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Chapter 16

Natsu and Lucy watched the boy who was eating ice cream until…The ice cream fell and the boy started crying. Natsu smirked while Lucy's mouth fell open. Natsu looked to Lucy then said "I win Luce, now you'll do what I want you to do"

Lucy sighed then said "Fine…. So what do you want me to do?"

Natsu smirked then said "Take your clothes off"

Lucy blushed then said "B-Baka! I ain't doing that!"

Natsu laughed at Lucy's blushing face then said " I'm just joking Luce"

Lucy sighed in relief then asked "So what is it?"

"Let's go to the Horror House!" Natsu said then smiled at Lucy. Lucy felt a chill ran down her spine then said "I-I-I don't want too!"

"But you promised me that no matter what happens you will follow the rules plus you said before that Celestial Spirit Mage never breaks a promise" Natsu said then smirked.

Lucy sighed again then said "Fine but you'll come with me okay?"

Natsu nodded his head then said "Of course I'll come, I'm your mighty dragon and I'll always be there to protect my princess"

Lucy blushed a light pink color then said "T-Thanks.."

Then Natsu stood up and said "Then let's go Luce" Lucy stood up then both Natsu and Lucy walked towards the Horror House.

When they were at the Horror House already, they saw that the line was long and mostly the people who are in the line were couples or group of friends. Lucy and Natsu went to the line. After a few minutes, they are now the nest pair to enter, Lucy could already hear the screams of the girls inside which made Lucy more nervous, after a few more minutes the staff said "You may enter now"

Lucy became more nervous than before (A/N: Gomen if wrong grammar) but calmed down a little when Natsu held her hand then said "Don't worry Luce I'll be with you"

Lucy smiled then both of them entered the Horror House. When both of them entered the house, the door immediately closed and both Natsu and Lucy heard a clicking sound, Lucy went closer to Natsu then said "N-Natsu let's go back already.."

"A deal is a el Luce, just stay close to me" Natsu said then took Lucy's hand then smiled.

Lucy nodded her head then went closer to Natsu. Natsu felt Lucy tremble in his embrace, making him smile in content. As they were calmly walking, Lucy stepped on something. She then waited for the result, as she looked up. This . /2bad2ab1f857550cef9e8a61be415ef3/tumblr_mundjcmzN z1rtqrvdo1_ came up. Lucy screamed and tightened her grip. Meanwhile, Natsu was just staring at that thing with a blank face. "What the f?" Natsu sighed and said "So boring" He then felt something wet on his shirt, then the sounds of whimper followed. "Luce" Natsu whispered. "Are you okay?" Lucy shook her head as an answer.

"Look at me" Natsu said. Lucy didn't budge.


Lucy hesitantly looked up and met his onyx eyes. "What?" Lucy asked

Natsu leaned down then kissed her forehead. "Don't worry Luce I'll protect you from these weird robots"

Lucy giggled then said "They're not robots Natsu"

Natsu just flashed his toothy grin then said "Let's go Luce"

Lucy nodded her head then both of them continued walking. From time to time there will be a ghost that will appear/pop out and of course Lucy would scream and would tighten his hug on Natsu. After a while they could already see the exit, Natsu smiled then said "Luce I can already see the exit!"

Lucy nodded her head while her face is buried on Natsu's back. Then Lucy removed her face on Natsu's back to see if they're almost at the exit but then a ghost popped out. %20-%20144155%20blood%20chama_(painter)%20gasai_yu no%20long_hair%20mirai_nikki%20parody%20pink_hair% 20red_eyes% which Lucy screamed at the most, then went to Natsu, hugged him then said "I won't open my eyes unless were outside!"

Natsu laughed a little then patted Lucy's head and said "As you wish My Princess"

Lucy looked at him then said "Ew! You just sounded like Loke"

Natsu laughed then said "I thought you won't open your eyes unless were outside?"

Lucy smiled at him then said "I just made a side comment on what you said then I'll close my eyes again" Lucy said then closed her eyes.

Natsu laughed a little then he took Lucy's hand then both of them walked towards the exit. When they got out already Natsu looked at Lucy and said "Hey Luce, you can open your eyes now"

Lucy opened her eyes then sighed in relief and said "I won't go inside that house again"

Natsu looked at her then said "Hai!~ Now let's go ride the other rides"

Lucy smiled then both Natsu and Lucy walked towards the nearest ride.

End of Normal P.O.V

Natsu's P.O.V

Me and Luce were walking towards the nearest ride. While we were walking Luce and I saw a crying girl all by herself, I looked at Luce but surprisingly Luce wasn't beside me and I saw her walking towards the little girl and asking why was she crying and for some reasons I kindda imagined us having a family, Luce, our kid and I. I immediately blushed at that thought but I really think that Luce would be a great mom. Then I heard someone calling my name, I snapped out of my thoughts and saw Luce infront of me and beside her was the little girl.

End of Natsu's P.O.V

Normal P.O.V

"Natsu! Oi! Natsu are you listening?" Lucy asked

Natsu snapped out of his thoughts then looked at Luce and said "Yes, I'm listening"

Lucy frowned then asked "So what was I talking about?

Natsu sweat dropped then said "Uh…..How much you love me?"

Lucy pouted then said "Wrong! I was talking about Alice"

Natsu looked confused then asked "Who's Alice? Alice in the Wonderland? Wait She's real!?"

Lucy face palmed then pointed her finger towards the little girl who was holding her other hand and said "I'm talking about her, not Alice in wonderland and no she isn't real. This Alice got separated from her parents"

Natsu still looked confused then said "And so?"

Lucy sighed then said "Of course, we've got to help her find her parents!"

"Ohhh…" Natsu said

"Baka" Lucy murmured to herself which Natsu heard then said "Ouch Luce that hurts!"

Lucy smiled at her then put her tongue out, then Natsu pouted. After that both Natsu and Lucy laughed at each other until Alice started tugging Lucy's skirt. Lucy looked at her then crouched down to her level then asked "What is it Alice?"

Alice pointed her finger to Natsu then asked "Lucy-nee who's that?"

Lucy looked to Natsu then back to Alice then said "His name is Natsu and he's my boyfriend"

Alice looked confused then asked "B-Boyfwend? Lucy-nee what's the meaning of that?"

"Let's just say he's very special to me" Lucy said then smiled to Alice

Natsu smiled when he heard what Lucy said then crouched down to Alice's level and said "Hi Alice"

Alice smiled then said "Hi Nachu-nii!"

Natsu sweat dropped while Lucy giggled.

"Anyways, Alice do you know the color of your parents clothes?" Lucy asked

"I don't know…" Alice said

"Do you know what they look like?" Natsu asked

"My mom has long hair and has the same color as mine and she has the same bracelet as mine" Alice said then showed her bracelet to Natsu and Lucy

"Well this is going to be hard" Natsu said

Alice started crying as soon as she heard what Natsu said "Y-You m-mean I won't be able to see Mommy again?"

Natsu and Lucy panicked a little, mostly Natsu because Lucy was able to make Alice stop crying.

"Don't worry Alice were going to find your mother" Lucy said

"R-Really?" Alice asked

Lucy nodded her head then smiled "I promise"

Alice immediately stopped crying then said "Let's go find mommy!~ Let's go find mommy!~"

Lucy stood up then held Alice 's hand then said "Shall we go?"

Alice nodded her head. Both of them were about to walk when Natsu started to clear his throat then said "Uh….All alone here, supposed to have a date with my girlfriend"

Lucy looked at Natsu then giggled then said "Hahahaha, of course I won't forget about you, c'mon let's help this girl"

Natsu pouted then said "But what about out date?"

"We can continue it later, for now let's help this girl" Lucy said then smiled.

"Fine.." Natsu said then went over to Lucy and held her other hand, then the 3 of them started walking to find Alice's mother, so all in all in other people's view they look like a family. Alice has blonde hair the same color as Lucy's hair color so they really really look like a family.

But with Natsu and Alice it's different, currently they are having a 'Lucy-is-mine-staring-contest' and both of them are tightening their grip on Lucy's hands, Lucy just ignored their childish act and continued walking until they reached the office. (A/N: Guys! The office here is like the place where they make announcements, lost things, lost children etc.) But unfortunately when they got there the office was closed.

"What do we do now?" Natsu asked

"I don't know, there's too many people here, we can't just randomly approach a person and ask if they're Alice's parents" Lucy said

"Y-You mean I r-really won't be able to see Mommy again?" Alice asked then started crying.

The people were now looking at them, some were whispering to each other that Lucy and Natsu were bad parents.

"Stop crying Alice, we'll try to find your mama" Lucy said calmly.

Alice went to Lucy then hugged her and said "I want to see Mommy, I miss Mommy"

Lucy stroked her head and whispered some calming words until Alice fell asleep.

End of Chapter 16

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