Episode 7: Vinnus and Wreavus: Brotherly…Love

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Omega was awful. Crowded, dangerous, smelly. Spirits, was it smelly. Press a bunch of different species into a hot, crowded place, and you were bound to get a whole lot of smells you didn't even know existed. Smells that made your fringe twitch and your eyes water.

Vinnus bypassed the line out in front of Afterlife and walked straight up to the door. The batarian bouncer checked his datapad as he approached, then let him pass into the club without a word. Vinnus didn't waste a greeting on him as he breezed through.

The music became so loud it was almost deafening as he stepped into the club. He gritted his teeth and headed for the bar. He hated clubs. He hated Omega. He hated Afterlife. But he was meeting someone here.

He settled into a barstool and ordered a dextro scotch-on-the-rocks. He usually wasn't one for alcohol. He pulled the glass to him and kept it close, eyeing the other patrons. Couldn't be too careful on Omega.

Minutes ticked by. People danced. The music pounded. The entertainers moved lithely. The people at the bar lost interest in him. He clutched his scotch without drinking it.

Finally, through the noise of the bar, he heard an unmistakable yell. A long, wild whoop!, growing steadily louder. The crowd on the dance floor seemed to ripple and morph, forming around a new epicenter, which seemed to be moving closer. At length, the edge of the crowd broke, and a dancing turian clad in white armor made his merry way off the dance floor, a volus and a krogan in tow. People of all races were laughing and trying to pull him back into the crowd, seemingly oblivious to the assault rifle strapped to his back, but he danced free and gave a theatrical bow. "Later, my lovelies!" he told them, and then blew the crowd a kiss.

With a disappointed sigh, the crowd folded back to the dance floor, and the turian, krogan, and volus made their way to the bar. Grinning, the turian flopped into the barstool beside Vinnus. "Bartender!" he called jovially. "Pour me something exciting!"

The turian bartender cracked a smile. "Better be glad it's me and not Logder pouring the drinks tonight," he said as he pulled several dextro-liquors from the shelf. "He'd make sure you got some exciting poison."

"More's the pity." The turian turned to Vinnus. "What's up, bro?"

Vinnus took a long drink of his scotch before responding. "Wreavus. You certainly draw attention to yourself."

"I just know how to party," Wreavus replied easily. "So, these are my compadres. This here is Rypht, a true krogan battlemaster. You'd think his kill count would be higher."

"I'll kick your ass," Rypht grunted in reply.

Wreavus laughed. "And this little guy is Weebles."

The volus didn't notice his own introduction, as he was valiantly attempting to climb onto a barstool. Rypht reached down, grabbed the back of his suit, and hauled him up to the bar.

"One—chkk—tequila sunrise," he was saying before he had even been placed in his seat.

"You keep some strange company," Vinnus noted, watching as Rypht and Weebles bickered over something, the volus's speech quick but halting, the krogan's a slow rumble.

"I'd die for these fellas," Wreavus replied, accepting his drink from the bartender. His face grew serious for just a moment. "I damn near almost have."

"That's because you can't watch your ass with those jetpacks," Rypht growled.

"You should—chkk—leave the charging—chkk—to the professionals," Weebles added.

"What do you know about charging, Weebles? You look like a stuffed toy out there," Wreavus shot back.

"Whatever—chkk—Palaven-clan. You're just—chkk—jealous because all the ladies—chkk—wanna cuddle—chkk—with the Weebles."

Vinnus took another long drink of scotch. "Wreavus," he said, trying to call his brother's attention back to him.

"Vinnus." Wreavus mocked his serious tone.

"Do you have…?"

"Oh! Yeah." He pulled a slip of paper from a pocket in his armor and said, imitating Vinnus's tone once more, "Date, time, place of next expected Cerberus attack. Hard-copy, because datapads can be hacked." His voice returned to normal. "Mom's birthdate is on there too. It's coming up, and you know how she gets if her favorite son forgets to call."

Vinnus scowled and tucked the paper into his own pocket. "I know Mom's birthday."

Wreavus cracked a wicked grin. "I notice you didn't deny you were her favorite son."

Vinnus took another drink before replying. "Why do you hang out on this filthy rock? It's dangerous here. Any of those people out on that dance floor could shoot you as easily as dance with you."

"That's what makes it fun, bro!" Wreavus picked up his drink and downed it in one gulp. "Whooo! That had some kick to it, Frae!" he called to the bartender, who nodded and grinned. Wreavus stood from the barstool, then turned to his brother and clapped him on the shoulder, leaning in. "Hey, man. Why don't you let us come with you on this mission?" He jerked his head to indicate his friends. "We'd make one hell of a squad."

Vinnus narrowed his eyes. "I think I'll pass."

"Come on, bro. You know I gots the skills to make some kills."

"Still think—"

"The need to make 'em bleed."

"Still gonna go with—"

"The haps to pop some caps."

"These are making less sense—"

"The…uh…I wanted that to end with kill some bitches but couldn't think of a rhyme. But you get the picture!"

Vinnus shook his head. "No. I've got a squad."

"Come on, bro! We haven't seen any action in weeks."

"I wonder why."

"We're gettin' antsy!"

"Well, you'll just have to get un-antsy with someone else." Vinnus took a sip of his drink. "Thanks for the intel."

Knowing the dismissal for what it was, Wreavus nodded. "Suit yourself! You know where to find me if you change your mind." He threw a credit chit beside his empty glass. "Yo, compadres! Back into the fray!"

Rypht slid from his barstool and lifted Weebles off his in one smooth motion. "Dunno why I bother. No females here."

"I've—chkk—got my eye on—chkk—an asari," Weebles said as Rypht easily deposited him onto the floor.

Rypht snorted. "Slippery, soft little things. Nowhere to get a good grip. Teeth aren't anywhere near strong enough."

"Good to see you again, bro," Wreavus said, heading after his friends.

"Stay safe," Vinnus called after him.

"Have fun!" he retorted.

Vinnus watched him walk away, already moving to the beat of the music, warming up to jump back into dancing. And then, suddenly, he spun around, jogging backwards as he shouted back.

"Hey! Got some itches to kill some bitches! Itchin' to kill some—I'll work on it!" And then he disappeared into the crowd.

Vinnus sighed. He drained his glass, shook it to watch the ice clink around inside it, and then got to his feet, pushing his glass away and tossing a credit chit onto the bar. "Brothers," he muttered, and left the club, leaving the pounding music of Afterlife behind.



Hyper-gravitational-Aerial–Velocity-Oxygen-Combat Packs or the HAVOC packs are an elite military grade weapon issued under Primarch Victus's command in 2186 AE.

A project group of turian scientists, led by Dr. Altus Catos, first developed the technology as a tool for work labor in fairly high skyline buildings on Palaven to avoid unnecessary usage of Element Zero. It wasn't adopted as a weapon until Altus, a fairly wild thinker, took one out for a joy ride and ended up crashing almost full force into a building. Luckily, he survived albeit a quite a few broken bones and some internal bleeding.

From his hospital bed, he developed blue prints for a suit of armor that would be strong enough to withstand the experimental packs at full force and even yield significant damage output. He theorized with a few of his fellow scientist, mostly salarian and asari, that this could be used as a great weapon for the council races. It was quickly rejected, and he was somewhat made the laughing stock of his peers. That, however, did not stop him from bringing the plans constantly to the hierarchy of the turian government.

Within the Reaper War of 2186, it was finally passed as a weapon after constant testing by several more adventurous turians and one incredibly open minded Primarch. They developed precise lock-on technology in conjunction with internal cooling systems to pass the remainder of safety regulations. Now, HAVOC soldiers are quite possibly one of the most risky yet most powerful soldiers available aside from the biotic vanguards.

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