Chapter Eight: Misreading

Erza's eyes snapped open and Lucy couldn't stop the laugh from bubbling up when she saw her blush. Erza glared at her laughing friends and closed her eyes again. "I will not dignify that with an answer."

Lucy blinked at the snap in her friend's tone before realization dawned.

Geez, way to be insensitive, Lucy. Why don't you just rub in the fact that she can't be with the boy she likes in her face a little more?

"Aw, come on, Erza," Lucy said softly, sharing a look with a slightly contrite Levy. "We were just playing around. We didn't mean anything by it."

Erza forcibly relaxed her shoulders. She had to remember that Levy and Lucy weren't trying to be mean by bringing up her disaster of a love life. They didn't know just how much it truly bothered Erza that she was so vastly out of her league when it came to boys and relationships. Though, she thought with a small sense of gratitude, Lucy seemed to understand if the apology in her voice was anything to go by. She sent her friends a coy grin, attempting to break the tense silence that had fallen over them. "Unlike you two, girls," she teased, turning her nose up in mock condescension. "I'm a lady. And everyone knows a lady never tells."

Words: 222

Prompt: misreading