You start to feel excited as the car comes to a stop in front of a beautiful building with ionic columns and giant arched windows. Loki opens your door and helps you out. Once you are out of the car, you glance over at him. He is wearing black dress pants, a white collared shirt, a black tie and a black, knee length suit jacket. Around his neck hangs a golden scarf with small geometric shapes and a large vertical green stripe. The golden fringe attached to either end swishes as he walks.

"That is a lovely scarf." you say, reaching over and feeling the soft material.

"It is almost as lovely as you." Loki leans down and whispers in your ear.

"Well," you can't help but grin and blush. "I do have an excellent tailor."
You look down at the evening dress Loki conjured up for you. It is a bright, saturated green color that matches the green on his scarf. It is fitted and flows all the way down to the floor, complete with a sweetheart neckline. Loki places his hand on the middle part of your back where the straps of your dress come together and guides you through the crowd.

"Guten Abend." The greeter at the door says.
Loki nods at the greeter as he offers you his arm. You slip your arm through his as you look around at the interior. It is just as magnificent as the exterior. There are more ionic columns and a giant restored statue of what looks like two bulls with a flat slab across their joined back. Everyone is mingling and laughing with each other. Violin music wafts through the air.

"Shall we have a look around upstairs?" Loki asks. You smile and nod.
After climbing some stairs, and downing a glass of champagne, you lean back on the stone balcony as you admire a colorful mural. Meanwhile, Loki stands next to you, scanning the crowd below for the scientist. You hear a man start to give a speech.

"I believe I have spotted him."
You turn around to see for yourself.

"That was easy." you smile, leaning against his shoulder.
Loki transforms the scepter into a slender cane.

"Well, I have an eyeball to acquire."

"So soon?" you pout.

"I will be back as soon as possible."

"You better be." you wink and reach over to straighten his tie. "And please be careful."

"Of course." he smirks and swaggers off.
You soon see him emerge between two columns looking determined. He flips the scepter and hits the guard right in the face, who in turn falls to the floor. Loki then grabs the scientist, drags him over to the statue slab and flips him over onto it. You are amazed how easy he makes it look. The crowd steps back as he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a strange metallic device. He activates it by flicking his wrist and three prongs pop out. He pauses. The device suddenly starts to make a whirling sound and the prongs spin. Using one arm to hold the man down, he presses the device to the man's face with his other hand. The crowd gasps as the man flops around on the slab. Loki looks around, sees some of the people fleeing and smirks. You hurry down the same stairs and watch in awe as Loki transforms his clothes yet again. The outfit he is wearing is the same one he wore when you first met him except this time he is wearing a golden helmet with long, curved horns protruding from it. As you step outside, you hear sirens approaching. Loki takes out the police car with a single motion as he crosses the street.

"Kneel before me." he commands the crowd. They continue to panic. "I said, KNEEL!" he slams the bottom of the scepter on the ground which quiets the crowd. You look around and see that there are multiple copies of him. How are you suppose to know which is the real Loki? The crowd starts to drop to their knees. Loki grins at the sight of this.

"Is not this simpler?" he asks them as he starts to walk through the crowd. "Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity." He continues walking. "You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel."
What is he talking about? This couldn't be a part of the plan could it?

A random man in the crowd stands up and says,
"Not to men like you."

"There are no men like me."
You smirk at his reply. There certainly aren't.

"There are always men like you."
Boy is that guy wrong.

"Look to your elder, people." Loki extends the scepter and it starts to glow blue. "Let him be an example."
Your jaw drops and you are about to yell at Loki to stop when a man suddenly appears with a giant round shield. He blocks the blow and Loki falters. The multiple copies of him vanish.

"You know the last time I was in Germany, and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing."
You crinkle your nose. Who was this guy in the patriotic outfit?

"The solider." Loki says as he uses the scepter to get back up. "The man out of time."

"I'm not the one who's out of time."
As he says that, an aircraft with a giant gun appears.

"Loki, drop the weapon and stand down." a female voice commands.
You start to panic. Loki sends a blue bolt of energy towards the aircraft as the man in red, white and blue throws his shield in the way. You reach under your dress and discreetly grab the gun that you have strapped to your leg. You look up and see him punch Loki in the face. Loki retaliates by swinging the scepter at him but he blocks the blow. He in turn throws the shield at Loki which he deflects with the scepter. The man then comes at him swinging. Loki knocks him down and forces him to his knees. He presses the bottom of the scepter to his head.


"Not today!" he shouts flipping around and kicking Loki in the face. You rush over to them but Loki holds his hand up.

"Stay back!" he yells to you.
Suddenly you hear rock music playing and a man in a red metal suit appears. He shoots a blast of energy at Loki, who is knocked onto his back

"Make your move, Reindeer Games." he says, ready to shoot again.
Loki transforms again, getting rid of the scepter, cape and helmet.

"Good move." he retracts the devices on his suit as Loki sits up.

"Stark." The man with the shield says, turning to him.

"Captain." the man in the red metal suit replies.
You take a deep breath and step between the two of them and Loki, pointing the gun in their direction.

"Oh look, you found a plaything." Stark says to Loki.

"I am NOT his plaything." You reply angrily, still pointing the gun at him.

"My mistake." he says sarcastically, "Now put the gun down. I don't like fighting girls."

"Do what he says." Loki mutters.

"But…" you whip around and look at him. You are shocked that he would give up so easily.

"Just do it." he locks eyes with you. "Please."
You begrudgingly put the gun on the ground.

"That's better." Stark says as he walks towards you.
He grabs a hold of your arm as 'Captain' grabs Loki's arm and pulls him up.

"If I may ask," Loki inquires, "where are you taking us?"

"It's a surprise." Stark replies as he leads you to the aircraft.