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A/N: Did anyone else notice that the Taj Mahal was repaired when the warden destroyed it?

This takes place in Season Two, after the episode Bad Blood, which is the last episode I've seen, so if there are inaccuracies that are revealed later in the show, I apologize in advance.

When Henry Pope had woken up that morning and scrambled his eggs, he never would have guessed that the afternoon would find him in a faux wood paneled station wagon with Sarah Tancredi and Michael Scofield on his way to a cigar bar. Until he understood why he hadn't picked up that gun and called the police, nothing would lessen the absurdity of the situation.

"You fixed it," said Henry.

Micheal kept his eyes on the road. In the back seat, Sarah glanced from one man to the other, and for a moment Henry wondered what had happened to her to make her so nervous. But even though she had been his employee, she wasn't the one he cared about right now. Michael was the one who'd betrayed him. Michael was the one he'd let down. And this time, there were no adulterous ultimatums to be guiltily grateful for.

Even though it was a mausoleum for his dead wife, Shah Jahan had described the Taj Mahal as if it were a church:

"Should guilty seek asylum here, like one pardoned, he becomes free from sin. Should a sinner make his way to this mansion, all his past sins are to be washed away."

A church, or a prison.

Henry cleared his throat. "After you tied me to a chair and knocked me unconscious. Before you broke out of my prison. You fixed the Taj Mahal."

"Yes," Michael said quietly. "I did. But I'm going to guess that it never made it to your wife."

And Michael looked at him, and Henry saw something like understanding in his eyes. This man who had punched a wall until his hand broke knew, somehow, that Henry had lost his temper, lost his control and destroyed the model mausoleum that he'd worked so hard to build.

And then Michael turned away, faced the road again. "Because I broke something much more important."