21: The anticipation

It is said that anticipation of something makes things worse. This was certainly true in the headmaster's office as the four founders, and the headmaster himself, waited for the people to come out of the Pensieve

To any outsider, it would seem that the young Slytherin founder was as cold hearted as history portrayed him. But that was far from the truth, for those who knew him.

It was a defence mechanism that he had developed. His blank face usually meant that there was a torrent of emotions that he wanted to hide.

Right now, the young man in question was nervous, as he anticipated the reaction his parents and their friends would have to the reality of his identity.

Knowing this, his reincarnated friends surrounded him, silently offering their support. The four reincarnated founders tensed as one when the people in the Pensieve exited.

Albus was not worried as he had an idea that the marauders and Lily would accept the young founder as their long lost son, albeit from another dimension and timeline. He watched as the three founders moved closer to their friend and colleague, glaring at the people coming out of pensive as if daring them to hurt their friend.

With tears in her eyes, Lily slowly moved towards her son. Dimly, she noticed that the other founders had moved away, giving them space. Slowly, she lifted a trembling hand to touch his face, scared that he would disappear if she moved too fast or touched him.

"Harry?" she whispered, looking at his face through her tears, drinking in his features, while searching for something

And just as slowly, Slytherin's features softened and a small smile graced his lips as he held Lily's hand to his cheek


As if she was waiting for this confirmation the red-haired woman flung her arms around Salazar, openly crying and holding him for all she was worth.

Albus smiled happily as James and his friends inched forward. James stepped forward to embrace Lily and Harry whilst Sirius and Remus stood back, looking at the happy reconstituted family with moist eyes.

Meanwhile, Minerva and Severus had slowly moved to a corner, looking at the four travellers with wide eyes.

Salazar had his eyes closed, revelling in the feeling of a mother's embrace. It took him a few moments to realise that the two of them were being embraced as well. With another happy jolt, he realised that it was his father. Opening his eyes, he came out of the embrace, gazing at his mother who looked back at him hopefully.

Before anyone could say anything, they were distracted by a black eagle that took that moment to make its presence known at the headmaster's window.

Professor Snape was standing closest to the window, so he opened it to allow the bird in. The large avian winged its way straight to lord Slytherin with the letter.

Clearly not expecting a reply, the raptor turned around and flew out of the window as soon as Slytherin had relieved it of its burden.

Under everyone's gaze, Salazar opened the letter and read it quietly.

My Lord Slytherin,

First and foremost I would like to extend my warmest welcome to the future, and tell you how very pleased I was to hear this news. Before proceeding further I would like to introduce myself properly, as I have no doubt that you would have been told many lies about me. My name is Voldemort, and I am your only living descendent.

I would like to assure you that I am not the person those so called Light Wizards describe me as. I am merely trying to fulfil your wish and establish a proper order of society, something that you have always dreamed of.

I would not be surprised if you are currently facing discrimination and negative attitudes towards you just after hearing your name. This alone is a proof that these people fear and reject what and who they don't understand.

I would love to hear your views on this and would also like your advice on the future that I envision for our world.

It would truly be an honour to be able to make your acquaintance, so that together we can create a world that is made up true witches and wizards. Not those cretins that steal magic and masquerade as Muggleborn.

I eagerly await your response to my letter. Furthermore I would also like to assure you that should you have need of any sort of assistance at any time, please remember that your great, great grandson is always at your service.

Your Heir

Lord Voldemort.

Albus watched as the young Slytherin opened the letter from the black bird. His face was devoid of any expression as his eyes flew through the contents of the letter. As he reached the end of the missive, the founder suddenly started chuckling humourlessly.

This chuckle prompted his Gryffindor friend to march over and snatch the letter from his unresisting hands.

"What a lying, sly, bloody snake." Was Godric's response to the letter as he skimmed through the letter.

"Hey... no insulting snakes by comparaing that creature to them"

"Alright.. alright what a lying, sly, hypocritical, filthy creature, is that ok?"

"Add monster, murderer, and evil incarnate and you have him defined to the tee mate"

"Aah, yes. Thanks, Sal"

"Anytime Ric"

"Either one of the two of you ...better start explaining yourself before I loose my patience with your nonsense. Or I swear. you would be regretting it for days" Helga snapped pulling her wand out causing the two males to look at get and gulp before starting to speak at the same time

"One at a time! Ric, you explain as I am in no mood of Sal's sarcasm, and you better stick to facts and not rant as I am not in mood for that either" the witch threatened.

"Yes, Hel, of course," Godric responded quickly, warily looking at her wand. "Sal, here, received a letter from so his so called great great grandson, who calls himself Lord Voldemort. Basically asking Sal to join him so they can rule the world together. He was also insinuating that all of us are bad people out to make Sal's life miserable and probably might attack him anytime."

The audience were shocked. Not only had Voldemort sent a letter, but the ease with which Salazar, a.k.a. Harry Potter was taking it shocked them. They simply could not understand how he can be so calm in such situation.