The next morning Ernie approached Harry, "She is imperused. You were right."

"Who is her controller?"

"I think its Parkinson." Ernie replied, "I needed Draco's help to confirm. He's doing that now."

"Don't remove it yet. We don't want to tip our hand." Harry instructed.

"Draco knows." Ernie grinned evilly, "We're going to start feeding Hannah some misinformation. She will hear us discussing stuff we want to do this summer in regards to stopping Voldemort and stuff like that."

"I've got an idea." Harry's evil grin was so evil that it even scared Ernie a bit, "What do you say about having a little fun?"

"With who?" he asked.

"Death eaters of course. " his evil laugh joined the grin, "Let Hannah hear you and Terry plan to sneak out to Hogsmeade this weekend."

"Trap?" Ernie's grin came back, "Me likey."

"Won't that be dangerous?" Ginny whispered.

"Not as dangerous as you think." Ernie grinned, "You are a very good teacher."

"Thanks?" she looked pensive.

"They'll send a couple low level eaters and we'll just tie them up and hand them over to Tonks or Shacklebolt." Harry hugged her gently.

"Can I watch?" Ginny was ecstatic when Harry agreed but on Saturday when they were setting up she grumbled as he sat her on the roof of a nearby building, "I meant a little closer than this."

"You said watch not participate." Harry grinned as he set up a shield to protect her, "Besides you can see a lot more from here."

"I told you not to try to pull this on me." Ginny frowned, "I want to be in the action."

"You will." Harry grinned, "But not today. I'm not treating you like Draco treats Astoria, she isn't allowed out of the school without him attached to her arm. Observe today and we'll start training tomorrow."

"Fine, but this is the last time." She was still frowning at him.

"Only if you watch and learn." He reiterated.

Ginny was shortly joined by Tonks, "What are you doing up here?"

"I going to make sure those four don't get hurt." Tonks sat next to the younger girl, "They keep saying they've got it covered, but I want to make sure."

"Does Harry know you are here?" she quirked an eyebrow.

"Yes." Tonks tried to end it with that but Ginny's continued stare made her give in, "That kid has the nerve to put me up here out of his way."

"To watch and learn?" Ginny's mouth twitched in the corner as she tried to fight a smile.

A growl was the only answer she was given. Terry and Ernie had been in the candy store for more than an hour. Approximately ten minutes after they had said they were going to sneak out the two emerged from the shop and headed to the three broomsticks. They had almost made it to the door when three pops got their attention.

"Search every store and find them. Bring them to me unharmed. We will take them back to the Dark Lord and see just what they think they have learned." A voice behind a mask ordered.

Terry snickered and the loudly asked Ernie, "Who on earth could they be talking about?"

"I don't know." Ernie replied back like he was talking to a toddler, "They couldn't mean little old us could they?"

"Get them." The same masked individual ordered.

"Ok." Ernie shrugged and fired two quick stunning spells as did Terry.

The two attackers dodged or blocked the spells while the leader fell having not pulled his wand yet. The fight lasted for just a few moments when Harry uncovered himself.

"Come on you two we don't have time to play." He grinned, "Take them out already."

"Hey we were having fun." Terry said before dropping his attacker.

Ernie's fell a moment later, "We were assessing their skills."

"They don't have any of those." Draco appeared and started to rifle through their robes, "Each one has a portkey."

Harry tied each one up after Draco finished checking them, "What do you think Auror Tonks?"

"I think you're too bloody confident." She appeared by his side.

"Not really." Harry shrugged, "These are just junior DEs."

"How do you know?" she hissed, "They could have sent the inner circle after you."

"If it had been Harry or Draco they would have." Ernie shrugged, "As it is they sent a few newbies that graduated last year."

Harry pulled off the masks and showed they were correct, "We were sure they would send low level ones out for a capture. But just in case it was higher level we were for backup."

"You know this ruse won't work again don't you?" Tonks asked.

"Of course it won't." Terry said, "Next time they'll send five flunkies."

"Ten the next time." Draco added.

"Then they might send out a circle eater." Harry said, "Unless they have a spy here watching in which case the inner eaters could be on their way. So why don't we break up this party and get this bit of filth into ministry cells."

Tonks grumbled but knew he was right. She levitated the bodies and made sure the other five got back to Hogwarts before she portkeyed away with her arrests.

That evening Pansy Parkinson disappeared from the school and Hannah Abbott was to be found crying on Neville's shoulder. He didn't mind at all but he felt bad for what she had gone through. During dinner the four were found at the Gryffindor table, each meal they sat at a different table so as not to favor one house over the other. Several Slytherins got up the nerve to approach Draco at the table.

"Draco we can't find Pansy." Blaise Zabini was the one who spoke for the group.

Draco stood and addressed the few that had approached him but he made sure everyone could hear, "Pansy has been removed from the school. She was found to be a spy for Voldemort even though she said she was behind our new path. We know several who are spies for him and as soon as they put a toe out of line they will be following Ms. Parkinson. This new direction is not to be taken lightly. We are not fighting for freedom here; we are fighting for our lives. Voldemort will kill everyone here regardless of what side you claim to be on."

"But why?" Crabbe asked, "My dad's a death eater won't I be protected?"

"What did you Father tell you last summer?" Draco asked, "Mine told me that I need to be prepared to leave the school at a moment's notice. He gave me a signal to watch for and said if I see that to leave immediately."

"Mine did too." Crabbe nodded, "Why are they telling us to leave?"

"He is going to try to kill everyone in the school." Draco said, "Anyone who doesn't get the sign is to be killed."

"What do we do?" Blaise asked worriedly.

"We prepare to fight him off." Draco said, "This is what we, Harry, Ernie, Terry and I were trained for. Harry is the leader and I am his right hand."

"Terry and Ernie are next but no less important. We fight as a team. If any of you think we aren't worthy to lead the fight then get a team together and we'll battle it out." Harry said.

"I think I should be the leader." McLaggen stood, "I'll fight you for the leadership."

"Ok, duel tomorrow after breakfast." Harry agreed, "Anyone else who wants to fight either our group or for one of our positions be ready then."

After breakfast Dumbledore set up the dueling platform in the Great Hall. Harry stood on his end loose and ready. McLaggen strutted into position and waited for the duel to start. Being a dueling champion himself Flitwick started them off. Harry stunned him as McLaggen was still pulling out his wand.

Harry revived his opponent and said, "Lesson one, when they say go you better be ready. Lesson two, death eaters don't say ready, set, go." Even though the duel was officially done McLaggen went ahead a fired several more spells. It looked like a stunner connected with Harry and he dropped to the ground. Just as McLaggen was starting to boast about winning Harry put him down again. When McLaggen was revived Harry stated, "Lesson three you never know when your opponent is truly down so don't lower your guard until they are well and truly out of the picture, generally that means disarmed and tied or dead. Anyone can fake being stunned when their shield dissipates the curse."

A few seconds later Harry disarmed and tied McLaggen and looked to Flitwick who declared, "Victory to Potter."

"Lesson four." Harry turned to the group, "Even if they are stunned don't leave them a wand. All it takes is someone to come along and revive them to put them back into the fight. If you can't get to their wand then destroy it. Lesson five, death eaters don't fight fare. They will use every trick in their dark arsenal and you should use everyone you have. Girls using a cosmetic charm on a guy will definitely distract him."

"You are very full of yourself." Another seventh year said, this one was from Ravenclaw, "McLaggen's stupid so beating him is not all that impressive."

Three fights later and putting down the Ravenclaw, a slytherin and two hufflepuffs Harry was still standing and not even breathing hard. The two hufflepuffs had fought him together and he had still beaten them, "Anymore want to try for the leadership position?"

"Any group challenges?" Flitwick followed Harry's question when no one had stepped forward.

"We have six in our group." a Gryffindor seventh year said, Harry couldn't remember his name, "Two in Griffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. If there are two Slytherins that wish to join us we would face the four of them."

"Two each isn't very fair." Flitwick started.

"We accept." Harry said, "If no slytherins come forward then Draco or I will sit out."

"Enlarge the platform and we'll join." a boy from Slytherin that Harry didn't know stepped up.

Ernie, Terry and Draco joined Harry on the platform. The fight lasted almost ten minutes, it would have been shorter but when the first two opponents dropped Harry pulled back and let the other three finish the fight. After that there were no other challenges.

The challengers were untied and their wands were returned. The Slytherin that had spoken before asked, "Any more lessons?"

"Plenty, we've only scratched the surface." Harry nodded to him.

"I think I'd like to have a few more lessons." the boy nodded as he left the stage.

"Mr. Potter do you need a pepper up potion?" Flitwick asked.

"No why?" Harry asked.

"Well I assumed you were tired since you let the other three finish the fight." He replied.

"No not at all." He shrugged, "I just thought they would like in on the fun for a bit. The odds were too far in our favor for me to fight for long. I should have just let the three of them handle it instead of joining in."

"Eight against three?" he asked.

"We trained with more." Ernie shrugged.

Ten more students disappeared over the next several weeks. Harry had talked Albus into seeing that any spy activity was a direct threat to the rest of the student body and should be treated as such. The students detained in a secure area within Hogwarts with the full knowledge of the aurors. Training for the rest picked up. Before they knew it the time for the battle was upon them. Severus, Mad-eye and Bill were set to accompany the eleven teens to the place where Voldemort was hiding. A portkey was to drop them around a mile from the house.

Riddle Manor was just as Harry remembered from his dreams before fourth year. The group sat back and watched from the forest as the death eaters assembled and began to depart for the attack on the school. While Voldemort had not been seen Harry was very sure the dark wizard was still on the premises. Snape had left with the rest of the death eaters but he returned within ten minutes.

"We arrived directly at the gates; Lucius said they didn't want to waste time on the village." Snape stated, "They haven't breached the wards yet. I was sent back to get inside and try to disable the wards from inside."

"Good now, why don't we pay Moldyshorts a visit." Harry grinned and the group disillusioned themselves.

Moody began the attack by starting the anti-portkey and apparition wards, Bill was trying to rest after removing several wards and Snape was watching over both of them in case of a secondary attack. The rest entered the house quickly and found Voldemort sitting in front of a fire in the first floor living room.

"So Potter you thought you would attack while my forces are all busy." Voldemort sneered, "Do you really think your friends are a match for me?"

"My friends aren't here for you." Harry grinned cheekily, "They just want to watch me kick your head in."

"When I kill you they will be next and then I will join my forces at Hogwarts." His smile was quite disturbing as he stood and moved around his chair, "Are we going to duel, bow to me Harry."

"No I don't think I will." Harry said his wand still in his pocket.

"Avada Kedavra." Voldemort said lazily as he flicked his wand. The green spell hit Harry and he fell with a thud. Voldemort wobbled for a moment then turned to the others, "Now on to the fun. Draco you will die painfully for your defection."

"I didn't defect you imbecilic, I was never a part of your group to defect from." Draco sneered back at the man.

Fred and George started the distraction by throwing the first of their pranks. It was called the Botched-Vision bomb. The twins had been trying to make a product to fix Harry's vision problem, but it didn't work hence the name. It caused the person to see multiple overlapping images. So instead of seeing ten teens Voldemort saw thirty. When they started all started moving around it was impossible to tell the people from the copies. Still Voldemort was able to block spells coming at him. They could tell the movement was making him sick but he was holding on. The spell had lasted almost ten minutes, which surprised the twins as it had only lasted five minutes in all the trials. As that began to wear off they started throwing more tricks at him. He was so busy blocking them and canceling them that he couldn't get off a shot. Finally in a fit of rage he sent a blasting curse at the closest person. They all ducked but Fred didn't get up when the rest did. They couldn't stop and check on him as Voldemort started throwing a dizzying array of spells at them. For some reason his killing curses seemed to fizzle out before they reached anyone so they were able to block a lot of the spells and dodge the few they thought looked really bad. Ernie, Terry and Draco were almost a blur keeping Voldemort busy but a second blasting curse sent Hermione to the ground. Before Voldemort could benefit from it a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Hey I'm not finished with you."

"How… I killed you." Voldemort stammered turning to see Harry standing with his wand in his hand this time.

"Well you didn't." Harry stated, "I'm still here."

"Another trick of those twins." Voldemort sneered, "You are hiding his body and pretending to be him."

"Nope it's really me." Harry answered, "Did you notice none of the killing curses you have been trying to use worked. Do you want me to explain why?"

"You know nothing." Voldemort hissed.

"I know the answer to this. There isn't enough left of you to fuel the curse." Harry said, "The only soul piece left is the one in your body. You are now mortal."

"I have been for some time." Voldemort answered with a confidence he didn't have, "You killed it in the chamber. Nothing you have done tonight can make a difference to me."

"I killed only a part of you." Harry grinned, "See when you attacked me as a baby you left a piece of yourself behind. Now you just killed it off. I was able to return but your soul fragment was not. And now you don't have enough power to fuel much of anything. Certainly nothing that requires emotion."

"I have enough anger to fuel this." He raised his wand again, "Avada Kadavra."

"Expelliarmus." Harry cried at the same time.

Everyone watched as the spell from the wholly intact soul of Harry Potter met and overtook the spell sent by the monster that only had a splinter of himself left. Harry's spell turned green as it continued on to Voldemort and smashed into him. The body fell to the ground and Harry caught the wand out of the air then sat heavily on the ground. Ginny ran to him while George and Ernie went to Fred and the rest went to Hermione except Draco who kept his wand trained on Voldemort. Ginny kissed Harry several times when she reached him.

"Are you alright?" she asked, "Can you stand?"

"I'm fine, just tired." Harry grinned cheekily, "Dying really takes it out of you."

"Prat." She grumbled as she helped him to his feet.

"How are they?" Harry asked concerned to see two people on stretchers.

"Alive." Ernie said from Fred's side, "Nasty gash on his head though."

"Hermione only has a bruise." Terry said from Hermione's side.

"Not even a twitch from this monster." Draco was levitating a heavily chained Voldemort on a stretcher.

"Alright, outside everyone, we need to get back to Hogwarts and help there." Harry instructed.

They were met at the door by Moody, Snape and Bill. Moody checked Voldemort and declared him dead. He then pulled out a portkey and had each of them touch it. A few seconds later they landed in the Headmasters office. An eerie quiet met ears that expected battle sounds. Moody insisted that they all stay put while he checked the castle. He returned a few minutes later with Dumbledore and Pomfrey in tow. Harry managed to ask a few security questions before he allowed the witch to touch his friends. Fred's cut was quickly healed before the group left for the hospital wing for complete checkups on all of them.

"What happened here?" Harry asked as they walked.

"It was rather anticlimactic." Albus grinned, "When the attackers couldn't get through the gates the quidditch teams disillusioned themselves and flew out to them and poured Severus' potion on them. It was the new potion that turns the ground into quicksand for a few seconds and
then hardens with the victim stuck in the ground Aurors dug them out one at a time and arrested the whole group. The full inner circle was present. The only casuality was Bellatrix Lestrange. She got dug out and immediately started to cast the killing curse, but she was taken out before she could finish."

"Who was she attacking?" Harry almost didn't want to know.

"Auror Tonks was her target. But Nymphadora is much quicker with a cutting hex than Bellatrix was with the killing curse." Albus sighed, "She has had a calming draught but insisted upon Remus sitting with her until her mother arrives."

Harry grinned and whispered, "Go Tonks."

***A year and a half later on Harry's seventeenth birthday***

"Where are you two old dogs taking me?" Harry asked his father's two best friends.

"Hold your horses, we'll tell you when we're ready." Sirius snickered.

"I have no horses to hold. All I have is two worn out lazy dogs." Harry laughed as his Godfather pulled out a plate.

"Take hold." Remus instructed.

"You have to be kidding me." Harry said, "Aren't you the one that taught me not to take a portkey that I'm not sure of?"

"You'll ruin the surprise." Sirius huffed.

"Better to ruin a good surprise then to receive a bad one." Harry still stubbornly refused to touch the plate.

"What if we tell you it's from Gringots." Remus said.

"Sounds some better." Harry admitted.

"It has to do with your inheritance." Sirius pushed.

"And?" Harry balked.

"Just grab the plate." Ginny called from the door, "I've already made sure."

"Fine." He huffed and touched the portkey.

A few seconds later he found himself outside a beautiful manor home. Harry gaped for a few moments before Sirius slapped his back.

"Welcome back to Potter's Pride." He said, "You were here once when you were almost a year old."

"I was also here during fifth year." Harry thought to himself as his grin threatened to split his face.