On the feudal planet of New Kyoto, in the eastern fringe of the Ultima Segmentum, Inquisitor Nathaniel Clark listens with patience to his apprentice as she prattles on. He is a foreboding man, six foot six, middle age with graying brown hair and piercing hazel eyes that seem to pierce your very soul. He is wearing his favorite suit, an oddity for an inquisitor but an outfit he likes to wear when he isn't in the field. His suit helps to cover up the many scars that stream across his body, only showing up on his hands, neck, and face. His plasma pistol is in his holster while he is setting on an overly opulent chair. This is a private hotel room, well out of the way of the inhabited countryside and in a discrete location; apparently the planetary nobles like to house Imperial officials here, hence the use of chairs. To many imperial officials would be a nice place to stay with a beautiful view and all the luxuries afforded to those with status, Nathaniel was not like most imperial officials. In front of him is his apprentice, a young 18 year old woman named Melissa Metaxas. She has a developing figure, curly black hair, olive skin, and dark green eyes currently dressed in the local fashions of this world, some type of silk bathrobe called a kimono. She is clever, intelligent, and skilled, but a bit naïve and lacking an inquisitors habit of constant vigilance and paranoia. For the past thirty minutes she has been blabbering away about her trip to the shoguns court, the girl also needs to learn how to simplify her explanations.

"And while I was interviewing the local daimyo's about any suspicious xenos activity, a mysterious figure appeared amongst us in a flash of light. As soon as the light died away he introduced himself as Farseer Yulmenera of the Craftworld Paratain. He informed us that a he had foreseen a massive Ork invasion hitting the planet in the near future, and that it was in the best interests of both the inhabitants of this world and his Craftworld to join together to repel the threat, which would eventually move on to strike his Craftworld once they were done on New Kyoto. He even promised that he would move their families out of harm's way for them so that they wouldn't get caught up in the fighting. So do you think he is telling the truth master" She finally finishes, out of breath and panting.

"Do you believe he is telling the truth young one?" Inquisitor Nathaniel asks

"He seems legitimate, the Craftworld in the area checks out and the Eldar have been known to help the Imperium in the past, especially the Eldar of Paratain." She replies back, she has the pathetic look of a puppy seeking approval on the face.

"Melissa, what is the first thing I taught you when I found you?" Nathaniel says in a dry tone

"Do not suffer the xenos to live?" Melissa hesitantly replies back

"Is it possible you have forgotten this lesson?"

"No, but if what he says is true, then we will need all the help we can get. Plus he is willing to get the civilians out of harm's way."

"Oh, so now the citizens under our watch will be tainted by xenos filth as well, and what makes you so sure he is telling the truth, the Eldar are a fickle, capricious, and untrustworthy species. I would sooner wrestle with an Ork before I put my trust in the word of an Eldar. My dear girl, you have been with me for two years now, how can you still be so naïve and ignorant. Mark my words, this Farseer has his own agenda and will not hesitate to throw us away when he is done with us." Inquisitor Nathaniel had a cold tone to his voice as he said these things.

"But what if you're wrong and he is really telling the truth, we could save millions of lives and decisively eliminate an Ork threat. I am not a bitter old paranoid fool like you; I understand that for the Imperium to survive, we must rely on some xenos for ai….." She is cut off as Inquisitor Nathaniel lifts her off the ground and forces her mouth shut with his fearsome mental powers.

Inquisitor Nathaniel is speaking directly into her mind now. "Melissa, how dare you raise your voice to me and criticize me, if it wasn't for my faith in your ability to learn from your mistakes I would execute you for heresy right here and now. So you believe that some xenos species can benefit and aid mankind, well let me show you why you are wrong."

"What are you going to show me master?" A timid and terrified Melissa asks.

"The story of a young boy who saw firsthand what atrocities the xenos are capable of, mark my words you insolent girl, by the time we are done you will understand why you cannot trust a xenos, no matter what they look like or what their intentions are. This is the story of Nathaniel Clark, and his ten year xenos nightmare."

Melissa's vision turns black, and then a humble agrarian landscape appears before her, she sees a young brown haired boy and his older sister looking over their field from the top of their homestead as a pair of Tau transports head make their way toward their homestead.

"My dear girl, prepare for a tale you will never forget, I certainly have not"

To be conintued…