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"Mother!" Marie cried out to Elizabeth as the poor girl ran all the way home. She was devastated about Raphael and his choice to work for Napoleon Bonaparte. Charlie followed behind her.

"Charlotte, what are you doing here?" The duchess asked to both girls. Charlie, or Charlotte, removed her hat and explained everything to the duchess, starting with Phantom R's death to what they saw at the graveyard the young boy was buried in. "It sounds too unreal. Still, how do you know?"

"We know because we did see Raphael…with Napoleon! We can take you to them!" Charlie shouted as she took Elizabeth by the wrist and ran all the way to the Eiffel Tower. However, the two villains weren't there. "…What…?"

"I don't see them anywhere…" Marie blushes a carnation pink color in her cheeks. Elizabeth shook her head. Not what expect to see, she thought as she whipped around to walk back home. "Mother, please help us! I don't know what to do without Raphael!"

"But he died a few weeks ago; I believe it was just Napoleon and Raphael's ghosts you saw."

"They weren't anything supernatural! Look what Raphael did to me!" Marie then turns her head, revealing the bruise that Phantom R left on her cheek as a reminder to stay out of Napoleon's goals. "He really did this to me…" Elizabeth stares at the bruise with extreme concern.

"We need all the help we need… Can you be one of those people, please?" Charlie places a hand on Marie's shoulder with ease. Elizabeth then flashed a smile. "I take that as a yes."

"Of course. Please tell your father what has happened. The constables may bring an upper hand to Napoleon's men." Charlie then leaves the family of two and runs all the way back to the Constabulary. Most of the constables were on break, having lunch or just having personal chitchat. Immediately, she sees her father staring at Phantom R's wanted poster. He still dreams of catching the art thief, she thought as she ran towards her guardian.

"Dad! There you are! Can I talk to you quickly?" She pleads, tugging onto Inspector Vergier's tie. He turns around to his daughter. He glances at her for a quick minute, and nods. Charlie leads him outside where all the chatter inside will seize. Most of the constables overheard the conversation that was happening outside. They were looking out the window, glancing at the family arguing.

"He can't be alive!"

"He is, and he is with Napoleon Bonaparte!"

"How do you know!"

"Because I saw them, father! They were at the graveyard Phantom R was buried in!"

"Are you sure he is alive and whatever you saw was not a ghost?"

"Of course he's not a ghost! He punched Marie in the face."

Finally, the conversation ended with Vergier nodding to his daughter's plan. The constables that were staring out of the window returned back to their stations. Both father and daughter returned inside and just carried on with everything else in the day.


Phantom R glances at Paris from the floors of the Eiffel Tower. His fedora was unfazed from the breeze, and he closes his eyes to keep any dirt out of his chocolate eyes.

"What a view it is from up here." Napoleon spoke from behind. Phantom R nods and smiles.

"We will accomplish this goal, right?" He asked, still looking at the far distance. Napoleon places his large hand on the boy's shoulder. "…Is that a yes, Master?"

"It is a yes. You will continue your service to me. For now, you can rest for the rest of the day. I recommend staying in your apartment."

"Yes, sir. I still need to take care of Fondue."

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