Abigail's Song

I wrote this a few years ago as part of a class project. I'm honestly not sure how good it is, because I usually don't write poetry, but I got an "A" on the project so it couldn't have been too bad to my teacher!

Lives linger in my hands, as my heart does in yours.

A secret that we share and hopefully we'll keep.

Would it be a tragedy if someone found us out

Or would we survive for all eternity?

My name has darkened in other people's eyes

But I believe I am pure and light.

I won't let myself dipped in some dark pool.

I am better than that and will raise myself.

You say we don't exist and nothing happened

But I know what we had was true.

You may have someone else but I'll make you mine

Any way that I can, just give me some time.

I see lives destroyed today and I know the truth

Of innocents preyed on in the dark for my salvation.

I do whatever it takes to be in the light.

They are pushed down so I can rise and shine.

I am the saint and I do His work

To punish the wrong and send them where they belong

In the fires down below since their souls are damned.

I've done nothing wrong; I am innocent.

Or maybe my lies were wrong and this is a mess.

The souls I tortured would want me to confess

But my reputation would be at risk.

I like where I am so I'll keep quiet.

There are some that would dare to defy me

And have me pulled down in envy.

That is a sin as I'll have them know

And I'll make them go down with the others.

I feel threatened by a cold wind and

Covered by a shadow that plans to stop me.

But I can make them believe I am the tortured.

Then they'll pity and believe me.

I must be careful because there are some I can't trust.

They want me destroyed and I feel the same

I'll make them rungs on my ladder

As I climb to the sky.

It is over now. Do I feel some remorse?

The things I had done were necessary

For my rise and my intentions were good

I can't change what happened because it's

In the past.

It was something I had started

To save myself. Nothing was true

But my intentions.