Sorry for the hold up on my update and this short chapter. More will come soon I hope, it's just been busy, trying to get back into the flow now that schools started. In any case, I hope you enjoy the newest chapter!

I'm awoken by a knocking on the door. Before I can get up to open it, a girl my age walks in smiling.

"Mornin' Annie!" she smiles and plops down on my bed.


"I'm Renly Loveday." She swoops up my hand and kisses it. "Your babysitter!" she giggles.

"But you can't be more than a year older than me." I state.

"I do know my way around the complex though."

"Okay, you win." I sigh. She smiles brightly.

"When Anthem told me you was here, I nearly died with joy! Dun get me wrong, I love this place. But it's so swamped with men! Every day, it's all I see. People fartin' in public and watchin' basketball games while swillin' beer. It's gross. But now I have you and we can do girly stuff!" She exclaims happily. I find myself intrigued by the crude yet beautiful way she speaks.

"Oh. Well I'm glad one person is happy I'm here." I sigh.

"A lot of people are! The daughter of V! Yer the closest to a celebrity we've got. Part from Annon but people are kinda impatient with Annon since he's all about revenge and stuff. He's really no fun. However…since we found you, he's been in much better spirits. After everythin that's gone down I guess I understand. I mean he was so little when his father was killed. And all he's ever wanted was payback." She babbles on, and while it's a little hard to follow her constant stream of excited chatter, I catch a few things.

"How old was he when V killed his dad?" I ask.

"Only two. He's been preparin for this all his life. His mum was so sad after his da passed away that she made him swear to avenge him and then sent him away to a school. He hasn't had the easiest of lives, but he seems to blame everythin that's happened squarely on V. Anthem says he's takin things a little far by threatenin your mum and takin you. But once Annon has somethin in his head he won't drop it. He thought this would be the best way to pull V out of hidin."

"Who's Anthem?"

"He's my twin brother. We agreed to help Annon out when he saved me from Fingermen when I was little. We was out on the streets. They wanted to put us in the system. Our parents were also killed in the whole V drama. But I don't blame no one. And Annon's gave us a lovely place to stay. All I gotta to do is help them search every now and then. I'm real observant."

"I'm so sorry about your parents!" I frown.

"It was so long ago. I don't remember em barely. And after we escaped the Fingermen it got a lot better. Annon's been so sweet to let us stay here. Everyone treats me like a little sister, not just Anthem. I'm sure they'll be the same towards you."

"But Annon said I'm only supposed to be here a few days maybe." Her smile falters.

"Oh. I guess I just thought…now that your know you're no normal kid…maybe you'd wanna stay."

"But…there's not exactly anything for me to do here. I'm just…the booby trap for the vigilante of years past."

"Now that ain't true. Everybody knows how special you are. You gotta be somethin special to be a kid of V."

"I guess."

"Come on now. People are waitin to meet ya. Think it'll be a bit like walking a red carpet myself. Bit crowded, sorry to say."

"Why are they so interested in me? I get that my dad was something of a big deal, but I'm not my dad. Not by a long shot."

"Well, he's in yer blood. That's gotta count for somethin, don't it?" She smiles happily. "Annon bought you somethin real pretty. I'll help you in it and we can go round walkin. I bet there's no boy on this compound not want to be me right now. Be round someone so pretty and important." I find myself blushing at her praise. I mean, sure I'm smart and all, but it's not like I was ever the shining star at my school are particularly exceptional at anything. Now I'm here and it's like walking in a parallel reality.

"Why did Annon get me something?"

"He feels a bit bad I reckon. Takin you like that. He's not totally heartless. Sometimes a bit of a twat but a good guy neath it all. Here, I'll show you it. You'll look a mite shiny in it." I suspect 'shiny' is one of those expressions I don't hear in town but is said a lot in the country. Probably an exclamation of admiration.

"Uh, okay." I nod. She skips off and returns relatively quickly with a big white box wrapped in a pink bow.

"Annon wrapped it up all pretty an everythin." She takes the liberty of pulling off the bow, but then pushes the box towards me. "He got me a dress once. My birthday. He's got good taste." She adds when I hesitate. Slowly, I lift the lid to the box and gasp at the contents.