A stream reflects the light from the sun off its ripples as it flows under cypress, date palms and firs. Birds fly among the trees, filling the air with their song. Insects add their singing to the chorus. A cool breeze blows through the trees leaves and branch's dance to the music of nature and the aroma of flowers fill the air. Blonde hair shines in the sun, as she leans back on the small hill eyes closed and head back to better feel the sun on her face, a smile that brightens her face, and she releases a sigh of content, feeling at peace and happy, relieved that they no longer have to fear being attacked anymore. She gets up and starts walking to the lake that the stream empties into. As she nears the lake she sees her companion standing there and fishing. Then a mischievous grin spreads across her face, she clasps her hands behind her back and slowly walks up to the brunet, when she gets up to the taller woman she wraps her arms around her waist and looks over her shoulder.

"Why are you fishing with a pole Xena? You usually just dive in and grab the biggest one that comes close to you." Gabrielle said as she slowly let her hands roam up to Xenas shoulder and slowly down to her shoulder blades, then without warning Xena turns fast and grabs Gabrielle's waist picks her up and tosses her into the lake, and starts laughing.

As Gabrielle resurfaces and looks at Xena. "Hey why did you do that?" Gabrielle asked, looking at Xena and pouting.

"You were going to push me in, so don't give me that look." Xena replied, and starts laughing again, before jumping in to join her best friend and lover. Xena dives under the water, and Gabrielle starts looking around trying to spot her, then before she can do anything Xena resurfaces right in front of her and grabs her by the waist and pulls her close and plants a kiss on Gabrielle's lips, a moan slips from Gabrielle's throat. She reach's up and wraps her arms around Xena's neck and pulls her closer.

As they come up for air, Gabrielle sighs and places her head on Xena's shoulder. "I love you Xena."

"I love you too." She replied. "Come let's get out of here and get warm. " She grabs Gabrielle's hand and leads her out of the water and to their cabin.

As they enter the cabin they see someone sitting at their small table. She is dressed in a white dress that is embroidered with gold her hand upon her golden helm that is sitting on the table in front of her and a spear leaning on the wall behind her. "Hello ladies, did you two enjoy your little swim?" Athena says as she looks at both women.

Xena glares at the goddess. "What are you doing here Athena?" She asks the goddess.

"I am sorry to tell this to the both of you, but its time. " Athena says.

Xena looks at her and asks. "What do you mean by its time Athena?"

Athena sighs and looks at them sadly. "It is time for you both to be reincarnated, I am sorry but you both will be needed soon." Athena explains.

"No, you can't do this to us. You can't separate us again, we earned our peace. Please leave us alone, don't separate us again." Gabrielle says as she starts crying.

Xena turns to Gabrielle and takes her into her arms and hugs her tightly, and she starts stroking her golden hair. She glares at Athena, then turns and buries her face in Gabrielle's hair.

"I will give you both a few minutes to say goodbye to each other, then I will take you both to your destinations', don't waste it." Athena says.

As she disappears to give them some privacy, a tear falls from her eye and she whispers."I didn't want to do this ladies; you both have sacrificed to much as it is, you both deserve to remain here together in peace."

Xena pulled away from Gabrielle and looked her in the eyes."No matter where we are or who we are we will find each other again." She says as she wipes a tear from Gabrielle's face with her thumb. "I will always love you, and nothing will keep us apart."

"We are soul mates Xena; I will always love you too." Gabrielle says as she wraps her arms around Xena's neck and pulls her head down and kisses her. "Goodbye my love." They both say as they disappear from the cabin.

"Aphrodite, I know you are watching come and talk to me." Athena pleads into the ether.

Aphrodite appears and glares at her sister. "Why did you rip those two apart, they disserve to be here, with each other after all they did for both mortals and us." She angrily said to her Athena.

"I know, and I did not want to separate them either, and you know I had no choice in the matter."Athena explains.

Aphrodite exhales and looks at Athena. "Well you better watch over them, and make sure they get pointed in the right direction."

"I will, do not worry sister, they will find each other again, it is their destiny." Athena tries to placate her sister.

"Ok, I have to go now."Aphrodite said, before disappearing.

Athena sighs as she puts her helm on and grabs her spear, then gave the cabin a final once over and then she too left to look after her charges.