Blood splatters out of the mouth of the purple avenger Hawk-eye, who is lying on the ground in pain. The only members of the two teams that are still standing(besides Cyborg and Iron Man)are Hulk and Thor, stunned by the spell of a new member of Loki's invasion force, the ever so devious Enchantress.

"What's the matter Thor?" taunted Enchantress," Your as stiff as board."

Hulk growls at their foe.

"Silence, ogre," snapped Enchantress.

In the distance more and more ships enter through the portal, carrying more and more villains.

"Looks like we've won the war before it's even began," said Enchantress

Off in the distance, more ships are coming out of the portal. And more ships means more people. And more people means an all out war.

The Enchantress walk over to her fellow villains neglecting the Martian Man-hunter who is quickly regaining his strength and secretly fades through the cage into the ground, the only one who notices something is Sinestro. But by then it was too late, J'onn J'onzz had already taken Mirror Master's portal gun and released the Flash. Running at blinding speed he knocks down Sinestro, forcing him to lose concentration and free the hero's.

"Cyborg how much longer?" asked Batman as he punched a henchmen coming from the portal which was now starting to dropping off even more villains.

"Just a couple more seconds," said Cyborg how quickly ducked to dodge a bullet who Hawk-eye shot an arrow at," .One, all set who do I bring in?"

"Everyone!" Scream Batman as he dodged Captain America's shield which hit the villain behind him.

Suddenly a vortex opens above the battle ground, and it starts to rain men. Not just any men, but the superheroes and sidekicks of the other dimension. Great warriors like Captain Marvel and Firestorm. Even members of the Justice Society started fighting alongside our heroes. Not long from now will this become the war of the century.

Our heroes from both worlds finally start to get their minds together. Nightwing, who had just landed on top of a henchmen, finds his friend Batman.

"Where the hell are we Bruce," asked Nightwing.

"Explain later. Less talking more fighting," replied Batman.

Meanwhile Back at the Villain Headquarters

Lex Luthor and Loki are watching the battlefield from on the their ships. Lex is furious.

"What the hell is going on down there Loki?" Lex grabs Loki and throws him up against the railing of the ship, "You assured me if we had this much man power we would surely win!"

Loki dusts of his Azgardian war coat, "And we will. Just be patient my friend. The tides will turn soon enough. Look we already have a vortex right above the city, which is poring more and more men to fight for us. And let us not forget the technology you brought from your world, which has helped us take control of their beloved Captain America."

Loki opens a cabinet and pulls out a fine bottle of scotch and two glasses. He pours one glass for him and one glass for his ally.

Loki makes a toast to their future victory. Lex Luthor slides his drink back as he looks at the battle ground of World War III.

Back at the Battlefield

"We can't do this for much longer Bats!" screams Flash as he punches the Reverse Flash," Where the hell is Superman?"

"I don't know, and we don't time to know so shut your ass up and keep fighting," ordered Batman.

A star-spangled shield flies across the air, knocking over Spider-man.

"Ow," said Spider-man as he tried to pick himself of the ground, "That hurt."

"What was that web head? I thought you could dodge stuff like that." asked Hawk-eye.

"Ya, well I guess my spider sense doesn't see him as a threat," said Spider-man.

"Why's that?" asked Hawk-eye.

"How the hell should I know, this is all new to me too." replied Spider-man.

A giant hunk of metal known as Iron Man falls to the ground right next to them.

"Okay guys, we need to find some way to get Cap back on our side if we're going to win this fight," said Iron Man, "Hey Batman, you got any ideas?"

"Just one," he looks up to see Green Arrow zip lining down with a blonde woman in a leather suit and fish net stockings hanging on to his back.

Green Arrow lands with the woman "Hey Bats look at who I found."

"This is Black Canary," said Batman as he introduced her," And she's how were going to get your friend back."

Batman turns to Black Canary, "Canary, I need you to scream at a high enough frequency that it destroys the device in the back of his head. Got it?"

"Got it, but where the hell are we?" asked Black Canary.

"New York," answered Batman," I'll explain later."

Batman swings off to our Hero's headquarters.

"Like the American flag threw up on him," said Spider-man," You can't miss him," he swings off to go fight.

Black Canary walks through the crowd looking for the Captain. She turns to punch a joker thug in the throat, and that's when she spots him. She makes her way through the battlefield and lets out a blood curdling scream. Captain America falls to the ground in agony, and the device on the back of his neck malfunctions and is knocked out cold.

Canary picks up the Captain and attempts to carry him to a secure location. Struggling to carry the hero already, she sees an enraged Bane.

"Oh sh#t," Black Canary tries to wake up Captain America, but nothings working, "Come on Cap, wake up. Wake up!"

Bane starts charging and Canary starts running. She's running fast carrying Captain America on her shoulder, but suddenly she trips and sprains her ankle. She hits her head hard on Cap's shield and becomes very weak and light-headed. And just as all hope seemed lost, in the distance she could see a red and blue blur. That blur was Superman.

Swooping down at blinding speed the man of steel grabbed Black Canary and Captain America and flew them to safety.

"You guys all right?" asked Superman, "Canary, where the hell did you come from?"

"I don't know. One minute I'm getting dressed and next thing I know I'm in the middle of World War III!" answered Black Canary,"We should probably go get the others. Our camp is just ahead."

They arrive to the camp to find Batman, Green Arrow, and Spider-man are working out a battle plan.

"We need to move in," said Green Arrow.

"I agree, but not all of us. We lead a small covert group to infiltrate the ship and get Nick," replied Batman.

"Sounds good. Looks like we have company," Green Arrow turns to Superman, Black Canary, and Captain America, "Nice going pretty bird. Two for the price of one."

Black Canary limps over to Green Arrow.

"You all right?" asked Batman.

"Yah. It's just a sprang," responded Black Canary," Now lets bring those bastards down."

Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and everybody's favorite webhead enter the room.

"Guys, we have a bit of a situation going on outside," said Iron Man who soon realizes that his teammate has returned, "Oh great your back, love to catch up later, but as I was saying we got that thing outside. You know WWIII and all."

"You got anything Bats?" asked the emerald archer.

Batman paces around the room," I knew a man who always said war is like a big game of chess. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a pawn to snatch the king. And that's exactly what we're going to do," said Batman.

"What do you mean?" asked Superman.

"And exactly what do mean by sacrifice?" questioned Spider-man," Because I can't die today, I think I left the stove on or something. And you know in today's economy," Spider-man is interrupted by Green Arrow.

"Good God, does this kid ever shut up?" said Green Arrow.

"No," said the all the Avengers in the room.

Batman takes the floor again," What I mean is all of you are going to rush them, so to speak. And in the confusion Green Arrow and I will infiltrate the headquarters and shutdown the operation from the inside, and rescue your friend."

"Don't you think more than just me and you should go in?" asked Green Arrow.

"Not enough time to arrange a team like we planned, it's just me and you," answered Batman.

"Well guys, lets storm the castle," said Iron Man.

Back at the Villain Headquarters

Only a sick and twisted man would find pleasure in war, that man is Loki. He watches with his partner in crime, Lex Luthor.

"Isn't it Beautiful Lex?" asks Loki as her pours to glasses of fine scotch and then hands one to Lex.

" Ah yes," Lex raises his glass for a toast," To war."

"To war," Loki also raises his glass.

Loki walks over to the railing of the ship to get a closer look at the battle below.

"What the hell?" said Loki in surprise as he sees a giant siege of heroes from both this world and the next.

Lex looks over too," I'll be right back."

"And where are you going?" asked Loki.

"To make sure our hostage stays put," said Lex as he walks away.

Stalking through the ship's hallways are the dark knight and the emerald archer. Moving ever so carefully, peaking around every corner they finally find Nick Fury. He lays unconscious in a very high-tech holding cell.

"You think you can open this thing?" asked Green Arrow who draws an arrow just in case.

"I think so," said Batman," Just give me a minute."

But before the hacking is complete footsteps are heard coming from the other side of the hallway. Ours hero's need to find somewhere to hide, and fast. Luckily they spot an air vent above. They make their way up to the vent, but not soon enough because Lex Luthor (the man coming down the hallway) saw the cape of Batman, and pressed a button on the wall that sounded an alarm.

"So much for the stealthy approach," said Green Arrow as they worked their way through the air vent.

They exit the air vent and safely make their way to the top of the ship where Lex and Loki are waiting for them. They also brought Nick Fury along for the ride. A gun is pressed against Fury's head.

"Don't move or this will be the last you'll ever see of him," threatened Lex."

Green Arrow throws his bow to the ground and puts his and up. Batman moving silently and quickly presses a button on the side of his forearm that signals a member of the Justice League to come to the location. A huge burst of wind flies past Lex and his gun is gone.

"Missing something?" asked the Flash.

He quickly takes apart the gun. Green Arrow picks up his bow and puts an arrow into the arm of Lex. Lightning falls out of the sky and the god of thunder himself comes to join them on top of the ship to take on Loki. Swooping in at the speed of light, Thor tackles Loki, and beats him to a pulp. With the defeat of Lex Luthor and Loki the war is finally over.

One hour later after the war

"Thanks again for everything," said Superman as he shook hands with Captain America.

"Anytime," said Captain America.

"If your ever in our Universe, stop by and say hi," said Green Arrow to Spider-man.

"You take care of yourself old timer," replied Spider-man.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going to miss you kid," says Green Arrow as he gives Spider-man a noogie.

A bandaged Nick Fury is carried across to Batman and Flash by Black Widow and Hawk-eye.

"I'd like to personally thank you for saving my ass back there," thanked Nick Fury.

"It was nothing," said the Flash.

"Before we go take this," Batman hands him an interdimensional communicator and transporter," If you ever need us, just call."

The Atom and Ant-man are saying their goodbyes too.

"Nice to meet you Professor Palmer," said Ant-man as he shakes his hand.

"Nice to meeting you too Dr. Pym. We'll have to get together sometime and discuss the whole shrinking thing," offers the Atom.

"Is it okay if I come too?" asks Wasp.

"Sure, why not?" said the Atom.

On the ship Green Lantern is in the cockpit awaiting orders.

"All right Kyle," said Superman," Lets bring her home."

"You got it boss," replied Green Lantern," Home it is."

The End.

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