Beauty and the Beast
By: angel Healer
Chapter Two

Far away from where the castle now lay hidden was a charming little village. And in that
village was a girl more beautiful than any other girl in the land. Her name was Yaten. She
has long silver her that reached to her knees and lime green eyes like those of a cat.
She was so lovely that when she walked through her tiny village, everyone noticed. The baker,
the blacksmith, the fruit seller, the milkmaid___even the children would stop what they were
doingto watch her pass.

But Yaten was unaware of their glances. She was always too busy reading, She even read while
she walked. (THAT SOUNDS LIKE Ami LOOOOOOL^__^!!!)

"All that beauty," the villagers would say, shaking their heads. "It's a shame she's not
normal. She always has her head buried in a book. She's just as strange as her father."

To Yaten, there was nothing strange a bout reading. In books there was adventure, romance,
excitement. There where dangers and Prince Charmings and happy endings. Books were more
interesting than her dull, humdrum village, where every day was the same as the day before.

As for her father, Mihat, well, Yaten was very proud of him. To her, he was the most clever
inventor in the whole world. True, he was abit forgetful. True, his inventions never seemed
to work exactly he way they were supposed to. But Yaten knew he would prove himself to the
world someday.

And when he did, maybe he would take her away fom this small twon. Maybe he would take her
some where glamorous and exciting where she would meet her own Prince Charming.

But till then, she would have to wait____and read_______and fight off the foolish men who
tried to win her love.

Like Karasu.

Karasu was a fine, handsome hunter, admired by many of the young women in town. He was also a
braggart, a coward, and a cheat.

One fall day, as Yaten walked through the town square, reading, Karasu said to his constant
companion, Bui, "There she is, Bui. She is the lucky girl I'm going to marry." "The inventor's
doughter?" said Bui. " The one with her nose in a book? She's odd. She's..."

"She's the most beautiful girl in town," Karasu add. " and don't I deserve the best?"
"of course....I mean, yes, but...," Bui stuttered.

Karasu ran after Yaten with Bui following close behind.
When Karasu cought up with her, just out side the marketplace, he slowed down. "Hello Yaten," he
announced with a cocky smile.

Yaten barely glanced up from her book. "Hello Karasu," she answered.
Karasu grabbed yaten's book out of her hand. " My dear, it's not right for a girl to read. It's
time you got your head out of these books and paid attention to more important things____like
me." "Karasu, may I have my book please?" Yaten said, trying to control her anger.

Karasu grinned and threw her book into a mud puddle. "What do you say we walk over the tavern
and look at my trophies?"
He gipped her arm but Yaten shook it loose. "Please, Karasu," she said, furious that he had
ruined her book. " I have to get home to help my father. Good-bye!" She picked up her book and
began to walk a way.

As Bui approched, he mutterd with a sneer, "Your father? That crazy old loon. He needs all the
help he can get."
Yaten spun around. " Don't talk about my father that way! He's a genius!"
But before she could say anything else(BOOOOOOM) an explosion shook the ground.
A plume of smoke rose from a small house just up the road.
Yaten's house!
"Papa!" Yaten screamed. She ran home as fast as she could. When she yanked open the door of her
father's workshop, thick smoke billowed out. In the midst of it, sitting beside a broken hulk
of wooden slats and metal gears, was her father, Mihat.

She ran to his side. "Are you all right, Papa?"
coughing and muttering, Mihat stood up and kiked his invention. "How on Earth did that happen?
I'll never get this boneheaded contraption to work!"
Yaten smiled, relived that he wasn't hurt. "Oh, yes you will," she said. "And you'll win first
prize at the fair tomorrow...and beome a world-famous inventor."
"You really belive that?" Mihat said, a small smile flickering across his face.
"I always have," Yaten said confidently.
"Well, then, what are we waiting for?" Mihat said grabbing a tool. "I'll have this thing fixed
in no time!"

As Yaten watched him work, she began thinking, Karasu's mocking words came back to her: "It's
not right for a girl to read."
"Papa," she said, "do you think I'm odd?"
Mihat popped out from behind his invetion, his glasses crooked, his hair standing on end. "My
doughter? odd? Now where did you get that idea?"
"I don't know, I'm just not sure I fit in here," Yaten said. She looked at her father sadly.
"Oh, Papa, I want excitment and adventure in my life... and I want someone to share it with."

Yaten's voice had grown soft with that last comment. Her father nodded knowingly. "Well, how
about that Karasu? He's a handsome fellow." "He's not for me Papa," Yaten said. "He's crude and
"Well, don't worry. This invention's going to be start of a new life for us." Mihat gave his
doughter a warm smile. "Then we'll get out of this place and you can have a chance at those

Before long, Mihat had the contraption working again, with plenty of time left to take it to
the fair. Yaten helped him load it into a wooden wagon, then they hitched the wagon to their
horse, Helios. Slinging a cape a round his shoulder, Mihat mounted the horse and started off.

"Good-bye!" Yaten shouted, waving after him. "Good luck!"
As Helios trotted down the road, Mihat held a map tightly, making sure to follow the corret
route. It wasn't until three hours later that he relized something awful.

The map was upside down. (sweatdrop -.-;;)
Mihat groaned. Nothing around him looked familiar. "Now we'll never make it to the fair," he
said. "Yaten will be so disappinted."

Helios slowly a pproached a fork in the road. There was a sign there, but the word on it had
To the left, the read continued a long river. To the right it disappeared into a thick, misty
forest, Mihat peered up both roads, then pulled Helios to the right.
Helios reared back and shook his head.
But Mihat just pulled harder." come on, Helios. It's a shortcut. We'll be there in no time."
Helios went to the right, into the forest. The road grew narrower and trees made black shadows
on the grownd. Slowly, a thick, gray fog settled over them, the drip, drip, drip of water from
a tree echoed in the dead silence.
A sharp wind wistled through the gnarld branches, causeing them to twitch like sharp, bony
fingers. Mihat held his jacket closed a gainst the sudden cold.

Then a long sahdow skittered a mong the trees, rustling the leaves, Helios stoped. He looked
around fearfully.
"Uh, we'd better turn around..." Mihat begin.
But it was too late, a pair of pale yellow eyes appeared in the brush, Helios whinnied, rearing
up on his hind legs.
"Whoa, Helios!" Mihat yelled, but he couldn't hold on. He tumbled to the ground as Helios
galloped away.

"Helios?" Mihat whispered into the darkness. He got up quickly and looked around frantically.
Again, he saw the yellow eyes, and hoped against hope that they belonged to some thing friendly.

But there was nothing friendly about the animal's angry growl, or its long, sharp, glistening
It was A wolf!

End of chapter two...