I had a nightmare! :O So I put Hetalia characters in it haha sorry it's short. I guess I didn't really notice (as I wrote this at three in the morning)

Arthur: Neko-Chan does not own Hetalia... OR ME!

Alfred: Then how does she have the right to write this?

Arthur: *sigh* Just read the fanfiction. Maybe it will make America smarter

Alfred sat up and looked around the empty room.

That's weird. I could've sworn I heard a crash... He thought as he got out of bed. He looked at the alarm clock on the bedside.

3:30 exactly.

Where's England?

The right side of the bed was neat and made. He heard a crash and a muffled scream. It was coming from the kitchen.

"England!" he screamed as he ran out the door and down the hallway. He turned the corner to see an empty kitchen. Everything was neat and organized, exactly how it was when they went to bed.

He ran to the kitchen and looked around.

I don't remember that being there... He thought as he looked at the white rose on the counter. He was about to reach out and touch it when he saw a shadow walk from the darkness in the corner of the hallway towards the room.

Must be England! He thought excited as he walked towards the room. He watched the door slowly close as he walked down the hallway to it.

"Iggy?" he asked, curious why he was closing the door. It was silent as he kept walking.

Was the hallway always this long? He thought as he passed by the bathroom.


"England?" He called out as he froze with horror.

Thump! Scraaaaatch. Scritch. Scratch. Scritch. Slam!

"E-England!" He felt faint.

The toilet flushed in the bathroom next to him. He looked over. The bathroom was empty.

"ENGLAAAAAAND!" He screamed as he started hyperventalating. The bedroom door started to creak open slowly.


Then Alfred passed out.

I know it's not that scary, but it was a terrible nightmare! Anyways, hope you liked it (: Reviews make my 13 year old heart happy.

America: WAAAAAAH! This is scary! Will I be able to save Iggy?

England: Oh calm down! Be a man! Or you won't be able to save me!

Me: Well, we'll just have to see ( ; *evil laugh* hahahahaha