"So that was CI-Ray?" Tony asked with great interest when Ziva hung up the phone. He said this with also a great amount of sadness dripping from his voice. It had ruined what was happening.

Ziva sighed as she squeezed in between the short wall and her partner. "He's back," she breathed after several moments of staring at her hands. She breathed the words because, well she was scared. Ziva had just started to push Ray out of her mind because of his actions. He hadn't called for seven weeks. And his promises were finally becoming dead to her. He had broken her heart and was back to rub it in.

Tony took in the news over the duration of the next few minutes. The more he thinks about it, the more his smile fades. "Th-That's great…for you at least."

Ziva sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose , "It should be, I know, but I can't help but feel… I don't know. But this feeling is not a very good one."

Tony took his partners hands and held them in his own. "You're going to be just fine. You're just having some pre-reunion jitters. It'll subside soon, then you'll be happy as a clam."

"I doubt it, there'll probably be a fight. That's what happens when someone leaves with a promise that they never meant to keep."

Tony looked at Ziva in awe, "What do you mean by a 'promise never meant to be kept?'"

Ziva glanced at Tony before looking away, "It's nothing. Just stupid, stupid things. They don't matter, so let's just…drop it, okay?"

"You need to cheer up, Zee-Vah. You never know what's going to happen," Tony said, trying to cheer up his partner. "Who knows, maybe he'll propose to you," he gave her a saccharine smile and rubbed her hand. It was the last thing he, himself wanted, but if it cheered her up….

His words caused her to flinch and return to her desk. She grabbed her bag and started back to Tony. "I-I have to go—I have to get out of here." She brusquely pushed him out of her way. The mention of proposal brought everything rushing back. Constant phone calls, no mention of the aforementioned whatsoever, as if he didn't love her. As if he was someone else.

Ziva's sudden need to leave struck Tony as odd and he followed suit, not giving a damn about how his belongings still remained at his desk. "Ziva!" he called, reaching the elevator before it closed. He shoved a foot in to prevent its official close.

She looked at him reluctantly, for tears were starting to form in her brown eyes. She hated Tony to see her in such a week state. "What?" she whispered, wiping her bottom eyelashes with the back of her hand—mascara smudging.

He stared at the crumbled version of his favorite co-worker for seconds until he found the words to say. He cradled her face with his hand, "If you need to talk to someone about your reunion, call me. Hell, come over if need be. Everything will be fine."

Ziva smiled and one lone crystal tear fell down her face. "Thank you, Tony."

. . .

A/N: This was set (and written) before "A Desperate Man" when Ray ends up being a murderer. Spoiled you? Such a shame! Not. Anyway, I know for a fact this isn't what I typically write, but friendship seemed to seep from my pen. PLEASE REVIEW! *Insert Smiley Face*