Alternate Ending: Isshin's Revenge

Disclaimer: I do not own bleach or it's characters; therefor, I make no money from this. Writing is strictly for fun, not profit.

Warnings: Possible mention of MPREG and Slash, Language, General Insanity

Summary: Follows up from Alternate Ending. You don't have to read it by any means: you just have to like general mayhem. Not really any plot to this fic.

This will be M due to some swearing in later chapters. Chapters will be short and I plan to post this once a day until done.


If anyone had been present in the deserted warehouse in one of the lesser used areas of the Seireitei, they might have seen several man-shaped shadows flit around in the gloomy interior.

If a person had been close enough, he or she might have been able to make out harsh whispers that featured the names of several prominant Shinigami quite heavily.

That person might have then seen several bags being exchanged amoung the various shadowy forms, before the man-shaped shadows flittered off: some in groups, some solo.

Unfortunately for the Soul Society, there was no one around to take note of the presences that night.