Notes: Teaser for the sequel to An Iron Magic - Changing Tides! It's up now!

Chapter 1

It started on a miniature vacation in Monaco nearly a year after Stane was killed. Harry had gotten into his company's racecar because stupid stunts brought money (and that started with his "I am Iron Man" statement). He needed that money for suits as well as new bows that he would never admit he was messing with as gifts for Clint. Then, in the middle of the damn race, a man wearing a mockery of his suit had to fuck up his day.

Monaco was not Harry's favorite city after that. Hermione and Neville had almost gotten killed while they got his portable suit out to him (he needed to find a way to have it just come to him like in Nightrider). The local authorities didn't want him talking to the man who did it, but Harry had insisted and threatened until they let him walk, alone, into the cell that held the son of the man who helped Howard create the arc reactor.

Well, it at least explained a few things about the (embarrassingly) better reactor the man had.

Still, the last thing he needed was for someone to come and make him look like an ass. Two days before, Harry had defended himself in front of a bunch of military suits about how nobody in the world was up to his level with an Iron Man suit. Jarvis and Edwin helped find footage and Blaise had done his best to deflect questions on the official report of the suit. In the end, Harry had simply given up, pushed the arrogance he had come to accept out, and simply gave the panel of idiots his middle finger. More elegantly than just raising his fist, but he still did it.

Now he was staring at the man who could put him back into that court subpoena hearing in seconds and Harry didn't like that...