Sorry I haven't read reviews for a while. And to answer one of the questions, Sesshomaru does have his memories of when he was that age. So he sort of feels like he's in the future because he has no idea of what's going on since everything he remembers is in a sort of past. I hope this clears up any misunderstandings or what not.

And now to continue the story…


Only moments after the departure of the rest of the group, Shippo and Sesshomaru walked into Keade's hut. Shippo had known why they left, but Sesshomaru had no idea what was going on.

"Why did they leave so suddenly and why didn't you with them?" asked the curious little inu.

"I stayed to spend time with you and Shippo and to relax a little." Replied Kagome

Not quite understanding the entire meaning but figuring he wasn't going to get it explained to him better he let the matter drop. For now at least.

"Kagome, are you going home while Inuyasha is gone." Asked the kitsune.

Knowing why he asked Kagome could only say yes.

With a few farewells and a now confused Sesshomaru, Kagome left into the forest.

'Why would she leave without wanting the kitsune or me to accompany her? She said she would only be gone for an hour but there is no human village in even a day's travel from here.' The child pondered for only a moment before he made sure that Shippo was off on his own business, and then he tracked and followed the miko to the well.

He watched in horror as the she jumped into the dried up well. Not even noting the slight shift of energy he jumped in right after her to retrieve what he thought was going to be a severely injured human. With a started yelp, Sesshomaru tried to fly out of the blueish-purpleish light that had engulfed him. He successfully flew out of the well, only to hit his head on the shrine that now encased the well.

The first thing that had hit him was all the smells. If it hadn't been for the walls around him, he would have been immediately over whelmed and passed out. It took him several minutes to adjust so that he could open the door. When he did the smell was worse, but not too terribly much. He could still smell kagome, so he tracked her sent that lead strait into the house.

After a quick look around, he found the miko had left the building and headed down the steps of the shrine. Careful not to be spotted by any humans (for since the hated his kind in his own "Place" he dared not show himself with so many humans. Think of the dangerous uproar that would take place) he followed the sent around the town.

It took him little time to find her with three other human. They were drinking smoothies at a shop along the street. ' so how to get to her without everyone seeing me. I can't just walk up, nor can a flare my power. That would alert my presence to any youki, miko, or monk in the area.' He contemplated how to go about this as Kagome sat blissfully unaware that the young taiyouki had followed her and was watching her every move.

He would have stayed there for the entire time that Kagome was there or until he figured out a way to signal her. That was until his foot slipped slightly, which happened to fall onto an angry raccoon mother down below him.

With a furious and wild snarl the raccoon pounce on Sesshomaru, knocking them both off the roof they had been on. They crashed into the streets, falling into many people and starting a screaming and running fest. Followed by loud police sirens that were headed their way. By now Kagome had seen the entire thing and saw as a started Sesshomaru threw the now dead raccoon off of himself and took off threw the streets.

Seeing that that didn't work Sesshomaru leapt to the roof tops and raced to the giant tree outside the shrine. (I can't remember the name.) he hid in the tree tops for a couple of hours before kagome and the three girls walked up the shrine steps.

"Stay there until my friends leave" whispered Kagome in a voice soft enough that her friends didn't hear but Sesshomaru could. It took about another half hour for her friends to finally leave. But when they did Sesshomaru had really dreaded going to see the miko. He had seen her wrath on the hanyou and really didn't want to see her wrath.

The choice of running away was taken away when he heard Kagome call "heel" from her front porch. Within less than two seconds. the disobedient pup was sitting at Kagome's side. He looked at and started at the look on Kagome's face


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