X-Men: Fate


After the Dark Phoenix catastrophe, the X-Men had more losses than they could count. The cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force had come and gone, but not without leaving death and destruction in its wake.

It took Scott Summers' life , Raven Darkholme's life and left Xavier's Institute in ruins.

Charles Xavier, known as Professor X to the many who knew and admired him, had been killed. Along with him, Erik Lensherr, known as Magneto to the many who followed and feared him.

Many humans and mutants were killed during the Dark Phoenix Uprising. Many thought its appearance marked the end of everything. However, the death of her mentor and father figure allowed Jean Grey to reject and rid herself of the Phoenix Force, but as a result, she fell into a catatonic state.

The X-Men went their separate ways to try and quell the chaos that followed and save mutants. The Brotherhood disbanded to protect themselves from the groups of humans that began to hunt mutants. The Purifiers grew in number to combat what they saw as the mutant problem and threat. The tensions between humans and mutants reached an all-time high.

Logan refused to leave Jean's side. While Ororo, who believed all of this had happened for a reason, decided the only way to bring peace back to the world was to rebuild.

A year later, Ororo reopened the school as headmistress. She and Logan had asked old friends to return and help run it. These included Remy LeBeau, Forge, Emma Frost and Danielle Moonstar.

Not long after school was in session, Ororo and Logan heard rumors of the formation of a new team of Brotherhood members, who were taking action against humans. Logan saw fit to train a new team of X-Men. Ororo agreed. They set out to recruit from the students within their new first class