Kagome couldn't but groan as she sat down, reliving the ache of her feet after traveling all day. After the fire had been made and camp was set, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo went in search of more fire wood to least them through the night. Inuyasha had disappeared, probably to Kikyo or to go hunt. Either way it wasn't Kagome's concern anymore. She had got fed up with Inuyasha devotion to Kikyo and just kind of fell out of the crush that she had on the hanyou.

Kagome had started to boil water for refilling her bottles. The liquid had started to deteriorate rather quickly from the heat of the summer day.

She was so busy with her thoughts that she didn't even notice the oncoming youki that was fast approaching the camp. Only when the demon was a few feet from her did she break her thoughts. She turned around quickly, drawing her bow in the process. She looked into the tearful grey eyes of the child and immediately aimed her bow at the ground.

"Can I help you?" Kagome asked the girl. Wordlessly she handed Kagome a bottle of a strange green slime, then headed back into the forest. Kagome, wanting to know what this slime did, poured a drop of it on a blade of grass. The grass shrunk to a smaller size. Wanting to show her friends later, Kagome hid the bottle in her backpack and resumed filling her water bottles.

After just a few more minutes Sango, Shippo, and Miroku (who had a new, large lump on his head) returned with plentiful fire wood. "Has Inuyasha come back yet" ask a still slightly agitated Sango.

"Not yet" the miko sighed. Not knowing when the ill-tempered hanyou would be back, Kagome decided that she would show her friend the goo. And maybe just maybe they would know what it truly was and why or how it shrunk what it touched. "Hey, look what I was handed by" CRASH. Inuyasha broke through the clearing, smashing the green goo all over his tetsusaiga.

"I smell a youki" declared the hanyou. As he spoke those words the green goo, with a flash of light, seeped into the blade.

Everyone gasped and stared at the totally normal sword. Kagome thought for sure that it would be shrunken. Maybe the tetsusaiga was immune the power of the slime. "What the hell was that you wench" Inuyasha yelled at Kagome.

"I don't know Inuyasha" she replied just as heatedly. "I didn't get a chance to show it to anyone who might just know what it was."

"Are you trying to blame this on me?" Inuyasha asked, as if in shock. By now Kagome was so mad that her eye was twitching. "It was your"


"Why you"


"Kagome, you should try to calm down" interrupted Sango. Wrapping her steaming friend in a shoulder hug, she was able to maneuver Kagome to the fire and sit her down.

"Kagome, where did you get that concoction?" Miroku asked with a skeptical expression on his face.

"Weeellll… some youki girl walked up and just give it to me" Kagome confessed. The shocked expressions on her friends faces almost made Kagome feel guilty for just taking the strange goo, that was until she saw the angry scowl of Inuyasha. "What Inuyasha, so I took what was handed to me? Like you were any different when those three monkeys pulled the same on you, but this time there was no magic that sealed the bottle to my hand. As long as I didn't spill or break it then it would have been fine." Said the miko with a fiery tone.

Anyone could see that Inuyasha was going to reply in a horrible manner and probably get sat again. Just as he opened his mouth though, he sniffed. Then closed his mouth and lifted his nose to the air and sniffed again.

His ears flattened against his head and he let loose a low growl before turning away and taking off into the forest. With a huff the camp was quickly pack up and they were on their way again to see what got the hanyou so riled up. With a quick look to the sky, Kagome sigh once again. Only half hour or so of daylight left. It was going to be one long night.



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