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Chapter 7 The Wedding

'Wow… You look stunning Pans, you really do,' Draco told his beaming best friend. 'I swear, if I was straight, I'd marry you myself'.

Pansy laughed and said: 'I used to think we would some day you know. Thank Merlin not all dreams come true, eh? I wouldn't trade in my George for anything. I'm sure you'll find someone soon Draco, some lucky bloke that will make you as happy as George makes me. You deserve to be happy'.

Draco smirked knowingly.

'I'm fairly sure about that too Pans…'

Pansy's eyes widened, as always eager for the latest gossip on Draco's love life.

'Oooh, really? Is there something you want to tell me?' she asked.

Draco shook his head in denial.

'Not just yet I don't think,' he said carefully. After all, this thing between Harry and him was hardly a done deal yet. Although it certainly looked promising…

Pansy was about to protest, but luckily Draco was spared an interrogation by the witch performing the part of the Bonder for the upcoming ceremony. Mrs Barbary was an elderly witch who had been a close family friend to Pansy's parents. Not being able to have her parents here on this important day, having Mrs Barbary there was the next best thing.

'Pansy darling, you are an absolute vision!' Mrs Barbary exclaimed. Her eyes went suspiciously misty as she continued: 'Your mother would have been so proud of you sweetheart. You look so much like her…'

'Thank you Mrs B. I'm so happy you agreed to do this for me and George. It wouldn't have been the same without you,' Pansy said warmly.

She blinked back her tears and smiled determinedly. Draco felt his heart swell with pride when he looked at his beautiful, strong friend. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it quickly.

'I have to finish setting things up, check that everything is in place for the ceremony,' Draco said.

He gave her a big hug, careful not to crease the pristine, ivory silk dress. He wouldn't see her again before the start of the ceremony so he gave her a quick kiss on top of the hug before exciting the dressing area.

'Don't think I've forgotten our little conversation Draco!' she called after him. 'I'll be wanting details, very very soon!'

Draco snorted and rolled his eyes. He'd set himself up for that one.

But not right now. Right now, he needed to find Harry and finish putting the symbols for earth, water, fire and air into the proper position for the ceremony. That's why he was so eager to find the dark-haired wizard. Clearly. Nothing at all to do with wanting to make sure Harry hadn't changed his mind after they parted last night. Who knew how that fickle brain of his worked. For all Draco knew, he'd…

He was shocked out of his rambling thoughts by a hand that seemed to come out of nowhere, yanking him forcefully into a darkened room. Draco's heart started to beat fast as he blinked repeatedly, trying to adjust his eyes to the sudden darkness.

'What the…'

That was all he managed to bring out before he caught a glimpse of messy hair, bespectacled eyes and a face that closed in on him quickly. Harry…

Harry kissed him slowly and thoroughly, his tongue lazily circling Draco's, his hands resting presumptuously on Draco's arse. Draco returned the kiss with fervour, pressing himself snugly against Harry's body and letting his arms slip around the other man's neck. Draco's fingers played with the soft, slightly too long hair at the back of Harry's neck, eliciting a delicious moan from him. Draco had already discovered that Harry had an incredibly sensitive scalp, and he was planning on taking full advantage of that knowledge.

Draco whined in disappointment as Harry reluctantly pulled back from the kiss.

'Sorry about that,' Harry said, ' but I just couldn't go on a moment longer without a kiss from you today'.

Draco tried not to show how pleased he was at the comment, hoping that the darkness in the room would be enough to hide his blush. Seeing Harry's smug grin, Draco severely doubted his success. He pushed at Harry's shoulder playfully.

'One would think all the kissing we did yesterday would have been quite enough to sustain you for today at least,' Draco responded petulantly. 'And anyway, weren't you the one that suggested that we go slowly?'

Draco threw in an impressive glare at that last statement, leaving no room for doubt how he felt about that suggestion.

Harry blinked at him innocently and said: 'I remember saying no such thing'.

Draco narrowed his eyes to further emphasise his glare.

'Excuse me, but you most certainly did say that. You exact words were Draco, perhaps we should take this slowly? Be sure of what we've got here before we… take it further?' Draco recited from memory.

'Well yes I did say that, but…' Harry began.

'Aha!' Draco interrupted triumphantly.

'But,' Harry continued, giving his own very good version of a glare, 'I was only suggesting that because I thought that maybe that was what you wanted. I didn't want to push you. I was hoping you'd argue with me. Which you didn't, by the way'.

'Oh…' was all Draco could reply to that.

'Yes, oh indeed,' Harry agreed haughtily.

Draco snorted, recognising the imitation for what it was. Harry just didn't do haughty. That was much more Draco's style. Caught out, Harry grinned widely.

'This has been very interesting,' Draco mused. 'Care to continue this er… conversation after the ceremony?'

'I'd say that's an excellent idea,' Harry agreed easily. 'Meet here later?'

'Hmm…' Draco agreed. He looked around the still dark room inquisitively and added: 'Where exactly is here anyway?'

Harry opened the door, smiled back over his shoulder and said: 'The cloakroom of course, where else? Come on, let's get this over with so we can focus on more important stuff'.

Draco shook his head in exasperation.

'The cloakroom of course. Obviously,' he muttered, following Harry to the ceremonial room.


The room looked spectacular. The sight of the white walls, enormous windows, the light coloured wood, the plush red carpeting and the crystal chandeliers made for a spectacular backdrop for this particular ceremony. The room was filled to the brim with guests. All the seats were taken, leaving only standing places for the guests arriving late. Like Ron for example.

Harry snickered as he watched Hermione give her husband a death glare from across the room, clearly stating that they would have words about that later. Knowing Hermione, there would be plenty of words to be had. Harry smiled consolingly in Ron's direction and gave him a quick wave. Ron mouthed a quick sorry at him and quickly went to find a place next to his wife. Harry privately thought that Ron's perpetual forgetfulness and tardiness where the real reason George had picked Harry as his Confidant, bypassing his younger brother.

Harry looked at the large archway in the back of the room. George and Pansy should be coming through it any time now. They'd pass beneath the archway together, equal in every way, as expressed in every essence of the ceremony. Despite his earlier dubiousness on the whole "pureblood ceremony crap", he had actually started to warm up to the idea. He could see himself going through a ceremony like this for himself one day, sealing a bond between him and the man he loved.

In fact, he could see it now. Not that hard really, since many of the guests here would surely attend his wedding as well. Harry decided to ignore the fact that the man standing beside him as his groom in this dream wedding, looked an awful lot like the man standing beside him now. Way too soon to entertain those kinds of thoughts, Harry berated himself silently.

He stole a quick glance at the blond in question, his breath stuttering as he saw intense silver eyes stare right back at him. For a moment, he could see an entire world of possibilities in them. It felt like all Harry had to do was reach out a hand and grab hold.

Later, he silently promised Draco.

Draco smiled at him and right on cue, the music started playing. All the guests turned to look at the archway, and excited mumble rippling through the room as the bride and groom entered.

They looked amazing. Harry was grinning so widely he was worried his face might split. Both George and Pansy were almost glowing with happiness as they walked past their guests until they reached the Bonder at the front of the room.

Mrs Barbary smiled warmly and welcomed everyone with kind words. She made a small speech, acknowledging the families of both George and Pansy, both the ones that were there, and those that couldn't be. And then it was time for the ceremony to start.

'I am here as the official Bonder on this memorable day in magical history. Will the Bond Partners please step forward and state their names,' she pronounced the scripted words.

Pansy stepped forward, looking beautiful, happy and full of confidence.

'My name is Pansy Parkinson, daughter of Carlotta Lufkin-Parkinson and Jeremy Parkinson. I step forward today to form the Aequalis Bond with my chosen Bond Partner George Weasley'.

George smiled at his soon-to-be-wife proudly and stepped up next to her.

'My name is George Weasley, son of Molly Prewett-Weasley and Arthur Weasley. I step forward today to form the Aequalis Bond with my chosen Bond Partner Pansy Parkinson,' George stated. Then he grinned and added: 'About time too!'

Laughter erupted through the room, lightening the mood as only he could. Even Mrs Barbary stepped out of her official role for a moment, laughing along with everyone else. But she quickly regained herself and continued with the official part.

'Pansy Parkinson and George Weasley. You have spoken your intent to join the Aequalis Bond. Please bring forth your offerings to each other'.

Both Pansy and George summoned their respective symbols for femininity and masculinity and faced each other. Pansy's gift was a beautiful statuette of a woman with spread arms, as if embracing life while George's gift was the robust sculpture made out of dark marble Harry had helped him pick out. Harry marvelled at the two pieces now standing together, such a contrast yet exactly as the bride and groom they represented, they seemed to fit together perfectly.

Harry didn't listen to the official words, his attention caught by Draco who was about to begin their part of the ceremony. After being called by the Bonder, Draco placed the Poseidon Vase in front of Pansy and George and said in a clear, carrying voice: 'As Confidant of the bride, I bring the element of water. May it bring you love, hope and new life'.

Harry moved to stand opposite of Draco and placed the Lantern of Eternal Light behind the couple.

'As Confidant of the groom, I bring the element of fire. May it bring you warmth, passion and a guiding light'.

Harry could feel a soft hum of power, connecting the symbols of water and fire. The guests much have felt it too, seeing as they all seemed to hold their collective breath.

Meanwhile, Draco had moved to the left of the couple and placed all three of the broomsticks beside them.

'As Confidant of the bride, I bring the element of air. May it bring you joy, strength and give you direction'.

The hum of power increased, making the skin on Harry's arms and back break out in goose bumps. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling, more like a thrill of anticipation. He moved himself to the right of the couple and set down the last element, the Fiducia Flower and said: 'As Confidant of the groom, I bring the element of earth. May it bring you trust, confidence and settle your roots'.

With all four of the elements now in place, the hum of power became more akin to a buzz. The Bonder quickly stepped in to complete the ceremony.

'As the Bonder of this couple, I bring these symbols of their unity,' she said, while holding out two plain silver wedding bands. 'May they unite you, protect you and connect you with one another from now on'.

At those last words, all the symbols in the room connected to form a strong power field that thrummed around the couple for a moment and then calmed down when the Bonder pronounced: 'George and Pansy Parkinson-Weasley, you are now joined as husband and wife, partners under the Aequalis Bond. Congratulations!'

A big cheer erupted from the gathered guests as George and Pansy shared a lingering kiss, their first as a married couple. Harry cheered along with everyone else, secretly eyeing Draco and conveying to him that as far as Harry was concerned, they'd soon be doing much the same thing. He was already plotting when would be the earliest time he could sneak off and meet Draco in the cloakroom. Draco smirked at him, clearly reading Harry's intent.

'Alright, alright!' George called, finally coming up for air. 'And now that that's out of the way, who's up for a little party?'

At his words, a bright, colourful and loud display of Weasley's Wildfire Whiz-bangs burst loose, eliciting rapturous applause and loud cheers from the younger guests.

'You heard the man!' Harry called out. 'Bring out the drinks, bring out the food, and let's start enjoying ourselves!'

Before long, the party was in full throttle, with a beaming George and Pansy in their midst. The band was playing a mixture of Wizard songs and popular Muggle songs, people were dancing, laughing, drinking, eating and generally having a good time. Half the party had moved outside on the lawn, the weather being dry and sunny, if a bit chilly. Harry had been waiting for his chance to sneak out to the cloakroom, but he kept being waylaid by his friends, all of whom decided that now was a good time to catch up with their friend Harry.

He looked over Lee Jordan's shoulder to catch Draco's eye and shrugged a helpless apology. Draco laughed and made a gesture that took Harry a while to interpret. But then he realised it was supposed to be a glass raised in toast. Oh yeah, they were still supposed to do that, weren't they… Deciding that now was as good a time as any, he made his way over to the podium and asked the singer of the band if he could have the stage for a moment, gesturing for Draco to join him.

'Excuse me everyone!' Harry called out, using a sonorous charm to make himself heard over the loud party noises. Several guests started shushing each other, which led to over two hundred pairs of eyes focussed on Harry. He felt a strange comfort in the fact that Draco was there, standing right next to him, something he could definitely start to get used to.

'Alright, thank you everyone, and we apologise for interrupting your partying. We'll keep it short, we promise, and let you get right back to it,' Harry promised.

'When deciding on what we were going to say tonight, we had a lot of discussion between us,' Draco took over. 'I mean, so many embarrassing stories to tell, so little time! How to decide which were the juiciest ones?'

'For example,' Harry said, 'should we tell the story about George and the devious Hag from Colchester, or would that take things too far? It's hard to decide really…'

'Tell it!' a voice that sounded suspiciously like Ron's came from the crowd, 'Go on, we could do with a good laugh at George's expense!'

The crowd laughed and shouted encouragement, egging Harry on.

'Or how about the time that Pansy found herself in the company of no less than three Cornish Pixies? I'll say there was some firewhiskey involved, but perhaps it's safest to leave it at that,' Draco said demurely.

'You'd better Draco darling!' Pansy mock threatened from in front of the stage. 'I'd say you've said quite enough already'.

'Yeah,' George agreed. 'After all, we have some embarrassing stories of our own we could share you know…'

Harry pulled a sad face and said: 'Alas dear friends, this is what we feared. After all, we might just have to invite them to our wedding some day…'

"One of our weddings" is what I was supposed to say! Not "our" wedding, "One of our weddings"… Harry silently scolded himself. The crowd didn't seem to notice his slip up, and Harry was very determinately not looking at Draco to see if he had.

'So in our own best interest, we'll keep it simple,' Draco went on. 'Let us all raise our glasses and toast the happy couple!'

House elves had popped into the room, carrying trays full of champagne glasses and handing them out quickly.

'To the happy couple!' Harry repeated, raising his glass to George and Pansy before taking a sip.

'To the happy couple!' was echoed throughout the room.

Harry repressed a shiver as he suddenly noticed Draco was standing very close to him. When he started whispering in Harry's ear, his lips were so close that Harry could both hear and feel the words being spoken.

'I'd say that was the end of our official duties for the night, wouldn't you? Care to join me in the cloakroom? I believe I was promised some not-taking-it-slowly earlier?'

Minutes later, they were back in the cloakroom, Harry with his back to the door and Draco pressed snugly against his front. Draco had thrown a quick locking and silencing charm on the door, before attacking Harry with his mouth. Currently, he was licking, kissing and biting his way down Harry's neck while trying to pry open Harry's tie and shirt so he could continue his torturous path along Harry's shoulder.

'What if people want to get their coats?' Harry panted.

'The party is just getting started Harry, no one is going to leave just yet,' Draco muttered.

He pulled back from Harry's neck to focus his full attention and both his hands on loosening Harry's tie. His jacket was already gone, Harry noticed bemusedly. He decided to use Draco's temporary distraction to his advantage and quickly switched their positions, shoving Draco up against the door and claiming his mouth in one fell swoop, thereby handily muffling the his protests.

The protests quickly morphed into a wanton moan as Harry slipped a knee in between Draco's legs and pushed himself flush against the blond. Harry fumbled around in his pocket, trying to find his wand and then held it up triumphantly.

'Now this is how it's done,' Harry announced importantly.

With a quick swishing movement and a silent spell, Draco suddenly found himself still fully dressed except for his jacket and with tie, belt and all buttons undone.

'Hey!' Draco protested indignantly. 'That's cheating you know!'

'I know,' Harry agreed, smiling smugly. 'But seeing as we're taking it not-slowly…'

With those last words, he let his eyes travel up and down Draco's body meaningfully. Draco grabbed Harry by his tie and pulled him back in for a smouldering kiss. Harry groaned as their erections rubbed together, relishing in the delicious friction while wishing there wasn't still so much clothing between them. Soon, he promised himself.

Harry abandoned Draco's lips to form a trail of kisses along Draco's jawline, his neck, his shoulder blade and then further down. He lingered at the pale pink nipples, taking the time to tease them with his tongue and worry them gently between his teeth.

'Harry…' Draco breathed, a sound that went straight to Harry's cock.

Draco let his head fall back against the door as Harry continued his path south, following the trail of almost invisible pale blond hair. Harry sank to his knees as he reached Draco's belly button, circling his tongue around it several times in lazy motions.

Draco was making the most wonderful sounds, a mixture of heavy pants, soft cries and heavy moans that encouraged Harry no end.

'I… I thought we were… taking it… not-slowly,' Draco panted.

Harry chuckled against Draco's skin, making a shiver travel through his body.

'Impatient are we?' Harry teased.

Without warning, he plunged his hand into Draco's pants and pulled out his cock in one quick motion. Draco gasped and fisted his hands in Harry's hair, steadying himself as his knees almost buckled. Harry looked up from his position and the sight was enough to take his breath away.

Draco looked completely undone. His normally pale skin was flushed pink, his lips looking soft and bruised. The skin exposed made Harry long for the moment he could see Draco fully naked, touch, explore, worship every inch of that beautiful lithe but toned body. Unfortunately, a cloakroom at a wedding might not be the best place for that. Suddenly, he had to make sure that he was going to get another chance at that. He looked up in those bright grey eyes and said: 'You know this isn't just about tonight, right?'

Draco looked down on him haughtily and replied: 'I should hope not. I have many needs that require attending to you know'.

Harry narrowed his eyes at him and said: 'I'd better be the only one seeing to your needs Draco Malfoy. I don't share'.

Draco's smile took Harry's breath away.

'That's a very good thing,' Draco informed him. 'Because I'm seriously considering taking you home and keeping you. Are you alright with that?'

'I think I am,' Harry answered, his heart pounding so loudly it was almost deafening.

Slowly, without breaking eye contact, Harry leaned in and took the tip of Draco's cock in his mouth. He sucked gently and then harsher, moaning in delight as Draco's fingers tightened in his hair. When Harry started lowering his mouth, taking in as much of Draco as he could, the blond's hips started jerking forward as if of their own accord. Harry placed an arm against Draco's stomach to keep him in place while he used his free hand to pump up and down Draco's shaft.

'Harry… Please, oh yes… Fuck that feels good,' Draco rambled on. 'Don't stop, just… don't stop… oh Salazar… Yes… Harry…'

Harry alternately sucked harshly, then darted his tongue around Draco's cock in teasing flicks and lapped at it with long, languid strokes. Feeling confident Draco would keep his hips under control, he slipped a hand in his own pants and started wanking himself furiously. He was close, so fucking close…

Judging by the incoherent words falling from Draco's mouth, he was close too. Draco was sagging back further and further against the door, barely able to keep himself upright as Harry tortured him with his tongue.

Harry stepped up the pace, mouthing the thick vein running from the base to the tip of Draco's cock before taking his cock in just as far as he could and then sucking harshly. He looked up and saw the exact moment Draco lost all control.

Draco exploded into his mouth, his whole body seeming to spasm on the wave of his climax. As soon as Harry felt Draco spill himself in his mouth, his own orgasm ripped forcefully through his body.

Draco panted heavily, his cock still twitching as Harry slowly licked it clean. Draco looked down at him in wonder.

'Oh I'm definitely keeping you now,' Draco promised.

Harry finally released Draco from his mouth and got to his feet, smiling widely.

'I'll hold you to that,' Harry answered, pulling Draco into him for an intense kiss.

The kiss was just heating up nicely, Draco's hands sliding down to cup Harry's arse while Harry's hands were busy exploring Draco's still exposed chest, when the door suddenly opened and Draco was forcefully shoved into Harry, making them both tumble to the ground.

'Hey!' Draco complained, though Harry didn't know what he was complaining about. Once again, he'd managed to land right on top of Harry, Harry thereby helping him break his fall.

'Sweet Merlin, what the fuck is going on here!' George's shocked voice came from the door opening.

Draco groaned pitifully and buried his face in Harry's neck.

'Er… hi George. Pansy,' Harry said lamely.

'What are you two doing? Are you fighting?' George asked.

Pansy looked at her husband in exasperation.

'No George. They are definitely not fighting,' she deadpanned.

'Oh… Oh!' George said, realisation finally dawning. 'For fuck's sake, couldn't you at least throw in a locking charm when you do that?'

'We did,' Draco gave back haughtily. He scrambled up and then helped Harry get to his feet as well. They hastily adjusted their clothing as best they could before facing the newlyweds.

'You always were pants at locking charms,' Pansy snickered.

'This was not what I had in mind when I told Pansy making you two be our Confidants would be very entertaining,' George pouted.

'Oh, so sorry to have ruined your fun there George,' Draco huffed, rolling his eyes.

Harry laughed sheepishly and offered: 'How about we let you be in the room when we tell Ron that Draco and I are now together?'

George perked up considerably at that suggestion.

'Me too! Oh, I want to be there too please!' pleaded Pansy, looking very eager indeed.

'Or better yet, can you two get back to whatever it was you were doing and I'll send my little brother over here to find out for himself?' George suggested hopefully.

'No!' Draco and Harry cried out simultaneously.

'Anyway, we can't stay,' Harry announced. 'We've got other plans for tonight. You guys enjoy the rest of your party, Draco and I are off now'.

'Ah yes,' Draco agreed gleefully. 'I believe I have a favour to return, don't I? Your place or mine?'

'Draco's place is closer,' Pansy offered helpfully.

'Thanks Pansy!' Harry said, offering Draco his arm for a side-along apparition. 'Shall we?'

'Yes please,' Draco agreed.

As they apparated out, they could just hear George's muttered words: 'Don't encourage them Pans. I really don't think they need it'.

And he was perfectly right.