My friends and i were going to a costume party. you see me and all my friends are goth. I'm Fear. well that's what people call me. we had just got done Watching Rocky Horror. i love that move. well we were almost there some asshole rammed our car into a tree."Is everyone all right?"asked Shadow. "yeah" said mike and ike. yes they were named after the candy."i'm fine" says raven. "fear are you alright?"askes Shadow

"yeah im' fine i think."(what Fear looks like images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTJk1of-yUWx8lORVOwR5hvxEVdz_D6akeoHeFldd_Sv2ZINO7mOw) we all get out oh and don and raph. don's Asian and raphs black

We walk for a good two hours "hey look a castle" says Raph.

"Just like in Rocky Horror" said don

"guys even if this is like RHPS we need to be careful. we know what happens"we pull out a umbrella of our own and to keep did i forget to say it was raining like in the movie. we get up there and knock on the door dry. When Riff Raff answers


"Hi i'm Fear. My friends and i got in a car wreak. Can we use your phone please." He looks at us then lets us in. after we are all in he shuts the door."Please wait here while i fetch the master." after a few minutes. Dr. Frank-n-furter comes down stairs."Well hello. who might you be?" he says to be i put on my happy face"Hi"i shake his hand"i'm fear. My friends and i got into a car accent. Can we use your Phone please?"

"well seance you said please."he takes my hand drags me upstairs. Magenta comes down and sees"Brother who are they?"

"Guests sister. Be nice."they walked them to empty rooms. i was in mine after the phone call. with my eyes open"i was right. it is real. Rocky horror is real." i thought out loud. then i get up to take a shower. i remember they watch there Guest. i just hope Riff Raff was watching. i did love him. i get in and wash up. i never did love cause most guys would make fun of me cause i'm goth. i had big boobs for my age. i was almost seven teen.

the next day i was just getting out when i saw Riff Raff put break feast down for me. "hello fear." i had a big blush on my checks. i mean wouldn't you blush too when your just in a towel when your crush walks in and brings you breakfast."um thanks Riff Raff"

"your welcome" puts it down and leaves. I get dresses fast and eat and i walked down stairs to put up the tray."Fear."Frank calls to me

"yes f-n-f?"


"oh i'm sorry i give everyone nicknames. i'm still think of one of Riff Raff."

"oh alright. but any way you cant get home the bridge is out"