It is well into the evening when you finally turn down your dimly lit street. Stifling a yawn, you reach to turn your radio down. Most of the neighbors have been asleep for a couple of hours at this point. Even the animals are quietly slumbering. You turn your headlights off as you pull into the driveway. All the windows in the house are dark. Of course everyone has gone to sleep already. The only "night owl" in the household is you. You gather your things on the passenger seat. You then get out of the car and gently shut the door as to not disturb anyone. Your keys jingle as you slide them into the deadbolt of the front door. You step inside, lock the door behind you and tiptoe quietly to your room. It's dark so you try not to trip over anything. You reach out and use the wall to guide you. Once in your room, you collapse on your bed, exhausted. What a day. Sleep would be glorious. You stealthily slip into the bathroom, using your cell phone to light the way. You close the door and grab your toothbrush. You stare at yourself in the partial darkness as you brush your teeth. You throw some water on your face, change into your shorts and t-shirt and quietly make your way back to your room. You crawl into the cold bed and pull the covers over you. You are out in a manner of minutes.

You are awakened by a dull thud. You rush to the window, but see nothing. It's still dark outside. What could have made that noise? You decide to take a closer look. You grab a jacket and some flip flops before quietly opening the front door. You cautiously poke your head out the door.

"Hello?" you whisper, "Is anyone there?"

Upon hearing no response, you step out onto the porch. Looking around, you see nothing out of the ordinary. Just cars, pavement, trees and shrubs. You look up. The sky is unusually clear tonight. It was not only a deep blue, but the stars were shining bigger and brighter than you had ever seen. Amazed, you step off the porch into the driveway to get a better look. The stars seemed to paint the sky. It was so beautiful. You zip up your coat, feeling a bit chilled. It was cold for this time of year. When you finally snap out of your trance, you decide to check around your car. You hold your lit cell phone up to inspect the area. Everything seems normal as you circle your car. As normal as a suburb gets. You turn to walk back to the house when you hear a startling noise. You look around and see nothing. What is going on? Then you look up. You gasp. There's a huge gaping the sky! A turquoise ring swirls around the hole. You back up onto the porch, terrified and yet insanely curious of what would happen next. The space inside the ring seemed to have a whole other set of stars...and planets. Giant colorful planets like nothing you have ever seen. A giant pillar of light suddenly descends from the sky onto the tip of your driveway. There is a sudden gust of wind that almost knocks you over. You brace yourself against the door. You can't believe this is happening. You wonder if any of the neighbors are seeing and hearing this. You look around to see if anyone had come to their door or at least their window. There isn't a soul in sight. You turn back to look at the pillar of light, but it has vanished, leaving nothing but smoke can't make out what else. A shadow. You edge closer to where the light was. You look up at the sky and notice that the ring and the hole are gone as well. Did you dream it? Maybe you are dreaming now. You spot the shadow moving out of the corner of your eye. Or is it someone? Your heart beats faster. It definitely looks like a person. You grip your cell phone tighter, prepared to use it to call for help if necessary. The shadowy figure looked as if they were crouching. You inch closer and closer. You hold your breath, hoping that you aren't in any immediate danger.

"H-h-hello?" you stammer, ready to run if necessary.

The figure stands up and slowly walks towards you. You freeze in your tracks. The figure steps into the light. It is a man. He stands there staring at you with his piercing blue eyes.

"Hello there, young lady," the man says softly, "I need your help."