Hey there, fellow readers and writers! This is my first ever Naruto story! I'd thought to start with a new account, new fandom, and meet new fans. I've been driven nuts by my friends to write it, and I'll admit that I wanted to write this too, but I've been so darn lazy! Dx Well, shall we get started? I don't own Naruto or Shippuden, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Bong. Bong. The large clock rang in the middle of a town square, signaling it was noon, which meant lunch for most people. What was considered in this town by many was, everyone who lived there was like one big family. However, there was one man who lived in a woodshed just on the outskirts of this village. No one spoke of him much.

He went by the name of Deidara. Every day he would just sit in his shelter, doing something nobody had got a chance to see. From what the villagers said, all they knew about Deidara was that he was an innocent, depressed man who one day decided he wanted to live alone. His only visitors were his dearest friends who would pop by to see if he wanted to hang out.

Deidara took a sip out of his coffee. He hadn't had a proper meal in ages, and mostly all he ate was sushi and leftover pizza. By now, he'd gotten used to this. Deidara sighed of exhaustion, knowing he'd stayed up very late last night working on something important. But he'd finally gotten the one object he needed to finish the project that sat in front of him.

He absentmindedly added some hair and fixed an arm when there was a banging on his dusty window. Deidara opened it, coughing and then realizing it was his three friends, Konan, Kisame, and Itachi.

"Do you want to come to lunch with us, Deidara, please?" Kisame pleaded.

"Sorry, un. I have to work on something important," Deidara replied.

"But you always say that," Kisame whined.

"Well, we don't want to distract Deidara from whatever he's working on, so let's go." Itachi said. The two left, leaving Konan standing there.

"Deidara, you shouldn't be skipping meals. It isn't healthy."

"I know. I'll make sure I eat." Deidara retorted, his mind lost elsewhere.

"Well, getting outside would be good for you," Konan replied, crossing her arms impatiently. "I haven't seen you outside in over two and a half years!"

"I have been outside," Deidara sneered, thinking about how he watered the flowers yesterday.

Konan let out a neutral sigh and left to find Kisame and Itachi. Deidara sighed, slowly walking back to his wooden stool and focused on his project. He slowly reached for a special piece, a long cylinder-shape and placed it into a hole. "I'm done!" Deidara smiled, for the first time in ages. He enthusiastically grabbed a dark-indigo colored vile, opened a hatch in his masterpiece, and poured the liquid in, every last drop.

When he was sure every last bit was gone of the potion, he set it aside and waited patiently. Yes, his project was a puppet. (A/N: Congrats to those who figured it out before!) But this was no ordinary puppet. This was a special puppet. Deidara tapped his foot impatiently on the floor. Nothing was happening. Deidara soon got bored and started cleaning up the loose strands of artificial hair on the floor and crumbled wooden parts of arms, legs, and so on.

As he began to lose hope that his plan would work, a blinding light filled the room. Deidara dropped all the garbage in his hand, causing it to scatter everywhere. A strong gust of wind came from the source of the light, harshly blew his precious clay figures away and Deidara soon heard shattering sounds.

This had to be the magical potion he had used. The old lady that had sold it to him did say there were "effects". He clutched onto a large marble table, clinging onto dear life. The wind was so strong his body was lifted and his hair blew back. He shut his eyes and hoped for the best.

After a moment, the wind stopped. Deidara didn't dare to open his eyes.

"Hello?" a voice asked. Deidara's eyes snapped open to see a special redhead boy in front of him with an expression full of worry and confusion.

"Ah!" Deidara yelped, getting a scream back from the redhead. The redhead retreated to a corner in the shed and curled up into a ball in fear.

Deidara shook his head in disbelief. What had just happened? He gazed around. He was still in his own shed, only this time, glass bottles and remains of clay figures were shattered all over the floor. Tables and desks were turned over. And heck, what was his toilet doing out of the bathroom? His puppet that he had left on a stool, was gone. Deidara panicked. He had been working on that for over two and a half years!

His mind darted to the mysterious redhead. Was he imagining it? Was it a hallucination? Was he dead? Deidara shook his head again and opened his eyes again. Slowly, he walked to the corner he saw the boy run to. If that redhead was the one who stole his project, Deidara would KILL him! He didn't care if he went to jail in charge of murder.

Deidara moved the wooden chair covering the corner, seeing that the redhead boy was not a hallucination. His shadow fell upon the figure, causing it to whimper in fear, the poor boy shaking and covering his head. Deidara even heard tiny sobs.

"You-" Deidara was interrupted by a yowl.

"Don't hurt me!" Deidara widened his eyes and put his hand on the boy's shoulder, causing it to shake furiously.

"I'm not going to hurt you, un. Now, look at me." (A/N: Ugh, I kinda made Deidara sound like a mom xD) The boy hesitated. Deidara waited. Still, the boy did not look at him. Deidara sighed and gently lifted the boy's head slowly. That's when Deidara saw it. Glossy red hair, hollow bark-colored eyes. Not a flaw on his face except the tearstains and his puffy eyes.

Deidara almost fell back at the sight at this face. "No way," He murmured. It couldn't be! He squeezed his eyes shut and opened them again. The redhead was still there. "Sa- I mean Danna!" Deidara hugged Sasori in recognition. Sasori squirmed away, clearly not recognizing Deidara. Deidara let go, his face filled with hurt and confusion.

"Danna? What's wrong, un?" Deidara whimpered, water pooling into those gorgeous blue eyes.

Sasori pointed at him. "Who are you?" Deidara widened his eyes. His Danna didn't recognize him? Sasori paused a minute with a thoughtful look on his face. "Come to think of it, who am I?"

Deidara gasped. "What am I doing here? What is this place? And I'm so hungry…" Sasori rambled, clutching his stomach. "It's like I haven't eaten in two and a half years…" Sasori moaned in pain.

Deidara covered his mouth with his hand. It all made sense now. He shook his head to see Sasori staring at him in question. He had zoned out. "Um, you are Akasuna Sasori, un. Your mother and father died when you were very young and was left with your grandma," Deidara bit his lip as he said that. "You turned into a puppet/human. You hate waiting. You think art is eternal. You are a master with puppets. You were supposed to be dead two and a half years ago, un."

Sasori raised his eyebrow at this. "I am Deidara, un. I like art too. I think art is fleeting. I like building clay figures and explosions. We were both part of a group called the Akatsuki and we were partners, un." Deidara didn't dare to say what they really were before Sasori died, in fear of scaring him.

"Okay, what is this place? Why am I here?" he repeated.

Deidara ran his hand through his hair nervously. "I live here. As for why you are here, I don't know if you'll believe me, but I spent two and a half years putting you back together after you died and looked for a potion that'll turn you into a human, no cheap reanimation schemes. Now I see that the potion has worked."

Sasori scratched his head. "What do you mean, put me back together?"

"You were a puppet, un. You were destroyed!" Deidara cried.

Sasori nodded, it even looked like he truly believed Deidara. He went to give Deidara a comforting hug, but fell back clutching his stomach and started moaning painfully. Deidara looked up and gasped again. He shrunk when he saw the grimace on his former lover's face. "What wrong, un?"

"So hungry…" Sasori moaned, opening his brown orbs to just a weak slit. "I'm so hungry… it's killing me…" he rasped. Deidara saw the pair of gems close again as Sasori blacked out.

"Danna! Danna!" Deidara screamed, thin streams running down his cheeks. Still the redhead didn't respond nor did he move. His face pale and rough breathing. Deidara concluded that his Danna didn't have anything to drink in a while either, and even was more affected by it because he had become human. In exchange, the potion had erased his memory.

"Dan…na…" Deidara brushed his tears of Sasori's face and carried him up to his bed. There he sat by the redhead's side waiting to see if he would awaken. Deidara swore to himself that he had seen Sasori's eyelids flutter a couple of times, but he never woke up.

Deidara put his hand on Sasori's warm chest in worry of finding silence. Maybe it was a hallucination, but he thought that the steady pulse had stopped twice. Deidara checked his watch. It had been ten minutes since Sasori had passed out. He really should get something for his Danna to eat. Deidara got up, kissed the redhead on the forehead softly, and went downstairs to the kitchen.

Sasori opened his eyes mid-way. What had happened? He was hurting all over. Where was Deidara? He sat up, walked to the desk on the other side of the room, scribbled on a piece of paper and placed it on the bed, just in case. Then the redhead quietly hopped onto the windowsill, and took one last look at the bedroom before jumping.

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