Summary: It was all luck. Some people were born with it and some people weren't. That was what he always told himself. Thor just had all the luck.

When they were children they were close. When they were adolescents they were at odds with one another. When they were at adults they were at war with one another. Loki hated it. Loki hated him. Because in the end, no matter how hard he tried he would always be the loser. Thor just had all the luck in the world.

Everyone loved him. Their father, Odin, loved Thor more than he would ever love Loki. Their childhood crush, Freya, would always care for Thor than she would Loki. Their mother, Frigga, would always fawn over Thor, but never cast a second glance for Loki. Thor had all the love.

Everyone helped him. The warriors of Valhalla always helped Thor perfect his techniques and even spent their time with him for mere fun. With Loki the relationship was always strained and forced. They didn't want to be with him and he knew it. He had always known it. Because Thor had all the luck.

He had spent hundreds of years carefully mastering his skills for the day he could prove that he was worthy of their attention. He wasn't someone to be shoved into the background and be carelessly tossed aside. The day had come when he would display his sorcery in front of Odin. The day had gone and all he had received from his father was a polite, "Good job, Loki."

Hundreds years of work was gone like that. Wasn't anything good enough? Oh yes, something was good enough. When Thor merely bantered with Odin it made the man smile. Loki had spent so many years trying to get him to smile, but to no avail. Seeing him do it so easily for Thor made Loki feel jealousy, hatred even. He wanted it. He wanted to be loved.

Perhaps if Thor wasn't there he would have been loved. But then perhaps not. It was then that he heard the traitorous whispers. Loki Laufeyson. That was his real name. So was that why he would always be hated? It crushed him. Nothing would ever make him worthy of Odin's sight because he was born to a monster. Thor was born being a real son of Odin. Loki only had all the title in name. Thor had all the luck.

Attention, he wanted attention. Maybe that was why he started colluding with Asgard's enemies. Everyone expected him to be evil, if he was evil then at least people would recognize him. All recognition was good recognition, right?

When he left Asgard to conquer the mortal world, he only felt a twinge of regret. Attention was not all he wanted anymore. He wanted to be hated. To be hated meant that Odin would recognize him enough to be worthy of his hatred. Instead of being dismissed perhaps he would be actively sought after and captured.

As he passed through the portal he silently begged for someone to stop him, but no one did. No one cared as to why he was gone from the palace on that day. No one cared that he was gone for a full two weeks. It was only when he started wrecking havoc that they realized he was gone. It made him want to cry, but he was supposed to be evil now. Evil people don't cry.

Thor had pleaded with him and asked where it had all gone wrong. At first Loki had thought it was a joke. It had to be a joke. Had Thor not noticed how everything had slowly fallen apart all of these centuries? The thinly masked despair went unnoticed by the Thunder god as Loki continued on his conquest.

He came so close to victory that he almost thought he had won. But no, he would never win. Because Thor had all the luck.

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