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"Are you okay?"

The words awake her from where she is fondling her coffee cup, and looking down into it's murky contents. Getting a sugar sachet, ripping it open, and throwing the contents into the cup, she sighs, ignoring his question. He leans forward, and, with sorrow and desperation in his eyes, he repeats the question, using her name at the end. She smiles sadly, and lifts her head slightly to look him in the eye.


It's that one little word that kills him instantly, and she takes a little plastic spoon and swirls the contents of the coffee around the cup, making the liquid look like a whirlpool. He scratches his head and sighs.

"There's nothing we can really do about that, right?"

She finally notices him when he asks this question, and she knows it's just what she has to come to terms with. He's been her only friend for so long, he knows he is right. She smiles, keeping in her tears (as she's shed many this past year, her humanity and sanity leaving) and nods.

"We can try the silly things, though."

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