"Daddy! We're hooommme!"

"Hey baby girls! How was your sleepover?"

"It was great!" Yuzu said excitedly as she dropped off her overnight bag by the laundry room door after having kicked off her shoes.

As Yuzu skipped happily into the kitchen, Karin followed slowly behind, having taken note of the fact that there seemed to be far more shoes than normal.

"Dad," Karin said cautiously. "Do you have company over?"

Karin could have saved her breath because, as she walked into the kitchen, she was met by the sight of that strange blond guy that had been hanging out around Ichigo lately sitting at their kitchen table across from her dad. Looking over at the living room area, Karin saw that all of the seats were filled by the oddest looking assortment of people she had seen yet to date. There were so many people in fact that some of them had taken spots on the floor. And, Karin saw after she had taken a harder look, the majority of them seemed to be sleeping. Karin forced herself to stop examining the room and focused her attention on her father, who had a sheepish expression on his face as he brought up his hand to the back of his head and gave her a small smile.

"Eh, yeah," Isshin's face morphed from sheepish to hopeful as he looked over to Yuzu, who was standing in front of the refridgerator. "Yuzu honey, could you please do your old man a favor and put aluminum foil on the shopping list while you're over there? We seem to be out."

Yuzu smiled over at her father as she responded.

"Oh no, Daddy! We have plenty! I just stocked up on it last time I went shopping because the store was having such a great sale."

Karin couldn't describe the look that crossed her father's face at that moment, but if she had to guess, it would have been immense satisfaction.

"I'm sorry honey, but my friends and I used it all up while you were gone."

The strange, blond kid looked like he was going to split his face wide open if he kept grinning like that, Karin thought. He started snickering when Isshin asked Yuzu to write super glue, sewing thread, and some art supplies as well.

"ART SUPPLIES?" Karin couldn't stop herself from blurting out. "What have you been up to, Goat-face?"

"Nothing!" Isshin turned an innocent expression her way. "I decided that with you kids getting older and not being around as much that I should get a hobby. You know. So I can get out and meet new people! What you see is the first meeting of my Art Therapy Class."

The whole time Isshin had been talking, the blond guy' snickers had gotten louder and longer until he was full out laughing. When Isshin mentioned the Art Therapy Class, the guy fell off his chair onto the floor he was laughing so hard.

"Oh by the way Yuzu, I really loved those chocolate-covered coffee beans you gave me for my last birthday. Do you think that you could add those to the list as well? Please?"

"So, Dad..." Karin causually stated as she let her eyes roam over the miscellanious assortment of people sprawled throughout their living room.


"How often is this...'Art Therapy Class' meeting?"

"Oh, I'd say about once a week," Isshin said as he made eye contact with the blonde across the table who had finally regained some composure and was re-seating himself. "But no set day. It'll be more fun if it's a surprise."

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