When I woke up, I wasn't exactly sure where I was. My head was throbbing a bit and it hurt to open my eyes with the harsh sunlight shinning in through the open window. I buried my head into the pillow, taking a deep breath and instantly recognizing the smell that could only belong to my Jasper. No, not my Jasper, just Jasper. He wasn't mine to claim...yet.

When I finally thought my eyes were adjusted to the morning light I sat up in bed and looked around the room, instantly realizing I was indeed in Jasper's bed, instead of my own dressed in a big t-shirt and shorts, which I had not been wearing the night before when I fell asleep in the car.

Did Jasper change me? Instantly my cheeks heated up into a blazing blush at the thought of Jasper seeing me in only a skimpy lace bra and thong, undressing me while I was passed out. My inner embarrassment was cut short when the bedroom door opened quietly and the golden blonde curls that could only be found on top of Jasper's head popped around the door frame, his face instantly breaking out into a smile when his eyes met mine.

Speak of the devil, and he will appear, I thought to myself as I smiled hesitantly and tried to smooth my hair down that I was sure looked like a haystack and returned his smile as best I could.

"It's good to see you awake, you've slept for a while." Jasper said, coming to sit next to me on the bed.

"How long was I out?" I asked, just noticing the glass of water he carried in his hands and the two tiny Advil which he offered me. I swallowed them greedily before telling him thank you, willing my blush to go away.

"About 12 hours. You fell asleep in the car on the way home and it's just a little after 10 now." Jasper said

"Oh wow, I'm sorry I fell asleep on our way home." I said, ducking my head as I felt the familiar blush creeping up my cheeks.

I felt Jasper's cool finger under my chin as he tilted my head back up to look him in the eye, "It's fine Bella, I would rather you sleep than exhaust yourself on my behalf. Besides, you got to sleep in my bed again." He said, almost as if he was happy about it.

"Why is that? Why didn't you just put me in my bed?" I asked, not understanding

"Because I like the way it looks with you wrapped in my sheets." Jasper replied, as if it was the most simplest thing in the world.

It took everything I had not to jump him right there.

"Well I like waking up in your bed," I said, instantly blushing after saying the words. Where in the world was all this confidence coming from?

Jasper's only reply was to lean forward and kiss me, and I didn't object. His lips parted mine easily and the feel of his cool tongue on mine left me clinging to his body closer than I thought possible. He leaned forward, pushing myself back on the bed while his knee rested between my legs. I felt his hands on my hips, on sliding up to twist into my hair, deepening the kiss while the other went down to my knee before cupping the back to wrap my leg around his waist.

I wrapped both my legs tightly around his waist, my hand running through his hair while the other felt over the muscles under his shirt of his chest and back. Jasper moved from my lips, giving me a chance to breathe, which seemed to be quite hard with my racing heart. He kissed down my neck, biting and sucking softly as the hand that was on my thigh moved back up, skimming lightly up my torso to trace the underside of my breast softly, making me squirm under him.

I was pretty much hyperventilating while Jasper was touching me and tried to control my beating heart but it seemed erratic and out of control.

"Bella...you'll be the death of me." Jasper mumbled against my neck, stopping his menstruation with a sign before lying down next to me, keeping an arm wrapped around my waist as the other stroked my hair, his face nuzzled where my neck met my shoulder.

"Your telling me...I think you might cause me to go into cardiac arrest." I said, my cheeks heating by my confession.

"Ah, we wouldn't want that, now would we?" Jasper asked, smirking up at me before placing soft kisses along my neck.

The mood was abruptly ruined when my stomach rumbled loudly, causing me to blush again and Jasper let out a small chuckle.

"Come on, the human needs food, and Alice is waiting to question you about last night, and now this morning." Jasper said, standing up and holding out his hand for me to take, giving me a wink as he said the last part.

It seemed my blush was never going to go away as I grabbed his hand and let him lead me downstairs and into the kitchen where Esme was waiting with a plate of food and a glass of juice. Alice was sitting at the stool next to mine, practically bouncing out of her seat.

"Shoo Jasper, you've delivered Bella and now the girls must gossip." Alice said, tugging me from Jasper's hands and making me sit next to her, sticking her tongue out to Jasper who was looking amused at her antics.

"Whatever you say sister dearest, but know I will be coming to rescue Bella shortly after she's done eating, I have plans for her." Jasper said before winking at me and leaving the room.

The way he said I have plans for her made me shiver, for a completely inappropriate reason.

"So Bella...tell us about last night." Alice asked as soon as Jasper was around the corner, a huge grin on her face. She leaned forward and rested her chin on her hand, batting her eyelashes and trying to look innocent.

"It was very nice. I ate and we talked and we danced." I said, glancing at Esme wondering how much I could say in front of her but the way she was leaning forward, she was eating all this up.

"Oh come on Bella! I need details! I did not spend all that time making you look perfect for something I learned from my visions." Alice huffed

"Well...he was a perfect gentlemen and we learned a lot about one another. He even managed to have me dancing and not trip once. It was honestly perfect." I said, blushing and stuffing eggs into my mouth so i had a reason to look away from both woman.

"Oh Bella! You have no idea how happy you have made all of us! Jasper is so much happier with you. He's always been the odd man out in this family, and feeling everyone's love for their mate has been hard on him. But I don't think I've seen him smile so much sense the day you stepped through these doors." Esme said, coming around the counter to wrap her slender arms around me.

I returned the hug and Esme let go after a moment, with what looked like tears in her eyes.

"Well...Jasper makes me happy too Esme. I've never felt like this about someone before." I said, not blushing when I said this because I knew that what I was saying was true, and I was proud of it, proud and confident in my feelings towards Jasper. I knew I was quickly falling in love with him, and it scared the living shit out of me, but I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to.

Esme smiled sweetly at me and squeezed my arm in a motherly manner before excusing her self from the room, leaving me alone with Alice. I tried to ignore eyes as I continued to eat my food, knowing what details she really wanted.

"Bella, I see the future. You can't tell me anything I don't already know." Alice said

"Exactly, so why do I need to tell you the details?" I asked

"Because, it's more fun that way. So tell me...how are those kisses?" Alice asked, a twinkle in her eye and she giggled a little at my blush

I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat before turning towards her, "Well..I have never been kissed like that for one thing. His kisses make my body feel like it's alive all over and every time he kisses just bellow my ear on my neck I feel like I'm going to jump him." I said, blushing a deep red but refusing to look away, I was determined not to fight this blush of mine.

"That is so sweet! Bella I am so happy you're here! Not only are we going to be best friends, but you and Jasper will be together too! It's perfect!" Alice squealed, sounding much like a teacup pig before throwing her arms around me in a death hug that had me gasping for air.

"If you don't let her breathe Alice, you might suffocate her." Rosalie's voice came behind me

Alice instantly let go, looking sheepish and apologizing for holding me too tight, saying that "I just let the excitement get to me a little too much."

I turned and looked at Rosalie who was leaning casually under the arch way between the kitchen and the family room, looking at me with a glare that I was quickly becoming used to.

"Hello Rosalie," I said, smiling slightly in her direction, trying to be the bigger person.

"Hi. Alice, when are we heading to the mall?" She barely gave me a second glance as she continued on asking Alice about the mall, rolling her eyes slightly in my direction. Och.

"Soon, I just want to pick out Bella's outfit for the day and then I'll be ready." Alice said, taking my hand and leading me to the stairs.

I turned back around to say bye to Rosalie only to see that she had already left. I followed Alice up the stairs and into my room where I sat on the bed waiting for Alice to return out of the closet with my clothes for the day, when my objections that I could dress myself were dismissed.

"Here Bella, this is perfect for what Jasper has planned today!" Alice said, coming out of the closet and throwing some clothes on the bed. It was a skimpy bikini set with a off the shoulder t-shirt and shorts.

This made me remember what I was wearing and how when I woke up I was changed out of my outfit from last night, I blushed remembering waking up in Jasper's bed.

"Um Alice...Did you by chance change my clothes last night when I got home?" I asked, blushing as I turned to change into the clothes she had picked out.

"Oh of course! Jasper wanted you to be comfortable but didn't want to change you himself, something about being a gentlemen." Alice said, turning and braiding my hair messily before I could even object.

"Now, I have to go shopping with Rosalie, I was planning on picking up some stuff for you. Is there anything that you need?" Alice asked, side stepping Samson who had found a place to sleep in the middle of my bedroom floor.

"No thank you Alice. Do you know where Jasper is?" I asked, turning towards the door where she was headed.

"Right here." Jasper said, leaning up against the door frame of my room watching me as Alice left.

Jasper pushed himself off the wall, walking over to me before wraping his arms around my waist, bring my body flush against his. He kissed my collar bone, slowly making his way up my neck to the spot right under my ear that makes me crazy.

"So when I kiss you here...it makes you want to jump me hmm?" Jasper asked, his lips not leaving their place on my neck. I shivered and then flushed a deep red at knowing he had listened in on the conversation in the kitchen.

"uh..yes." I said, trying to concentrate on my words and not how his hands were slowly stroking the sides of my hips.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to kiss you here more," Jasper said, "I like the idea of you jumping me, I must say." Jasper mumbled, finally bringing his lips up to meet mine, and then as soon as it had started it was over, Jasper pulled away and let his arms drop to his sides, taking one of my hands in his instead.

"Are you ready? I wanted to take you back to that stream I showed you the other day." Jasper said, smiling sweetly at me.

I just nodded and let him lead me through the house and out the back door, we slowed down to say hello to Esme who was tending to her rose bushes and then continued on to the small stream he had taken me to the other day. It was just as beautiful as I remembered it and I instantly wanted to get into the water. Jasper seemed to know what I was thinking, dropping my hand for the first time and took off his shirt, his chest gleaming in the sunlight that was breaking through the trees. He was beautiful.

I quickly took off my clothes, blushing when I caught Jasper glancing at my body, but pleased he found it attractive. I was piling my clothes together when I felt cold arms encircle my waist before I was flying and with a splash was underwater, jasper holding onto me as we sank, and then started to surface.

I sucked in a large gulp of air when we breached the water, having not taken a big one before he grabbed me. I turned around and stuck out my tongue splashing him with water playfully because I knew I would just hurt my hand if I tried to smack him.

We swam around in the water for a while, Jasper using his vampire speed to sneak up behind me and would occasionally steal kisses from one another, but would never let each other deepen it. I eventually tired and climbed out, laying flat on my back on a rock, soaking up the sunshine that was filtering through the leaves. It was summer in Washington, so the sun was out more than usual and I was getting as much UV Rays I could before it would rain or cloud over.

I felt jasper next to me, laying silently, letting me just think for a while. I couldn't stop thinking about my father, what he had gotten wrapped up in. I felt myself get angry, angry at him, at the situation, how could he let this happen? My father was all I had left, and now he was taken from me. My dreams of the Olympics were taken from me. My life. I understand, shit happens but why did they have to take me like that, why did my father let this happen? I just wanted to ask why, I wanted answers. I had let myself get to comfortable here, forgetting the reason why. I was pretty much being held against my will, though now I don't know if I would want to leave Jasper, who was the only calm in my storm of emotions since this thing began.

"Jasper?" I asked, getting his attention

"Yes?" He asked, turning on his side to face me, concern in his eyes at the tone of my voice. I turned my head to look at him, feeling like I could just sink into his golden eyes.

"I need answers. I can't keep living like this, not knowing why I'm here, and I'm tired of bullshit excuses. I'm a big girl, I can handle this, whatever this is, and I need you to trust me if you want me to trust your family." I said

Jasper's only reply was to stand up and offer me his hand to help me up before quickly getting dressed and waiting while I put my clothes back on. He walked closer to me, his body flush with mine as he slowly stroked my cheek.

"You're right, I'm sorry. You deserve the answers to your questions. Let's go see Carlisle." Jasper said softly before swooping down and picking me up bridal style, explaining that it would be easier to just run with me back, and then we were flying.

We were standing outside Carlisle's office, hand in hand about to knock when a voice came from inside.

"Come in." Carlisle's voice sounded through the door, which Jasper opened and ushered me inside before closing it behind him. We each took a chair in front of Carlisle's desk and I don't think either of us was sure where to start.

"Forgive me for being rude but you were the one who kidnapped me, and though I have found some peace with this situation because of Jasper, I want answers, and real ones this time please. I am not a little girl, and I can handle this, I need to know what my father has gotten himself into this time, and quite frankly I want to know now." I said all of this in one breath, my cheeks heating up the longer I talked.

Carlisle seemed surprised by my outburst for a moment before he quickly recovered, clearing his throat and folding his hands on top of his desk in front of him.

"Carlisle, I agree with Bella. She deserves to know, and I'm surprised she hasn't tried to run away yet or call the cops. You and I both know we can trust her with this." Jasper spoke up, urging Carlisle on while squeezing my hand under the desk.

Carlisle sighed before looking down at me, a calculating look in his eyes before he sighed again and leaned back in his chair.

"Well, first I want to apologize to you Bella. I realize I have gone about this situation a completely wrong way, and for that I ask your forgiveness As for the situation, it's a long story Isabella. Your father has always helped my family when we needed to relocate with a clean slate, clearing our records and setting up new ones for wherever we decided to settle down next. This house is one that we return to often when we have a break from towns and pretending to be human. Your father also helps your Uncle, who as you might have suspected, is involved with the mafia and has a gambling problem." Carlisle said, stopping a moment to let me process everything.

"So this has to do with my Uncle?" I asked, looking at Carlisle with raised eyebrows.

"Basically, Yes. He is in debt to many of the mafia's bigger leaders, and their are repercussions when you don't pay them back on time. Your father helped out your Uncle by helping to put a couple in jail, and keeping him out from behind bars. They of course, did not like that, which got your father tangled up in this mess. They want their money Isabella, and they will stop at nothing to get it. These are greedy men, who have no sense of right or wrong in their life. They were planning on taking you, to use as ransom against your father and uncle. When you're father was informed of their plans, he called me, asking to keep you safe until this could be worked out."

I couldn't speak. I just nodded at Carlisle, my throat feeling thick with emotion and I felt my headache coming back from earlier this morning. Carlisle was right, this is one big pile of shit.

"Thank you Carlisle, for telling me the truth. I understand your reasoning's, but from now on I will be expecting you to be updating me on whats going on." I said, trying to keep my voice strong, and to let Carlisle know I didn't want to be out of the loop.

"Of course Bella." Carlisle replied easily.

"If you'll excuse me," I said, standing up and smiling at Carlisle before leaving his office, Jasper right behind me.

I didn't want to go to my room, I wanted the comfort of Jasper, of his smell and his sheets so I didn't even think twice before going into his room and crawling into his bed, his arms wrapped around me as he stroked me hair and just let me lay there, thinking about everything I learned today.

I felt my eyelids get heavy from the emotions and swimming and didn't fight it this time when I drifted off to sleep.

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