Who ready for some big news? I am! Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure is out, and I am going to do a story in honor of the big release! I also want to thank Galexia the Chao, XXMesprit's MistressXX, and Justine Sapphire for their comments on Lingering Death. So, here's the continual of the story: Hearts Betrayed!

Note: I do NOT own the game; Sega does.

Everything was a blur when I arose from my black and red coffin. My sight was hazy, and I was still half-awake when I sat up. The last thing I remember was Marie's last words:

"Rest forever, Raphael." Tears ran down my cheeks as I replayed that short, yet meaningful message. I was torn apart from her…now I don't know if she will realize me as a ghost or as a living person. After all, she watched me die. Finally, my vision comes to view: I was in an abandoned graveyard…

"It's about time you woke up. Now, get out of there!" I was pushed out of the coffin by force, and the voice was so familiar; the person commanding me to stand up was Napoleon Bonaparte…

"…" I decided not to say anything; he would be the only reason why I rose from my grave. There are many things that seem unnatural, but now I began to have second doubts; I rose above death, and now there's more to it before all of this. Now I hope that Marie is okay.

"What's wrong with you? I brought you back for a reason!" Napoleon barked at me, his blade up against my neck. I pushed it aside.

"Why is that? It makes no sense that you just don't trust me. But what offer are you willing to give to me?" I stared at his eyes with curiosity. Being so uncertain made me less trustworthy; I don't know what will happen next if I turned this favor down.

"You and all the people you know and care for will be left unharmed, if you serve me. You can have the freedom to even remove those constables if you please. You will also aid me with a little…surprise." He places a hand on my shoulder and instantly grabbed my tie, drawing me closer to him. His breath tickled the side of my neck as I closed my eyes. "What do you say to that?"

"No one will get hurt?"

"That's right."

"No constables chasing me around Paris…?"

"You can even kill them if you want." I wasn't so sure with all of this, but I was too concerned with Marie's life, alongside with Charlie, Elizabeth, even Inspector Vergier. I didn't have a choice, so I held out my hand.

"Very well. I will serve you …my Master." Napoleon gladly took my hand and shook it. "I will also say this: I won't be called 'Raphael' anymore; just call me 'Phantom R'." I started to feel power overtake me.

"I will remember that, Phantom R. Now, we will create a new world for a new ruler!" Then, we started laughing evilly… Now I must tell the others that my old self is sent back to his grave, and that a new person chose to live.

Now how's that for a surprise? Once again, this is for the honor of the game's release! Again, thanks XXMesprit's Mistress, Justine Sapphire and Galexia the Chao for their comments on Lingering Death. What will Marie and everyone else react to Phantom R's words?