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Jin Guk and Hye Mi is now a couple and they are planning to have a simple get-together at Mr. Kang's house with their friends because of the success of Baek hee and Sam dong's movie. By the way sam dong and baek hee are too a couple now . Since sam dong and baek hee will arrive around 7 am pil suk and Jason volunteered to fetch them. Since the bakery doesn't open until 9 am. Jin guk and hye mi made the cake themselves.

Hye mi searched for cooking books at Mr. Kang's house. After searching, jin guk gathered the recipes and started working. Because of hye mi and jin guk messing around they dropped some eggs and scattered some flour. "Yah, this is your entire fault" hye mi said while laughing. "Ani, it's your fault" jin guk said and both laughed. "Put it in the oven". Hye mi ordered. "dae" jin guk replied.

After baking the cake it's time for putting the icing. After putting the icing on the cake, jin guk whipped some icing on his finger and put some on Hye mi's nose. "Yah!" hye mi shouted. For revenge hye mi got the pastry bag and she squeezed and aimed it at jin guk's clothes. "Yah go hye mi!" jin guk yelled. "wae?" hye mi said laughing. Jin guk grabbed the other pastry bag and squeezed it at hye mi. they were really having fun and didn't hear the doorbell rang. Hye mi looked at the door and saw sam dong, baek hee, pil suk, and Jason standing there in front of the door with their shocked faces. "uhhm… chukaee!" was all hye mi said because she was a bit embarrassed. "Uhhh…why don't you two change your clothes and come down after" pil suk suggested. "Good idea" jin guk pushing hye mi up the stairs.

After hye mi and jin guk changed they sliced the cake and let their friends taste it. "Masshitda" baek hee said. "gomawo" hye mi said. After the party, "are you gonna sleep here?" jun guk asked. "aniyo, I'm going to sleep in a hotel because I am going to shoot a music video there. Sam dong replied. "see you guys anneyong" "anneyong kamsamnida!" jin guk said.

Hye mi was at the terrace looking at the stars. "you did avery good job" jin guk said."oh jin gukah" hye mi said. Jin guk taked off hi jacket and wrapped it around hye mi " its very cold". Hye mi looked at jin guk and kissed him on the lips jinguk kissed her back.

The end

"masshitda" means delicious hope you liked for wrong grammars