(AN: So I've been playing with the idea of doing a drabble series, but I have never had the motivation. But I finally decided to do it. These drabbles will be less than 500 words. I plan on writing about 100 for the 100 prompts that I picked, but there could be more than that. I hope you enjoy it!)

Chapter One: Tingle

"Hey, Erza. Come here a second."

The red haired mage looked up at her name and saw Lucy and Levy waving her over. Curious, she did as was told and walked over to them.


"We were just wondering if you wanted to go out with us for Girl's Night Out."

Erza looked from one girl to the other with a small frown. "What is Girl's Night Out?"

The blond mage's eyes widened and she shared a surprise look with Levy. Turning her attention back to Erza, she asked, "You've never heard of Girl's Night Out?"

Erza simply shook her head and crossed her arms over her armored chest.

Lucy sighed. "Well, it's basically when a group of girls get together, away from men of any kind, be they friends or boyfriends, and just have a nice night together." She paused. "So do you want to go with us?"

"You want me to go with you? Why?"

"Well, we never hang out outside the guild," Levy interjected from across Lucy. "We just thought you could use the time to relax for once."

Though Erza would hate to admit it, the idea that these girls thought enough of her to ask her to hang out with them made her feel something warm inside of her. It was almost bittersweet. She had never really been close to the females of the guild and she was more than happy that they had included her in on their plans.

Grinning, she nodded. "I would love to go."

"Great!" Lucy said, getting to her feet. She paused and eyed the red haired mage's outfit. "First thing first, though. We need to get you a cute outfit."

Words: 281

Prompt: Tingle

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