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Summer of Love and Loss

Chapter One: Shirts and Stains

There wasn't a key under the mat or in the potted plant. Leaving a spare key was something her dad would do not her mother. It surprised Ally that her mother hadn't replaced the old fashioned key lock with one of those new state-of-the-art keypad locks. A keypad lock would have brightened her day. She told her dad that visiting her mother would be disastrous and she'd been right. First her mother had forgotten to pick her up at the airport, prompting her to take a long cab ride to Grover Beach and second she was locked out of the house, forced to wait outside until someone came home.

Ally sat down on the porch steps and stared out at the street for a minute before pulling an old brown leather book from her bag. A smile formed on her lips as she brushed her fingers over the 'A' on the cover. Her dad had given her the book on her twelfth birthday and its once blank pages were now filled with her thoughts, her feelings and most importantly her songs. No one was allowed to touch her book. Opening her book to a blank page she started to write down the lyrics that had been bouncing around in her head since the plane landed in California.

"Ally." Her stepfather's voice made her jump. She had been so engrossed in her new song that she hadn't heard his car pull into the driveway. Quickly she closed her book and tucked it into her bag. She stood up and hugged her stepfather. "I'm glad that you made it here safely. We would have picked you up but your mother mixed up the dates, your mom feels terrible."

Ally doubted that her mother felt bad about forgetting her. She abandoned Ally and made herself a new family, she never cared about Ally.

"Well you're here now so don't worry too much about it." Ally said smiling brightly at him.

He smiled down at her but Ally could tell that he still felt guilty. Taking her luggage he walked up to the door and unlocked it. "I'm only here for lunch and then you're on your own."

"That's okay as long as I get a house key." Ally said walking into the house.

Erik let her get settled into her room, she wasn't too thrilled about the large glass windows but she got a great view of the ocean and a balcony. It was all of her stuff but a different room, a smaller room. Sometime over the last year Scarlett must have convinced her parents to switch their rooms. Ally didn't care that her room had been downsized, its not like she lived here year around. What bothered her was her mother's willingness to go along with whatever Scarlett said.

Downstairs Erik had made them each a sandwich. As they ate lunch she told him about school and her breakup though not the extent of its consequences, those were too painful to talk about. Thankfully he asked about her dad, Trish, and Sonic Boom. Smiling she told him of all of her dad's antics to save them and the store money, she told him how Trish still couldn't keep a job.

"So I set her watch an hour ahead because I knew she was always an hour late for work and she wound up keeping that job for two weeks before she realized what I'd done." Ally said remembering Trish's reaction when she realized why she hadn't been fired. "She offered to be my replacement at Sonic Boom but dad turned her down and I had to train a replacement."

"Is that how you got Lester to hire a replacement for you?" Erik asked.

"Yeah." Ally answered.

Erik laughed and they finished their meal before Erik was called back to the hospital. He gave her a house key and told her not to stay in the house all day. Ally promised she wouldn't and watched him pull out of the driveway. She headed back inside for her bag and after locking up the house and writing the address down she headed into town.

It didn't take her long to reach the main street, she supposed that was the nice thing about small towns, everything was within walking distance. Despite it having a small population Grover Beach was a busy place. Tourists came from all over to visit the aquarium, eat saltwater taffy, try the clams at Ol' Guppy's, and enjoy a day on the beaches Grover Beach was famous for.

The main street was crowded with people walking in and out of shops or waiting in line at the ice cream shops and seafood restaurants. In the mood for some ice cream Ally searched for an ice cream shop where the line wasn't out the door.

Austin caught the towel and threw it right back at Kelsey. He laughed when it hit her unsuspecting face, she glared at him. Her eyes shifted from his favorite shirt to the ocean. Reading her mind Austin dashed forward snatching his shirt and tossing it to Dez. He caught Kelsey around the middle and threw her over his shoulder. The guys howled with laughter as he carried a screaming Kelsey toward the water.

"If you drop me I'll tell everyone your middle name." Kelsey threatened.

He looked over his shoulder at their friends, at the onlookers and yelled, "Hey everyone my middle name is Monica!"

"Damn you Austin Moon!" Kelsey snarled while pounding hard on his back. He waded into the water and when he was satisfied with the depth he dropped her in the ocean. She surfaced, her eyes narrowed and promising revenge. "I hate you."

"You asked for it." He said wading out of the water and heading back up to where their friends were sitting. He made a funny face into Dez's camera and plopped down onto his towel. "Tell me you got all of that."

"Got it!" Dez sang.

Kelsey marched up to them, snatched her towel out of Troy's hands, and wrapped it around her thin frame. "Austin, why don't you make yourself useful and get us some ice cream?"

"You know what I'd love some ice cream." Austin said sitting up.

"Austin's just going so he can pick up Brooke." Zack said.

"Yeah he'll come back with her and no ice cream." Troy said.

Austin gave his friends the finger. He slipped on his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head. Before anyone could tell him what flavor they wanted he ran up the beach. He groaned at the sight of lines spilling out of every ice cream parlor, he hated the lunch rush. Lucky for him he was a local and knew of the hidden treasures that tourists overlooked because they weren't on the main street.

"It comes with three scoops are you sure you don't want another. You're paying for it." Josh said waving the ice cream scoop over the tubs of ice cream. "They're all very delicious."

"Well in that case, I'll take another scoop of Fruity Mint Swirl." Ally said. She watched as Josh dipped the scoop into the water and then into the tub of her favorite ice cream. He settled the scoop onto the other two already in her cone and handed it to her. She handed him her money and took her change. "Thank you."

Ally hadn't realized how much she had been looking forward to the cone of Fruity Mint Swirl until she was on the floor with it down her shirtfront and all over her hands. Someone had bumped into her and in the process she crushed her ice cream cone to her chest, staggered back, tripped over someone's foot, and fell backwards onto the shop's tiled floor. She looked up from the mess on her shirt and found her stepsister hovering over her, her phone pointed at Ally.

"Welcome back Ally." Scarlett said.

"You did that on purpose." Ally said, her eyes narrowed at Scarlett.

"It's not my fault you're a klutz." Scarlett said stepping around Ally.

Ally opened her mouth to say something but closed it when she heard the laughter. Her eyes widened in horror. People were laughing all around her. Her face turned red from embarrassment and her eyes filled with tears. She would have bolted out of the shop if she weren't frozen with fear. She had a phobia of being the center of attention, if she didn't leave she was going to have a panic attack.

"Oh Ally I see that you haven't gotten over that stage fright of yours." Scarlett laughed.

Ally felt like dying right there on the ice cream shop floor, she also felt like her lunch and breakfast were making their way up her throat. The tears she had been holding back spilt out of her eyes. She couldn't believe that these people found enjoyment in the suffering of others. Her mind wandered off to the last time she had been publicly humiliated, the time that had change her simple stage fright into an actual phobia. Her breathing quickened and black spots dotted her vision. The laughter died as a blond haired guy pushed his way forward.

"Austin what are you doing?" Scarlett asked.

The boy, Austin, ignored her stepsister and did something that Ally wasn't expecting; he bent over and helped her to her feet. Numbly she followed him out of the shop completely aware of the eyes on them. Austin mumbled something about Scarlett and her friends that Ally thought described them perfectly but would never repeat because she didn't use that kind of language.

"Lets get you out of that shirt." Austin said leading her down the street to the bathrooms by the pier where beachgoers were washing the sand off of their bodies and walking the pier. Ally stopped dead in her tracks, she and Austin were turning a couple of heads. Girls stared dreamily at him and shot daggers at her before snickering and pointing to her shirt. "Hey what's wrong?"

"P-p-people." Ally stuttered.

"I've found that people are oblivious to things that don't concern them." He said. If anyone was oblivious it was him, did he not see everyone turning to look at them?

He steered her to the bathrooms where he peeled off his shirt and handed it to her. She stared blankly at him, his well-toned chest was distracting. Ally knew that she looked like a total idiot as she obviously gawked at this gorgeous boy in front of her; she just hoped he didn't notice. He was tan no doubt from spending his days on the beach, he stood confidently at six feet, his bleach-blond hair was messy in an intentional kind of way, and if she looked close enough she could see the mischief in his brown eyes.

"Its either this or a tacky overpriced t-shirt from a gift shop." He said arching an eyebrow at her stunned expression. Ally blinked a couple of times and arched her brows questioningly. "Trust me you'd rather be seen in your ice cream covered shirt as opposed to any one of those hideous t-shirts."

"I don't know you." Ally said quietly. Her dad always warned her about strangers and following her breakup Ally was wary of good-looking boys.

"You're right we don't know each other but I can fix that." He said extending his hand out to her. "I'm Austin Moon."

"Ally Dawson." She said hesitantly taking his hand.

"See now we're not strangers." He said, the corners of his mouth tugged upward.

"I guess."

Ally gingerly took his shirt and walked into the bathroom. It wasn't like him to go out of his way to help Scarlett's victims, he'd usually just shake his head and walk away but there was something about Ally that made him step in and help her. Whatever it was he knew that he didn't want to see this petite brunette go through something like that ever again. He shook his head at the direction his thoughts were going, he had a reputation for not caring about girls or their feelings and in a single moment Ally Dawson had him caring about her. She wasn't by any means his type but he was drawn to her innocence.

His group of friends was walking up the wooden stairs clearly fed up with waiting for him. Dez saw him first and led the group over to where he stood.

"SPF a million." Dez offered.

"No thanks." Austin said.

"Okay but don't come to me when you're all sunburnt and in pain." Dez huffed walking away from them.

"Seriously what happened to your favorite shirt?" Kelsey asked folding her arms across her chest. "And what the hell are you doing creeping in front of the girl's bathroom."

"I'm not creeping, I'm waiting for someone." Austin said in a matter-of-fact tone. He looked past Kelsey to Dez who was walking back with an armful of seaweed. "What's that for?"

"I was thinking you guys could all dress up as seaweed monsters for your performance today." He said dropping the seaweed at their feet. "It'll be amazing."

"I don't think so buddy." Austin said putting a hand on his friend's shoulder. He looked pointedly at Kelsey. "It would be cool but some of us are delicate."

"Way to ruin my artistic vision Kelsey. Oh well we'll revisit that idea when we replace Kelsey now lets go we don't have a lot of time before the show and I really need to get my camera from home." Dez said.

"Okay meet me back at the jeep." Austin said not bothering to hide his smile. Kelsey gave him and Dez the finger before marching toward the parking lot. To his remaining friends he said, "I need to talk to Ally before I go."

"Who's Ally?" Troy asked.

"She's the bathroom duh." Dez said shaking his head at Troy. " Don't worry Austin we'll give you and the bathroom some time."

"Dez, Ally's obviously the girl Austin picked up instead of ice cream." Zack said with a shake of his head. "That poor girl's vacation is about to be ruined. I hope you at least showed her a good time."

"It's not like that." Austin said shoving his friend. "I helped her out and I want to make sure she's okay."

"Right! We all know how you help girls Austin." Troy said. Austin punched Troy in the shoulder. Troy held his hands up in surrender. "Okay fine we'll leave you to do your thing with this girl but hurry it up."

Ally spat her hair out of her mouth and dropped her hand from the door. So according to his friends Austin seemed to pick up girls and then drop them once he's had fun with them. That had killed her impression of him and she was more then a little disappointed. Did he think she'd thank him that way for helping her? She should have known guys like Austin and Dallas only wanted one thing from girls. Intent on walking away from him without a word she pushed the bathroom door open.

"Here I was thinking that shirt looked good on me." Austin said playfully wiggling his eyebrows at her. Ally scoffed and rolled her eyes; internally she did a little happy dance because his comment didn't shake her. Austin grabbed her wrist. "Did I do something to piss you off?"

He hadn't been anything but kind to her and here she was being rude to him because someone messed her up. She shook her head. "I'm having a bad day, bad year really. Thanks for helping me out back there and for lending me your favorite shirt."

"How did you—oh you heard all of that." He said scratching the back of his neck. Ally nodded looking down at her boots. He felt the need to defend himself against his very true reputation, he didn't want her thinking that he ulterior motives when he helped her out. "Well my friends are idiots. I helped you out because I can't stand bullies. So stay away from Scarlett Jacobson. She's the town's resident bitch." He said raking his hand through his blond hair messing it up further though in a way that looked totally intentional.

"I wish I could but she's my stepsister." Ally said looking up from her feet and into his eyes. "I have to spend the entire summer under the same roof as her."

"That really sucks." He said tucking a stray strand of her hair behind her ear. She turned the same shade of red she had when he took his shirt off. "So there's going to be a show on the beach later tonight, my band's playing and we're pretty good. You should come check it out but if you much rather stay at home with the she demon I understand, not really but I thought it was polite."

"Calling people 'she demon' isn't polite no matter how accurate it may be." Ally said.

He smiled at her before walking away without another word about the show. As she walked back to her house Ally couldn't help but wonder if his suggestion to go was his way of inviting her.

To be continued...

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