Meanwhile, Shaggy and Scooby trekked through the swamp on foot. Scooby, nose to the ground, spotted something. "Look, Raggy! Racks!"

"Like, you mean tracks?" Shaggy bent down to examine them. "Wow, those look like they came from that swamp spook, all right. We should show these to Freddy and the girls." With his cell phone, he snapped a picture of the beast's footprints. "Let's see where they lead."

The dog-and-detective duo followed the tracks and found themselves nose-to-nose with the swamp monster! "RIPE!" Scooby gasped.

"Like, gangwaaaay!" Shaggy screeched as he and Scooby dashed off in fear through the swamp, shouting in fear as the monster gained on them.

They stumbled through sludge, ducked below dangling tree limbs, struggled through slimy vines and raced into a dark cave before staring at a dead end of rock. "Like, this is the end, Scoob," Shaggy sobbed as he hugged his beloved pet.

"Rait ra rinute! Racks!" Scooby sniffed.

"Snacks?" Shaggy asked, bewildered. "Like, I'm all for a final meal and all, but…"

"Rollow re!" Scooby exclaimed as he squeezed through a small opening in the rock face. Shaggy shuddered, but quickly followed suit. The pair squeezed through a tight tunnel before coming out onto a strip of dry land.

"Yuck!" Shaggy exclaimed as he wiped debris from his eyes. "Hey, this is where the monster first attacked us. Hmmm."

Shaggy and Scooby made their way to Frank's shack, where the rest of Mystery Incorporated was assembled.

"Jeepers, what happened to you two?" Daphne asked, taking in their muck-spattered, debris-covered bodies.

"Ronster!" Scooby answered.

"Like, he attacked us and chased us through the swamp. And get this, Scooby led us through a cave tunnel and we came out right by the old cave in Frank's part of the swamp."

"Interesting. Things are beginning to add up," Velma mused aloud.

Shaggy pulled out his cell phone. "And look at this." He pulled up the picture of the monster's footprint.

Velma took the phone and examined the tracks. "Hmmm…there's something odd about these prints. There's an impression in the center of the foot...looks like...sneaker treads! Jinkies!" she exclaimed. "I think I've solved this mystery!"

"Great!" Fred exclaimed. "Now all that's left to do is capture that monster."

Scooby and Shaggy looked at each other with impending dread. "Rive rait?"

"Yeah, Scoob. Like, live bait," Shaggy answered.

"So, this is what we're going to do…" The gang gathered around as Fred explained the plan.