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-With Sasori-

"Die, Grandma!" He shouted, shooting blazes of fire out of his hands. The puppet smiled manically with wide, creepy brown eyes. His hands moved slightly as two small shinobi figures sought their shelter behind rocks, changing every few seconds.

He found himself running out of energy and within a few seconds, the fire died and a scroll disappeared from his back. The puppet lowered his arms a little, and then slowly raised them again. This time, water shot out of them. They were about to reach the rocks where the two females hid when-

"Danna! Danna! Hey, un!" The redhead twitched as he heard a voice whisper as loudly as it dared. He turned over and groaned as this unpleasant feeling interrupted his dream. Trying to get back to sleep, he turned over again and tried to get comfortable. This was not a success as he banged his head against cold metal in the process. Okay, fate was not on his side to let him sleep anymore.

"SHHH! You'll make too much noise and they'll catch us!" Sasori snapped awake, absentmindedly. A familiar blonde lay before him. He was in a dark, cold place. His eyes were open just a slit for a moment, but soon widened as he saw a familiar blonde lying before him.

"DEI-CHAN!" He clucked joyfully, ignoring what Deidara had just said. The redhead nearly choked the blonde artist (again) in his tight hug. Finally, Sasori let go, leaving Deidara gasping for air. But the bomber's sharp glare made him spring back.

"I just heard something!" A hushed voice alleged.

"Good, I'm not done playing with my human puppet." A sly voice replied. Sasori shivered at the sound of the voice. This is when Sasori finally caught on that they were hiding in a cold, cramped, air vent. Deidara signaled him to start moving. He silently obeyed and crawled after the blonde.

This was like being in a very small metal maze so confined you could only crawl through. Yet Deidara, from Sasori's point of view, looked like he knew exactly where he was going, so the former puppet pushed the thought out of his head. From time to time he would hear faint mumbles like, "I'll blow that b**tard up, then banish him to h*ll in his grave… if I give him a grave…" or "How dare he treat Sasori like a wooden toy- F*ck him."

Truth be told, Deidara didn't know where he was going, but was unaware of that. Instead his mind and body were working separately. His mind too focused on different ways to kill Orochimaru and his body deciding which way to go on its own. There were a few windows where he could see what people would do in there, but paid no attention at all.

However, Sasori did. This hideout was pretty impressive, and easy to get lost in. A lot of the hallways looked alike. Every once in a while they would pass a room where slaves worked. The redhead raised an eyebrow as he saw the same laundry room as he did a while ago. He paused.

"Deidara, did we go in circle?" He asked, interrupting Deidara's muttering. The blonde paused, thought for a moment, then facepalmed and groaned. Sasori sweatdropped. If this keeps up, then they'll never get out.

"Okay, I admit I was a little distracted, un."

"A little?" Sasori snickered. "and can we stop at the pantry? I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry, no matter how much I feed you, un. But fine, if you're that famished, I guess we can stop there, on two conditions."


"One, you make sure no one sees us. Two, you don't take too little that we starve, or take too much that they notice a portion of their food is gone, un." Sasori nodded. Deidara had seen a pantry on their way around the air vent maze, but didn't pay much consideration to it.

It wasn't far, either. They arrived much quicker than the redhead had expected. Thankfully there was a hatch they could open to get out nearby. On the other hand, it was unusually small in Deidara's opinion. "Are you sure you're that hungry? This vent looks small. It looks much smaller than the other vents."

"We don't have time to look for another vent!" Sasori snapped, which surprised the blonde. "Maybe's it's too small because you're fat!"

Deidara was relieved and shocked at the same time. This shy little boy he had created was getting tougher. At the same time, it reminded him of the original Sasori, who always acted like his boss. However, the blonde didn't even know half the story. The bomber pushed the thought out of his head. Perhaps Sasori was just cranky, driven by starvation.

The blonde tried to squeeze through, knowing Sasori's unpleasant disposition would not help him at all. Deidara succeeded in bringing his head, shoulders, and arms out of the confined space, but that's when he got stuck. The poor blonde artist pulled and pulled, but he remained wedged in the opening.

"Um, Danna, help?" He felt the former puppet's hands push onto his butt. This felt and could've looked really awkward if it weren't so dark. When his partner failed to get him unstuck, he shoved he side in effort of getting the blonde out. Deidara let out a sigh of relief as his body gradually slid out of the hole. He stood up and tugged on Sasori's arms to get him out as well.

Sasori grimaced. The visions again. This one was quite brief, how he had got stuck in something, and Deidara, attempting to pull him out, took out his arms instead. How humiliating.

At last the pair had gotten themselves out and walked a short distance to the pantry, which had its door wide open, clearly vulnerable. (A/N: Like a garage door) Deidara was about to walk straight into it, and get this over with, when the redhead suddenly shouted "Wait!" The blonde paused right before he stepped a foot into the room.

"What is it, un? Don't tell me you're not hungry anymore!"

"It isn't that, it's just that this is suspicious. I mean, leaving the door open with no guards?" Sasori's eyes snapped open. "I know chakra when I feel it. Someone's using chakra lasers. The minute they feel a disturbance, it'll give us away!"

Deidara gave a soft smile. Sharp minded. Just like original Sasori. He soon realized that, at first glance, this Sasori mimic is all looks and no personality, but when you look deeper, he's just like the real thing. A younger, less-hollow, and warm version.

The blonde looked around for a moment, and then his crisp cerulean eyes fell to a padlock. It must turn off the chakra lasers. Sasori must've seen it as well, and entered a few characters in. The machine beeped with a moderate tone and the open door closed by a bit. The redhead's face scrunched up, lost in frustration and thought. The door closes a little every time you get the password wrong. After a few attempts, he gave up. Deidara slowly approached the keypad.

Thinking a moment, the bomber quickly entered a phrase and the keypad lit green. The door opened wide again. The lasers revealed themselves, blinked, then disappeared.

"What did you enter?" Sasori asked, stunned.

"ILoveDeidara," Deidara said half-heartedly. When Sasori stared blankly, he shrugged. "Orochimaru's always been weird, un. Now let's get some food and get out of here." The former puppet didn't protest, and the two started selecting various types and amounts of foods. However, Deidara was very cautious not to take too much, while Sasori was very carefree and didn't give a crap if anyone noticed the food was missing.

A few minutes passed and they were all set. Luckily Deidara had brought two fair sized bags they could carry the food. They were ready to get back into the vent, and escape. Only this time, Deidara had a much easier time getting in than Sasori.

"Did you have to take that many cherry cans, Danna?" Deidara complained, struggling to yank the redhead in. Other Sasori preferred sufficient, fresh strawberries, while this one was fine with inexpensive cherries from a can.

When Sasori got into the vent, put the screen back into place, the pair quickly left the area to find an escape. There was actually one nearby, much Sasori's surprise. And the vent was bigger, so getting out was no problem. Sasori looked around as Deidara detached the screen.

There was not a soul in sight. They both got out and made a run for it down the hallway. A familiar voice stopped them.

"We caught them! F*ck yea!" Deidara widened his eyes as he turned around to see the albino. Soon followed by several other people and Orochimaru.

"How?" Sasori stuttered.

"We knew Deidara would try to get Sasori and escape," Kabuto shrugged. "So we didn't put any guards here, and we would know you would go this way." Sasori was stunned.

"Well, you obviousssssly broke my rulesssss… ssssso your beloved will die here!" Orochimaru snarled shooting a single snake out at Sasori with a sharpened sword in its mouth. "I've been waiting for thissss moment!"

Deidara's eyes widened as a crimson substance splashed into the air.

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