Author's Note: Still not completely sure how I feel about this one. I had three family reunions in four days which meant a lot of down-time while we drove from each place. For some reason this story just popped in my head. Let me know what you think and if you want me to continue!

Disclaimer: I still own absolutely nothing having to do with GCB or anything else, I would have gotten that show back on the air by now.

The aroma of smoke and barbecue filled the air on the warm summer evening in Dallas. Carlene had just returned from a day of shopping with Cricket at Neiman Marcus, and Landry was up in his room looking at God only knows what on the Internet. Ripp was brushing his prise winning sauce recipe on the full rack of ribs in the kitchen, when he was suddenly interrupted by the phone ringing. He ignored it, assuming it was Laura calling Landry for the hundredth time this week and let it ring in hopes that Landry would take his eyes off of Facebook long enough to find out if it was her. Ripp continued to ignore it as it rang two, then three times. By the fourth ring, he was getting irritated.

"Jesus! Can't anyone in this house stop what they're doing for two seconds and answer the phone?" he called out as he dropped his brush back into the bowl of barbecue sauce and headed over to the living room to find where the last person had hidden the phone "You know, it would be a lot easier to answer phones around here if some people would put them back in their place once they're done having a three hour phone conversation with their thirty seconds away girlfriend, Mr. Landry Cockburn!"

Ripp heard footsteps coming out of Landry's room as he pressed the "talk" button.

"Dad? Did you just call me or something?" Landry asked from the top of the stairs

"Never mind son, just go back to your laptop." Ripp responded as elevator music began to play on the other end of the phone.

Landry didn't respond, only walked back to his room and slammed the door shut, but Ripp didn't expect much more from him at these days. Ever since Laura came to town that's all he's ever concerned about.

After a good minute of music, Ripp was abruptly startled by a woman's voice explaining this was a collect call from Mexico and asking if he accepted the charges.

"Yeah, sure." Ripp said then walked over to the edge of the staircase to call for his wife. "Hey Kitten? I think it's one of your Christian condo people on the phone!" there was no answer from her either "Hello? Hey Kitten if you come down here in the next five seconds I'll let you blow me in the kitchen!"

"Gross!" Landry yelled down from his room

Ripp rolled his eyes then suddenly realized there was someone practically screaming through the phone.

"Who the hell do you think you are asking me to do something like that?" yelled a young woman with a Hispanic accent. "Do you have sex with everyone you come in contact with, or was my mother just a one time fix for you?"

Ripp couldn't believe what he was hearing. Who was this crazy Mexican accusing him of sleeping with her mother...whoever that was.

"Listen Chica!" Ripp fired back "Why don't you and your mother go on back to making your taquitos and stop prank calling people's houses."

"That's offensive."

"Yeah, well so is this conversation!"

"Well, I'm not prank calling. Aren't you Ripp Cockburn?"

Ripp paused.

"Yes...why?" He started going back in his mind all of the reasons why a random Mexican girl who sounded no older than eighteen, would be calling and verbally assaulting him, or how she even got his number.

"My name is Lucia Salazar, about seventeen years ago, you slept with my mother, Francesca Salazar when she was working in at a strip club in Louisiana. I'm...I'm your daughter."

Ripp heard the words and began feeling numb all over. His mind was immediately flooded with images and memories of Francesca and that night in Louisiana.