Chapter 4

Seeing as free period was after Charms, the four Slytherins decided to go to the Great Lake to relax. Lorcan and Lysander were complaining that they got Charms homework right after their first meeting in class.

"I think it's unfair that Professor Gilmore decided to give us an assignment for Charms." Lorcan stated.

"Seeing as it's the first day of classes for everyone." Lysander agreed with his brother.

"I don't mind, actually," Albus said. "I mean, I'm glad that we got free period right now to do that work. We should consider ourselves lucky since the other years don't have free period at this moment."

Al looked at Scorpius hoping he'd agree with him. Scorpius thought for a second then said, "Al's right, you two. We should spend our time doing homework so after classes later, we'd have our own free time."

Lorcan and Lysander sighed, defeated by their two friends. They couldn't complain anymore since they knew that Al and Scorpius were right.

The boys were busy doing their Charms homework. After fifteen minutes through, they were interrupted by someone calling Al's name.

"Al!" A feminine voice yelled from a distance. Albus was not been paying attention to her since he knew that voice anywhere. That voice belonged to Rose Weasley. Al's closest cousin and one of the people he's agitated at, at the moment.

"I think you should go talk to her, Al." Scorpius tried to reason with his friend.

"Nah," Al chuckled. "Give it a few more minutes and she'll get angry."

"As if she wasn't angry before." Scorpius murmured but Al was still able to hear it. Albeit, he didn't say anything about it.

Rose became more agitated that her cousin was, in fact, ignoring her. She was trying to talk to him since after breakfast earlier.

"Potter!" Rose yelled. "You talk to me right this instant!"

Albus looked at Scorpius, who's been looking at him the whole time, trying to observe if he was going to talk to his cousin. Al stood up and walked over to where Rose was standing.

"What do you want, Weasley?" Albus smirked from the expression on his cousin's face.

"I-I just wanted to talk to you." Rose said quietly for Al to hear.

"And you brought your friend with you?" Al said, which sounded like a question. "So that I would be embarrassed if I said something rather than apologizing to you?"

"Yes, apparently, both of us were doing our Charms homework as well as you. And no, I wouldn't do that to you."

"What do you want to talk to me about anyway?" His voice showed that he wasn't interested in talking to his cousin at this moment.

"I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for how I behaved earlier. I wasn't thinking clearly. I know what James did wasn't right but you're his brother. He just needs to take time to get it all through his head. You never wanted to be in Slytherin but here you are, in green and silver."

Albus thought it through in his head. He knew Rose was going to apologize, he just didn't know what to say after the apology. Was he going to accept it and forgive her? Or reject her apology and go back to the way it was after breakfast? He surely didn't want to embarrass Rose in front of her new friend. He wasn't like that.

Albus sighed and said, "Alright, apology accepted."

"Whoa!" Albus got caught off guard when his cousin literally tackled him in a "Rosie hug". Al gave that name when they were little since her hugs were sort of a pain in the arse after they fought.

Al fell to the ground, arse first mind you, Rose on top of him. He could hear her crying silently and felt the tears on his neck.


"I thought I lost you forever." She cried, her words couldn't be heard well from her crying and her face was buried in her cousin's neck.

"You wouldn't lose me, Rose, ever. My time would be a long time from now."

"Yeah but it felt like our relationship was ruined after our conversation this morning."

"No matter what, you'll always be my favorite cousin, Rose. Don't ever think otherwise." Albus said as he stood up, taking Rose with him. Rose's Ravenclaw friend was just standing there, watching them the whole time.

"And you'll always be my favorite cousin, Al."

"And plus, I can't stay mad at you."

Rose laughed and they shared one last long hug until Al had to break it.

"Um, Rose?"


"Who's your friend anyway?"

"Her name is Abigail. She's one of my roommates."

"Why is she here? Not being rude or anything but I know you didn't tell her to come along with you just for you to apologize to me. I mean, you could do it alone. You're as brave as a Gryffindor."

"Um," Rose blushed but Al wasn't able to catch the other words she said.


"She wanted to kiss you on the cheek. She thinks you're cute and adorable."

"Rose!" Abigail yelled at her friend. Feeling just as embarrassed as her friend. I mean, would you want anyone to say that in front of the guy you're crushing on?

Albus laughed a shaky laugh and told her, "It's okay."

Abigail looked at him and smiled, "I can kiss you?"

"It wouldn't hurt to get a kiss from you." He replied and a light pink tinge appeared on his cheek. It was unnoticeable by the two Ravenclaws.

As quick as lightning, Abigail launched herself at him and kissed him on the cheek. "What Rose said was true, though. You are cute and adorable."

Then, Abigail made her way back into the castle. "Next time, tell me in advance if any one of your friends ever want to kiss me. I haven't even had my first kiss yet."

"Aww, Al," Rose giggled. "You will find someone soon. It's just that, now isn't the right time."

Rose decided to take this moment and leave Albus alone with her words to sink in. He was about to say something to Rose by yelling at her but then Scorpius came up behind him.

"She's cute," Scorpius said.

Albus just looked at him like he just got slapped in the face. "Rose or Abigail?"

"Both," He grinned.

"Oi!" Al punched his friend playfully on the shoulder. "Don't become a player when we're older or I'd unfriend you if you become one."

"You don't mean that."

"I meant every word."

The two boys just laughed at their previous conversation. Albeit, Al was serious about what he said. If Scorpius was going to become a player, he'd unfriend him. Al never liked players. Going from one girl to another in less than two weeks or less than that. If that happened to Rose and Lily, he'd beat the shit out of those guys who would hurt his cousin and sister.

By the time their laughter died down, it was time to get to their next class. "Where are Lorcan and Lysander?"

"They left to get to class early when you were talking to your cousin." Scorpius answered.

"Oh," That was all he could say as they made their way to Transfiguration. McGonagall wasn't the Transfiguration professor anymore even though she was the Headmistress. Albus knew she was going to retire soon though.


"Here, Professor!" Albus answered when his Transfigurations Professor called his name for attendance. They were having this class with Hufflepuffs.

Professor Damen Auguste was their new Transfugurations Professor. McGonagall resigned from that and decided to just stay as the Headmistress a few years ago.

Professor Auguste kept calling on names until they ended with Zabini. He set the parchment with their names for attendance on the table and proceeded with his discussions.

"I believe today we will be transfiguring birds into water goblets." Professor Auguste said. "Who knows the spell for this lesson?"

No one raised their hands. No one in Hufflepuff started reading for their first day of classes. They didn't think they'd start this early. Seth Nukpana, a first year Hufflepuff student, was about to raise his hand if it wasn't for Albus raising his first.

Al never knew his intention in doing that. He never noticed Nukpana glaring behind his back. His attention was at his Professor. "Yes, Mr. Potter?"

"The spell would be Vera Verto, sir." Albus answered. He caught Scorpius looking at him in the corner of his left eye, smirking the famous Malfoy Smirk.

"And do you know the correct pronunciation while casting the spell, Mr. Potter?"

All eyes turned to him right then. Just like his father, Albus never wanted attention to be directed to him. He never wanted to be the center of attention even when it's just reciting for the class to get house points.

"While casting the spell, you pronounce it as vair-uh-VAIR-toh, sir."

"As it seems, Mr. Potter here is the only one who read in advance?" Professor Auguste seemed to be pleased with Al's answer than letting the class respond to it. "20 points to Slytherin for punctuality in schoolwork."

Albus never noticed the glare Nukpana was sending him even though he was three rows behind him.

"Mr. Malfoy," Professor Auguste called on Scorpius, who was surprised since he wasn't paying that much attention to the teacher.

"Yes, Professor?"

"I'd like you to perform the spell," He said. "I believe you were listening to our previous discussion, or was I mistaken?"

Al never saw Scorpius like this at all. Didn't his father teach him a bit for the first day of classes? Al's parents taught him a bit of spells before he came to Hogwarts. Even his brother, helped him a couple of days ago before they stopped talking.

"I was listening, sir."

"Then please demonstrate to the class how to transfigure this bird into a water goblet."

Albus saw Scorpius gulp and stepped in front of the whole class. He never saw any Malfoy this way. His parents told him that Draco good in class during their Hogwarts years together.

He pulled out his wand and brought it over to the bird. "Vera Verto!" He said with correct pronunciation and flicked his wand. Right after the spell was cast, the bird turned into a water goblet.

Albus saw Scorpius' face turn to a relieved feature. He didn't think he'd cast the spell correctly in his first try.

"Ah, very good, Mr. Malfoy," Professor Auguste said with a small smile on his face. "Next time, do show that you're interested in class and not snoozing off."

"Yes, sir."

"Five points to Slytherin for having correct pronunciation in casting the spell."

"Merlin!" Scorpius said once they stepped out of the classroom. "I thought I was a goner then."

"Next time, mate," Lorcan said. "Pay attention."

"I was! Al was right beside me and I heard everything! I'm not deaf you imbeciles." Scorpius muttered the last part which got the other three Slytherins to chuckle.

"Al," Lysander said. "You're the class nerd for today."

Al just laughed it off. It was good for once that someone commented on his knowledge other than commenting on his cousin's knowledge. It was frustrating for him that he can't beat her in chess. He just laughs it off though.

Just as they were heading to the Great Hall for lunch, someone bumped into Al. He turned to apologize even though it wasn't his fault and intention and saw Seth Nukpana.

"Watch where you're going, Potter." Seth sneered.

"Nukpana," Al sneered right back at him. "All I know is you're the one who bumped into me, not the other way around."

"And a Hufflepuff doing that to a Slytherin?" Lorcan questioned.

"That's preposterous! You act like a Slytherin." Lysander commented.

"Were you sorted in the wrong House?" Al smirked.

"And I think you should've been sorted into Slytherin instead for being that way. That would be shameful for Hufflepuffs." Scorpius smirked.

"My mum and dad told me rumors here spread around quickly. Everyone would hear about this in no time. Don't worry, you shouldn't be embarrassed. You should be ashamed at what you did just now. A Hufflepuff bullying a Slytherin. Watch out soon, Nukpana, you're going to get it." Albus said th last part to Nukpana while walking into the Great Hall for lunch.

That was the first time he acted like a Slytherin and it felt good to express his emotions like that.

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